Q&A with David Hunt, Owner of Hunt Auctions in Exton, PA

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David Hunt is the president of Hunt Auctions. They’ve been in business for 24 years, focusing on the sports memorabilia industry. Hunt Auctions has clients in all 50 states and also participates in major shows and events throughout the sports world. Hunt also specializes in obtaining player collections from the families of the player or the athlete itself. Some of the players include legends such as Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Johnny Unitas, Roy Campanella, Walter Johnson and Thurman Munson.

We caught up with him in Minneapolis in the week leading up to Super Bowl LII.

BM: Who’s your Super Bowl pick and why?

DH: We’re from Philadelphia. So, as much as we’ve done this for 10 years and we’ve really enjoyed some exciting games, for us this year, it’s personal. There’s a business side of it and we’re going to have Vikings things, we’re going to have Patriots items, but I cannot sit here and say we’re not rooting for the Eagles. I cannot say that we’re not picking them and being from that city and understanding how passionate the fans are, I am 100 percent sure what this town will look like probably as of Thursday, if not earlier, and it will be a very strong showing of Eagles fans. Not only do I think that’ll they’ll win but from a business standpoint for us it could be one of the best ones we’ve ever done.

BM: Why do you think the Eagles will win?

DH: I think the Eagles will win because they have the exact right type of team. They can disrupt a very measured and professional team like New England, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. It doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee, but they’ve got the right recipe of people . The NFC Championship game was trending all Minnesota, the first touchdown, they were driving and then the entire thing went upside down and it was over. That could easily happen here, or it might not. It’s certainly got a chance.

BM: What did you collect when you were younger?

DH: I certainly started with baseball cards when I was very young, like probably all of us did in the Hobby and it evolved. I do have an antiques/art background, sort of the early baseball 19th century sort of the early folk art things. It really became difficult to collect after that because running an auction house like we do, it’s a complete conflict, so obviously we would never bid in our auction, so it’s very difficult to find the things that we’d like to have or I’d like to have so it would be more interest things I acquire along the line, being in Philadelphia working with the Phillies when the Phillies won in 2008 with the players they would give me something, just fun things like we all enjoy here.

BM: What was your favorite baseball card set and why?

DH: For some reason, I loved Donruss when it came out, which is interesting because when it first came out from a quality-level standpoint, it was what it was, but that ’84 Donruss set, I still love it. It’s one of those things when I decide when I retire,  I’m going to back and actually collecting the best one I can collect. I’m not really a card collector anymore, but that set I just always loved it. The cards that were in it, the whole Mattingly thing, it’s just fun.

BM: What’s a cool Super Bowl-related piece you’ve sold?

DH: One that was really neat for us is working with NFL Auction, with all of these interesting pieces that they get right from the players and teams. We did one the year the Saints won, it was crazy popular with Saints fans. The following year, because they collected it the year before, we ended up with the actual ball that was the onside kick that had changed that game.

And you think about all of the historic things that happened in NFL history, that is easily the most historic onside kick that has ever occurred and to have that actual ball and to really see what that meant to Saints fans was cool. There were fans when they would held it, they would cry. It really shows you how passionate football fans are, because that was a piece that represented a moment where they remember staying in their room or their TV or at the game where they were screaming or freaking out because that won it for their team and if you’re a Saints fan, you might have supported them for 20 or 30 years and not won anything and then that happened so I don’t know why but that was just a random piece that I just remember being very poignant. We’re very blessed and very lucky to being able to work with NFL auctions and honored to get these sorts of pieces.

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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  1. sandra grubb 18 December, 2018 at 08:54

    Helllo Mr. Hunt, I came acrossed a J Haus Wagner mini bat and was wondering how to find out how old it is and if it is worth any value.

  2. AB Sinop 7 September, 2020 at 12:53

    Hello Mr. Hunt,
    1) Do you grade baseball cards? Have you ever graded a 1952 Mickey Mantle Rookie card?
    2) Would you be able to obtain on one of my baseballs an authentic Derek Jeter signature (w proof)– this baseball is already valuable and I would be hesitant to let it out of our sight.

    Thank You.

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