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Box Busters: 2014 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2 trading cards

Join Beckett Sports Card Monthly’s Chris Olds and Matt Bible as they rip into boxes of 2014 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Season 3, Part 2 cards in this latest edition of Box Busters.

Box Busters: Cryptozoic’s Castle Seasons 1&2

Beckett Editor Susan Lulgjuraj opens a box of Cryptozoic’s Castle Seasons 1&2.

Psych trading cards will feature a long list of guest star autographs

When Cryptozoic announced its newest television licenses, one immediately jumped out.

Cryptozoic to make Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy cards

Cryptozoic keeps grabbing hold of licenses for television shows.

Superman: The Legend Trading Cards preview

Superman: The Legend Trading Cards will be released later this month by Cryptozoic.

The Walking Dead trading cards continues with a tribute to the comics

The Walking Dead Comic Book Trading Cards will arrive later this month.

Cryptozoic celebrates Tarzan’s 100th anniversary

Tarzan is remembered for his unique pets and hearty yell while banging on his chest. We still remember him and can mimic his mannerisms.

Preview gallery: Vampire Diaries autographs

00000 By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor The Vampire Diaries trading card comes out on January 20 with a complete autograph checklist. The cards don’t just feature a few actors, but nearly a full cast from the CW show – 20 cards. The wardrobe checklist is also 20 cards long. For a full checklist from […]

The Guild’s cast gathers for signing party

Putting together The Guild trading card set was a unique undertaking for Cryptozoic Entertainment from start to finish.

Big Bang Theory autographs coming soon

Cryptozoic Entertainment has been working on the Big Bang Theory set for quite a while, but the company is ready to release the product on Feb. 14 – perhaps a nice Valentine’s Day gift for the big fans out there.

Autographs, patches highlight Walking Dead set

00000 By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor The Walking Dead are getting closer. Cryptozoic Entertainment is bringing the show about zombies closer to its fans as only the entertainment company knows how – through trading cards. The Walking Dead Trading Cards is scheduled to come out in mid-December. Packs should cost around $3.50 with five […]

Vampire Diaries autographs jump off pages

00000 By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor The Vampire Diaries is everyone’s (almost) favorite group of bloodsuckers. The CW hit became popular when it premiered in 2009, grabbing the attention of supernatural drama fans. Cryptozoic Entertainment added another element for fans – a set of trading cards with autographs and memorabilia cards.