Penmanship Preview: 2012 Press Pass FanFare Football

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By Andrew Tolentino | Football Editor

If you saw last week’s Box Busters episode featuring 2012 Press Pass FanFare Football (and an Andrew Luck autograph), you pretty much get the drift. Five cards with a lot of promise.

Aesthetically speaking, the cards are an upgraded version of basic Press Pass — marked by thicker stock, shimmering foil surfaces, and numbered variations. It’s a potent, autograph-only break with decent odds of pulling at least one from this year’s exceptional rookie crop.

Our video offers a two-box glance and a chance to win some Lucky ink, but the following 33 images should offer an even better look at the inscriptions and other details awaiting collectors as the hobby version releases on April 25.

Press Pass’ pre-draft autograph exclusive with Luck is quite a draw, but the product features plenty of premium pulling alternatives for the $100(ish)-a-box price tag. In addition to the chromium-printed base autographs, FanFare also delivers three holofoil inserts with varying degrees of difficulty. Base autographs come in Gold (unnumbered), Blue (numbered to 199), Bronze (numbered to 99), Violet (hobby only; numbered to 25), and Black (hobby only; 1/1). Next Level Ink, Paydirt and Gridiron Graphs inserts feature the best of the best in Silver (numbered to 99), Blue (numbered to 50), Red (numbered to 25), Emerald ( hobby only; numbered to 10), and Melting (hobby only; 1/1) parallels.

When the retail version hits shelves on May 2 with a one-auto blaster box formula, collectors can find exclusive Red and Emerald base autograph parallels respectively at Target and Wal-Mart.

Now without further ado, on to the ink:


  1. Matt Gilman
    Posted April 23, 2012 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    Great looking stuff. Loved the break last week. Hope to get Lucky!

  2. bill johnson
    Posted April 23, 2012 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    i like the walmart and target parallel auto, but buying from both stores i know how impossible it is to pull an auto from these two mega stores. press pass continues to impress me with their product this year. ive bought a few packs already and pulled an andrew luck card. sweet looking card. press pass is by far my favorite draft brand as leaf is kinda dull looking. press pass continues to give collectors what the want. on card auto’s and parallels versions of its cards. im still waiting for that andrew luck auto card, but id take that thomas prime cut jersey card you guys pulled a few weeks ago. lol.

  3. Posted May 2, 2012 at 5:31 am | Permalink

    Can’t wait to open a pack of them they look great hoping to get Andrew luck auto pull great job

  4. Ed
    Posted May 3, 2012 at 6:10 am | Permalink

    Leaf should take note. THAT is how you execute a football release. These cards look sweet!

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