Rick and Morty Trading Cards Coming from Cryptozoic


Ready for Rick and Morty “Rookie Cards”?

The popular Adult Swim animated series is getting a set of trading cards courtesy of Cryptozoic.

The Rick and Morty trading cards reveal came at the 67th Philly Non-Sports Show where a promo card was given out (#P1 for those keeping tabs). The card itself doesn’t have much beyond the titular characters on the front and a “Coming in 2018” message on the back.

Having wrapped its third season, Rick and Morty has quickly become a pop culture phenomenon. A reference to Szechuan Chicken McNugget sauce prompted the fast food chain to bring it back for a day after a nearly 20-year absence. When many got shut out, some got upset.

Some just got weird.

Suffice to say, Rick and Morty fans can be passionate. And take the quotes and fandom to another level.

Cryptozoic has been producing digital Rick and Morty trading cards for the Quidd app over the past few months. This will be the show’s debut as physical cards.

Click here to get specific details on the 2018 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 1 trading cards.

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