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Win cards and memorabilia with Beckett Fantasy Collector’s Contests

Find out how you can win cards and autographed memorabilia with Beckett Fantasy Collector’s Contests.

Do fantasy sports make you want to collect cards of someone on your team?

Can fantasy sports make you want to collect a player you might not normally collect?

Staying the course in fantasy football when you have an off week

Having a bad week in traditional fantasy football can wreck an entire year. In daily fantasy, you can always look forward to a fresh start.

In fantasy football, dark horse is more than the name of a Katy Perry song

Sometimes in fantasy football, what you need is a good dark horse to take you to the top of your league. Here’s why.

It’s probably best to put your loyalties aside when playing fantasy football

Is it wise to make your fantasy football lineup with your heart? Probably not if you expect to win.

Beckett Media hiring fantasy sports business leader

The Business Lead for Beckett Fantasy Sports Products will define and develop innovative sports games for fans and enthusiasts of NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, college sports, Premier League and other top leagues world-wide.

Beckett acquires fantasy sports platform

00000 Beckett Media is entering the fantasy sports world, bringing fans closer to the game. Beckett has announced the acquisition of WPS Fantasy, an online and mobile platform for fantasy sports based in Lexington, Ken., on Friday. “Our mission is to facilitate trade and lead the collectibles industry with our dynamic products and services, keeping […]