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Beckett Baseball: Hobby Pulse Poll … which product gets your collecting dollars right now?

There are a lot of new products competing for your cash right now … which one wins?

Yasiel Puig has Bowman buyers feeling lucky

Yasiel Puig’s Bowman Lucky redemption card has scorched since his two-homer game last night.

Texas’ Jurickson Profar is the second Bowman Lucky redemption

It’s no longer a mystery who will appear on the second 2013 Bowman Lucky Redemption card.

Box Busters: 2013 Bowman baseball cards

Join Beckett Baseball’s Brian Fleischer and Chris Olds as they rip into boxes of 2013 Bowman in this latest edition of Box Busters.

Box Busters At the Shop: 2013 Bowman HTA jumbo box

Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds watched the first 2013 Bowman HTA Jumbo box ripped at Nick’s Sports Cards in Dallas, Texas.

Box Busters Preview: 2013 Bowman baseball cards

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds as he rips into a box of 2013 Bowman in this Box Busters Preview video.

Long-time dealer, first-time card-holder … 2013 Bowman includes a surprise

Bilak is the winner of last year’s Bowman Golden Contract.

Preview Gallery: 2013 Bowman 1948 box-topper autos

For some of you who rip into 2013 Bowman when it arrives on Wednesday, there might be something inside your box that’s rarer then many a Refractor and anything but modern-feeling.

Hey, prospectors … who are you targeting in 2013 Bowman? (Vote from the autograph checklist)

We’re kind of curious about who you’ll be picking off when it comes to landing standard autographs in 2013 Bowman.

Topps preps Blue Wave wrapper redemption for Bowman release

The Blue Wave Refractors are back — and they’re coming with the release of 2013 Bowman next week.

Topps wants you to take the Bowman Prospect Challenge, which arrives later this month

Topps wants prospectors to show off a bit more than their Chrome rainbows.

First look: 2013 Bowman baseball cards (with final autograph & relic checklists)

Topps unveiled its plans for 2013 Bowman on Wednesday, and one downplayed inclusion just might grab the attention of some collectors out there.

Do you have what it takes to be The Bowman Scout?

The Bowman Scout, a past player in the prospecting game when it came to showcasing the Bowman checklists via its in-box checklists and print advertisements, will return and Topps wants it to be you.