Spectrum of Stars Autographs could pack some punch

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Upper Deck released details on its 2009 Spectrum Baseball set earlier this week, but the details of the latest rendition of the foil- and color-enhanced release are not what caught my eye.

Back for 2009 will be the Spectrum of Stars autographs — and the preliminary checklist looks pretty interesting.

Last year’s set was heavy on hair metal and had quite the selection of names on the initial checklist, so, yes, this year’s set could change before now and February when it’s released.

Right now, it’s heavy on science fiction — Star Trek, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers to name a fewand jam-packed with Kardashians. (While the sci-fi stars have a good amount of certified autographs to choose from, there will still be interest in those cards — if produced.)

Check out the tentative checklist after the jump.

Kim Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian
Kris Jenner
Bruce Jenner

Leah Cairns
Lita Ford
Linda Hamilton
Leonard Nimoy
Lindsay Wagner
Matt Frewer
Amy Acker
Mariette Hartley
Aaron Douglas
Mira Furlan
Ace Frehley
Mercedes McNab
Anthony Michael Hall
Missy Peregrym
Alessando Juliani
Michelle Ryan
Audra Lynn
Marina Siritis
Adrian Pasdar
Milo Ventimiglia
Andy Serkis
Audrina Patridge
Beau Bridges
Ron Perlman
Bruce Campbell
Phil Morris
Julie Benz
Matt Prokop
Patrick Stewart
Carmen Argenziano
Ronnie Glass
Corbin Bernsen
Ricardo Montalban
Corey Feldman
Robert Picardo
Christina Hendrix
Rehka Sharma
Christopher Lloyd
Scott Bakula
Daniel Day Kim
Tracy Scoggins
Dan Payne
Samantha Ferris
Ernie Hudson
Summer Glau
Edward James Olmos
Mark Sheppard
Eric Roberts
Stacy Keach
Elijah Wood
Stan Lee
Michelle Forbes
Fabiana Udenio
Tim Guinee
Fred Williamson
Tricia Helfer
Gil Gerard
Tori Spelling
Gates McFadden
Vanessa Branch
Corey Haim
Vincent Kartheiser
Laurie Holden
Wes Craven
Helen Slater
William Morgan Sheppard
Jamie Bamber
Zoe McLellan
Joanna Cassidy
Jorge Garcia
Jennifer Halley
Juliet Landau
Jeri Ryan
John Terry
Karen Allen
Kristen Bell

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