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In Case You Were Wondering Where the Topps Redemptions Site Went

Step-by-step walkthrough on how to register for a Topps redemption account and how to merge accounts from the old system.

Feeling overlooked in the redemption card waiting game

Is it fair that some collectors be left waiting more than a year for a redemption, especially when newer autographs have been released from the same player?

And the 2015 Bowman Baseball Lucky Redemption is…

00000 By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor For the second year in a year, the Bowman Baseball Lucky Redemption is a member of the Chicago Cubs. But it’s not Kris Bryant and it’s not a Refractor of an existing card like last year.

#CardChat: Panini Rewards replacing redemptions

Beckett’s Susan Lulgjuraj hosts a weekly chat every Monday Twitter with collectors discussing different hobby topics.

Panini’s Mark Warsop discusses new redemption reward system

Beckett Media spoke with Panini CEO Mark Warsop following the rewards system announcement.

Panini to eliminate player-specific redemptions and add patch database

Panini America is upping its digital game.

2014 Industry Summit: Topps discusses changes to redemption system

Topps discussed some of the changes it has made to the redemption system meant to get cards into the hands of collectors sooner, including eliminating unreliable signers and finding better moments to pursue autographs.

Russell Wilson signs his outstanding Panini autograph redemptions

Wilson signed for four hours, which included cards from 2012 Crown Royale, 2012 National Treasures and 2012 Contenders.

Is Russell Wilson worth the wait?

Collectors were able to pull his autograph cards in early products, but many mid- and late-season products contained redemptions for the Seattle quarterback’s signature.

Beckett 20 Questions on … baseball cards & more

Here’s the latest installment of Beckett’s 20 Questions … this time focusing on baseball cards.

Collect Call: Topps talks about redemptions

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds as he talks with Topps VP of Finance and Operations David Leiner about redemptions in this latest edition of Collect Call.

Beckett 20 Questions on … redemptions

For an upcoming issue of Beckett Baseball, we’ve decided that we want to hear your take on redemptions.

NSCC Box Busters: A box from the Panini America redemption trade-in program

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds as he rips into a box he won as part of the Panini America redemption exchange on the floor of the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Panini lets collectors trade redemptions at NSCC

They can trade in their older Panini America redemptions for cards at the show.

Topps releases statement on recent replacement redemption issue

Topps’ customer service department addressed its recent changes in the replacement redemption process.

Replacement redemptions on hold at Topps

00000 By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Editor If you’re looking to replace an outstanding redemption with Topps, collectors will have to wait at least another month. After several mentions about it on Twitter and a blog post, collectors said they were told replacing redemptions at Topps was currently put on hold. This was confirmed after […]

NHL Rookie Card redemptions in Artifacts

With the NHL in a lockout, card companies look for creative ways to get rookies into product.

UD offers redemption pick up and raffle at NSCC

Upper Deck is including a program for redemptions at its booth at the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Panini addresses customer service concerns

Panini America addressed collector concerns about its customer service department and the long-standing, industry-wide issue of redemption cards on Monday after a number of collectors expressed frustration with an inability to get in touch with representatives for the company.

Voices from the Expo: A Redemption Story

Father-son duo Gary and Tyler Quackenbush drop by to share an in-person redemption story at the 2011 Toronto Fall Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo.

Voices from the Toronto Expo: The Panini Booth

Panini America’s Scott Prusha takes us on a tour of the company booth at the 2011 Toronto Fall Expo.

Redemptions ready in 2011 Press Pass Legends Football

Following a previous announcement regarding the readiness of a few redemptions in 2011 Legends, Press Pass confirmed today that all outstanding autographs have now been signed and returned by the players in question.