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Box Busters: 2015 Firefly The Verse

00000Join Beckett non-sports and gaming analyst Matt Bible and Eric Norton as they open 2015 Firefly The Verse. Leave a comment below and you could win an unopened box. A winner will be selected on November 20. Good luck!

2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse autographs checklist runs deep

Get a detailed look at the 2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse autographs with a full checklist and breakdown of key actors who are in the set as well as those who are not.

2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards Take an All-Art Approach

00000 By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editior Firefly hasn’t been on the air, outside of reruns and Netflix binges, since 2002. There was the Serenity movie, but even that came out in 2005. And yet, the show and its universe continue to have a rabid fanbase. In many ways it’s how the original Star Trek […]

Nathan Fillion autograph to appear in Castle Seasons 1 & 2 set

Castle fans will be excited to rip open the new cards from Cryptozoic.