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Building The List: Which auction houses do you use?

This time, we’re curious about which auction houses you use — whether it’s eBay, Heritage Auctions, Beckett Auctions or any of the many other options out there.

Beckett 20 questions … auction block curiosities

The auction block has changed you.

Your Turn (BSCM Auction Issue): What auction block steals or stories do you have?

Do you have any auction steals or stories you can share with collectors? Do you have any treasures you found almost by accident?

Auction Watch: The sweet smell of socks-cess?

You might not think that a pair of stirrup socks would be worth one’s time at auction … but this dynamic duo proved that notion wrong last fall when they appeared on the auction block via Heritage Auctions.

2011 NSCC Voices from the show: David Hunt

David Hunt — the man who puts the “Hunt” in Hunt Auctions takes us on a tour of some of the most coveted glass-encased goodies at the show.

Murray Chass’ piece offers common sense in Halper mud-slinging

If you’ve read an item or two mentioning Barry Halper’s name recently, the portrayals of the deceased iconic collector have been far from flattering in items published by both Deadspin and The New York Post.