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Ken Griffey Jr. Signs Exclusive Autograph Deal with TriStar Productions

Details on Ken Griffey Jr. signing an exclusive autograph agreement with TriStar Productions.

Signed Slabbed Rookie Cards Becoming Newest Trend in the Hobby

00000 Sports card collectors have been investing heavily into rookie cards for about as long as collecting has been around. Rookie cards are regarded as some of the most sought out and collectible cards in the hobby. Signed slabbed versions of these premier rookie cards are arguably three times harder to find than the standard […]

Secrets of the 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Checklist and the Most Famous Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card

A lot of thought went into making Ken Griffey Jr. the first card in 1989 Upper Deck Baseball. Find out why he made it and other secrets of the landmark set’s checklist.

How to Spot Which 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Cards Are Worth Grading

Practical tips on what to look for in a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card before sending it in to be professionally graded by BGS.

The History and Legacy of the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card

The 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card is one of the most iconic baseball cards of all-time. Get a history of the card and its lasting legacy.

Ultimate Guide to Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Cards

His 1989 Upper Deck might be his most iconic, but there’s so much more to Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards. Dig into them all as well as other important cards from his first season in the majors.

Ken Griffey Jr Dual Bobblehead Giveaway Showcases Best of Both Worlds

Details on a Ken Griffey Jr dual bobblehead given away at the May 21, 2016 game between the Cincinnati Reds and Seattle Mariners. The figure has the Hall of Famer in both his Reds and Mariners uniforms.

Year-end 2015 Upper Deck Employee card includes Ken Griffey Jr autograph

The 2015 Upper Deck Employee Ken Griffey Jr autograph card was given to staff as a year-end thank-you. It joins a list of high-profile autographs and inserts made especially for employees.

Want to own the game-worn Ken Griffey Jr. jersey he wore on his 2015 Stadium Club card?

Grey Flannel Auctions has a game-worn Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners rookie jersey up for bid. It also looks to be the same one on his 2015 Stadium Club card.

24 Ken Griffey Jr. cards that remind us why we love him

00000 By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor The 1990s had a lot of stars, but when it came to baseball, Ken Griffey Jr. cards were king. To a lot of people, they still are. As one of the game’s true superstars, Griffey has appeared on a ton of cards since his first official appearance in […]

Beckett 20 Questions … either/or edition

00000 By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor We’re a picky bunch when it comes to collecting — we choose sides with teams, leagues, players and more. For this month’s 20 Questions in Beckett Baseball, we want you to choose sides with players. Who do you dare to choose in these 20 scenarios? — — […]

Totally Fake Rookie Cards: 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. (Old-Kid version)

That’s where our Totally Fake Rookie Cards crew comes in. Right here, right now, you can see what a new version of that card might look like.

Yep, that’s a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. homage in Macklemore’s music video

Yep, that’s a 45-year-old Ken Griffey Jr. dressed as seen in his iconic 1989 Upper Deck Rookie Card in the video for “Downtown” by Macklemore.

Randy Johnson is my lone pick for the Hall

In my mind, the only lock for the Hall via the Baseball Writers’ Association of America is Randy Johnson, the hard-throwing lefty who won 303 games, won five Cy Young Awards and a World Series title in 22 seasons.

BGS Diary Predictor (Dec.): What will he submit?

He’s prepared his five cards for grading in December and we want to see if you can predict which of his cards will end up slabbed. Of the 10 cards listed below, five are headed to BGS today for his next BGS Diary.

Panini’s Immaculate racks up big-dollar sales

In recent months on eBay there have been more than 150 cards from the last two years of Immaculate to sell for $1,000 or more — sold, not offered.

National Treasures teasers continue from Panini

The National Treasures teases just keep coming — with some big names.

First look: 2014 Topps Dynasty baseball cards

Presenting what it calls “the most carefully curated subject list in trading card history” and the “most-premium Topps product of all time”, Topps released the basic information and first looks at its latest high-end baseball card brand on Friday.

Beckett 20 Questions on … rookies and busts

When Johnny Manziel slid all the way to the 22nd pick in this year’s NFL Draft, some collectors had to wonder what was up with their red-hot pre-draft cards of Johnny Football.

First look: 2014 Upper Deck’s Goodwin Champions trading cards

There are new hits to 2014 Goodwin Champions.

Beckett 20 Questions on … baseball cards & more

Here’s the latest installment of Beckett’s 20 Questions … this time focusing on baseball cards.

Topps Update includes All-Star variations, retired greats & plenty of Yasiel Puig

And it also includes the latest batch of short-printed photo variations to chase as well as a Boston Strong red-foil stamped subset, too.

First look: 2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks

The third Panini Prizm baseball card set to arrive in less than six months is in the preparation stages.

Ripping Retail Retro: 1991 Topps baseball cards … with a vintage surprise

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds as he rips into a $5 box of 1991 Topps in the latest retro edition of Ripping Retail.

Ripping Retail Retro: 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack baseball cards

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds as he rips into a box of 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack cards — a $5 box buy at the local shop — in this latest retro edition of Ripping Retail.

Panini’s USA Baseball Champions brings Red, White & Blue to packs — and brings some stars back

The Stars & Stripes Signatures set features autographs from past MLB stars — some who haven’t signed much through the years.

Beckett 20 Questions on … sports families

Explore the family ties that go along with sports and collecting and take a look at some of the notable fathers, sons, mothers and daughters who share cardboard with us all.

First look: 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions

The Red, White and Blue are coming in pack form — with legends of the past, too.

First look: 2013 Topps baseball cards (with FINAL checklist)

Topps has released the final checklist for 2013 Topps Series 1. See it here.

Beckett Baseball: Look back at 2012 via our covers

We want you to pick our best Beckett Baseball cover for 2012.

Beckett Sports Card Monthly: Take a look back at 2012 via our covers

Beckett Sports Card Monthly is where we give readers a little more to read about your hobby each and every month.

Early analysis: 2012 Topps Five Star checklist

We take a look at some of the $500-per-pack product’s final checklists for the base set and autographs.

Silver Sluggers: A collecting niche to consider

This year’s Silver Sluggers will be unveiled on Thursday during a one-hour special on MLB Network hosted by Greg Amsinger and a guy who knows a thing or two about bats, Billy Ripken.

Ripping Retail Retro: 1989 Bowman

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds as he rips into a box of 1989 Bowman in this latest Ripping Retail Retro video.

AT THE NATIONAL: Ripping 1989 Upper Deck

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds and contributing writer Ben Aguirre as they rip a box of 1989 Upper Deck baseball cards behind the scenes at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore.