Readers Write: SuperCollector submission pays off

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Dear Editor,

Quite a while back under your SuperCollector corner in Beckett, you showed off my Matt Hasselbeck collection. Well, I’m not sure if you bother to do updates or anything like that, but I did want to show off (at least to someone) that I did manage to find Hasselbeck’s 1998 Collectors Edge 1st Place Gold 1/1 card!  I have done amazingly well since you were kind enough to post my card collection in Beckett. If you guys ever do updates or anything like that, I’m always happy to share and would always love to get my name out there in a national magazine again. (I know, doesn’t everyone love their 15 minutes of fame?) Anyhow, here is the link to my photobucket again, please look through it when you get a free moment. I have acquired a bunch more 1/1s since that article, too. I really think my collection has come quite a long way!

Eric Juhl
, via email

Here’s your update, Eric! It pays to submit your info to us as a SuperCollector … how can you be one? Follow the instructions found here. Do you have a question about the hobby? Send an email to …

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  1. Tom Swegman
    Posted October 7, 2011 at 8:47 am | Permalink

    Hi Guys, I always enjoy taking time to look through my collection and just admiring some of the more special cards! As I was looking at some of the older Pinnacle cards, I was wondering what the people who created some of these “glorified” insert cards must be thinking now a days? Some of these inserts are now hard to find, Hockey Z-Team, Nifty Fifty, etc. So…how about doing an article, interviewing some of these creators of these cards, and get their take on how they feel about their accomplishments, past and present, and how’d they do that! Tom S.

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