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Sports Card Album aims to be the photosharing app for card collectors

“Sports Card Album was originally intended to be a photo-management tool that would help collectors trade in forums,” Dubois told Beckett Media.

Collectors create web series based on the hobby

Ever feel like your collecting habits could make for a TV show?

Beckett 20 Questions on … your collecting tastes

We’re asking questions that take us behind the scenes in your minds to tell us what you think of several things in the hobby today.

At the National: Day 1 highlights

00000 The National Sports Collectors Convention opened Wednesday, giving hobbyists a chance to look at priceless cards and memorabilia – and pick up some special items, too. Here’s a recap from the Beckett team.

At the National: A musical reprieve from sports collectibles

00000 By Dan Good | Contributing Editor Collectors gathered at Will Simmons’ booth Wednesday, considering the purchase of famous signatures and rare posters. Posters and signatures are pretty common at the National Sports Collectors Convention. But where other dealers sell sports memorabilia and cards, Simmons focuses on rock & roll memorabilia and vintage guitar picks […]

A collector first, Oakland A’s pitcher Pat Neshek still hunts his own baseball cards

For collector-turned major league pitcher Pat Neshek, that first baseball card was a pretty big deal.

Your Turn: Who’s on your collecting Mount Rushmore?

Can you pick just four icons who define your collecting world?

Beckett 20 Questions on … SuperCollecting, organizing, displays, storage and more

We want to know how you organize, store and display your collection … and more.

Non-sports cards provide innocent, sentimental fun – and sometimes value, too

It’s easier to describe what non-sports cards aren’t – cards depicting mainstream athletics – than what they entail. Movies. Scenery. Bugs. Art. TV. World leaders. Lingerie models. Pop music. Broadcasters. Historical figures. Superheroes.

42 & Famous: Chadwick Boseman talks about life-altering role, autographs & collecting

Chadwick Boseman talks 42, fame, autographs and collecting in this exclusive interview with Beckett Media. << By Chris Olds

Are you up for a new $10 Card Shop Challenge?

Go to a card shop and spend $10 on something (not wax) that will impress. Tell us about your find in the comments below.

Collectors should have fun with changing times

Let’s hope that 2013 can be fun for collectors and collecting.

Guest column: Why kids should collect cards

A 12-year-old from Fargo, N.D., Parker Stenseth, offers some ideas why kids should collect baseball cards.

Beckett grader Andy Broome self-publishes book

When Beckett Grading Services’ Andy Broome isn’t busy examining vintage cardboard for defects as part of his day job, he can often be found drawing.

Beckett 20 questions … on baseball cards

To see where many of you stand on the world of baseball cards, here are 20 questions — some serious, some not — that we’re curious to see how you answer.

Collecting Concepts: It’s your birthday …

Years ago, while flipping through my priceless copy of Total Baseball — what us baseball geeks did before the Interwebs — I noticed that a single postseason baseball game was played the day I was born and that a single player had homered that day.

Your Turn (Beckett Baseball No. 81): Who do you collect … and why?

For the next issue of Beckett Baseball, we simply want to know … Who do you collect … and why?

Are you a SuperCollector? We want your info!

We’re going to dedicate an entire issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly to SuperCollectors soon — and we want to see your collections.

Keith Olbermann’s hobby award speech notes card shops as lifeblood and future of hobby

Noted media personality and collector Keith Olbermann received the “Friend of the Card Stores” award last week during a Topps dealer seminar in Las Vegas.

Hobby Q&A: ‘Ball Boys’ Executive Producer Shawn Witt discusses reality show debut

While many collectors can walk into a hobby shop any day of the week, many others might get their first glimpses — at least in a long time — when Ball Boys debuts on ABC next Saturday afternoon.

Your Turn: How has the Web changed the hobby?

It’s a bit of a loaded question because there are countless possible answers — it might be better to ask whether there are ways it hasn’t changed collecting. After all, card grading, low print-runs on serial-numbered cards … a lot of today’s trends can be attributed to Internet-inspired changes in the collecting landscape.

USA Today cover story looks at loss of a collector

Today’s issue of USA Today features a cover story that’s got quite a large collecting tie — the death of a man who was at home when a plane crashed two years ago, killing him and the 49 people on board.

Are YOU a Supercollector? We want YOU in Beckett Sports Card Monthly …

We’re going to dedicate an upcoming issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly to showcasing SuperCollectors — and we want to see your collections.