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Which Players Should You Be Collecting This NFL Postseason?

00000The most exciting time of year for NFL fans is upon us as the 2018 NFL Playoffs begin this weekend. So what does that mean for collectors? Which players should we be investing in before they explode in the playoffs? We have some ideas here. Tom Brady   Brady had another big season in 2017, […]

NFL Playoff Hobby Impact: NFC Teams

00000 By David Lee | Beckett Football Editor Every year the NFL playoffs provide a big boost in the hobby for the postseason’s top performers. With every game on a national stage, collectors pay attention to teams and players they may have overlooked. We will look at all 12 playoff teams and see which players […]

Beckett Radio: Episode 2 — Talking NFL, A-Rod & more

Week 2 of Beckett Radio. Listen to it here.

Five NFL divisional playoff standouts

Several players had stellar weekends, solidifying their place in the game.

The Brees Knees: Does Drew need another ring?

Since Dec. 26 — the night he broke Dan Marino’s single-season passing record — Brees has been hammering home his case for football immortality. And (sorry, Niners fans) there’s a pretty good chance that his legend will continue to grow after this weekend.

Topps tops Topps Precision with more Tebow

Joining in on what appears to be mass hysteria over the Mile High Messiah, Topps confirmed today that its soon-to-release Precision line will include just what the world needs — more Tebow.