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Canseco, Larsen on ESPN “Mint Condition”

The latest ESPN “Mint Condition” segment talks Jose Canseco, hot/cold players, Don Larsen and more.

Despite injury, Mariano Rivera’s RC remains hot

It may not look like much, but the baseball card seen here is the most-valuable release in one of the most-important sets of the 1990s.

Some Circa Rave inserts seem to be all the rage

It takes a lot these days to satisfy some collectors, but sometimes some card sales just flat-out surprise. Rave and Super Rave inserts from the family of Skybox brands in the late 1990s are doing just that.

Evolution of autographs: Which ones do you remember?

It’s the “early” autograph — the one where an athlete either hadn’t adopted a shorter version of an autograph or a rarer one where we don’t commonly see it on items signed in bulk.

Manny Ramirez will bleed Dodger Blue in Upper Deck Update (and elsewhere)

Manny Ramirez doesn’t yet have a Los Angeles Dodgers card, but don’t worry — he will undoubtedly have several update set appearances in his new threads. Here’s what his card in the upcoming Upper Deck Update boxed set (arriving in hobby shops on Nov. 11) will look like.