Panini to eliminate player-specific redemptions and add patch database


LAS VEGAS – Panini America is upping its digital game.

It introduced Panini Rewards and a patch database at the 2014 Industry Summit on Tuesday.

The biggest element from Panini Rewards is that Panini is eliminating player-specific redemptions. Collectors will instead get a card with a point value where collectors can then go on the Panini site or app to redeem the points for cards available.

The program will begin May and be available on smartphones (IOS and Android) and on its website.

“The Panini Rewards Program is a truly revolutionary development for the entire trading card industry and will offer us the chance to effectively eliminate and further reduce redemption cards from our products, replacing them with Panini Reward Points that collectors can use to acquire any available card immediately,” said Panini America CE Mark Warsop in a release. “This program has been in development for nearly two years and we are excited to finally share it with collectors.”

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The program will begin in May with the release of 2014 Score Football. Points are accrued the cards found in packs and collectors can obtain single cards, items or Panini experiences

In addition, points will never expire. Reward cards will be produced in NFL, NBA and MLBPA products.

The patch database will be for high-end cards. Panini will take high-resolution images of prime patches and place a small QR code on the back of cards. Collectors can scan those codes and find the image of the card as it comes off the line from Panini. If the card does not match the image, it’s a fake patch card.

A patch database has been an element collectors have asked for because of the proliferation of fake cards on the secondary market. Panini America will do one for high-end releases now.

Check back for updates on Panini America’s corporate address.

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  1. Sanders 18 March, 2014 at 13:46

    That patch database is a long time coming and revolutionary. Every other manufacturer should follow suit. Kudos to you Panini.

  2. Jason K 18 March, 2014 at 14:28

    I like it. I especially like that points never expire (it extends the shelf life of older product infinitely).

  3. Dan Dundon 18 March, 2014 at 17:24

    Interesting but many questions.
    1. Are points only redeemable only within a specific product? National Treasures points only redeemable for Nat Treas cards.
    2. If Kobe signs 100 Prizm cards, are all 100 available at one time? Obviously, they would be redeemed immediately.
    3. It seems to me that card shops that break a large amount of product would get the majority of the redemption points thus getting the majority of the cards.
    4. Are you allowed to ‘combine’ points to get a better card or just one ‘points’ card for one redemption? i.e. to get a 500 point Peyton auto card you would need to have a single 500 point card?
    Thanks for trying to improve the process but I am not sure it is an improvement.

  4. charlie 18 March, 2014 at 17:53

    How on earth can anyone think this is a good idea.HELLO if you don’t get the jersey or auto in a pack it’s a redemption.The brick and mortar stores will take a huge hit,when no one buys this garbage.

  5. Kevin 18 March, 2014 at 18:52

    That would be nice.. Especially when I open products and out of 2 boxes of Absolute Basketball, (8 packs) I got 6 redemptions!

  6. Stephian 18 March, 2014 at 19:42

    I kind of like the idea and concept, but how will this work? Will panini just randomly place these cards into their products or will such cards replace hits in a case/hobby box? Since its not a redemption, how will the cards be dispersed? I would be highly agitated if I bought a high end product and received a low rewards point card that would not let me purchase a “high end” card. I’m ready to see how it works and how well it is received.

  7. Richard 18 March, 2014 at 20:18

    I don’t care as much about the patch cards so much as the fact that the COA on the back
    are meaningless. They don’t specify that the player pictured wore the item in question or that
    was even used in an official game. That’s make it garbage in my eyes.

    As to being “innovative” I’d remind you that
    there were cards printed in the past that showed the item that the patch came from and that
    Leaf Draft has been doing a database for years, at least for the players like Ichiro, Pujols, etc.

  8. Mike Pereira 18 March, 2014 at 22:08

    Panini continues to show that they are the by far the best manufacture out there. Like the new systems and hope they work smoothly. My only problem is they continue to use “event worn” patches. I would rather get college used patches used in games till game used patches are available. The “event worn” patches are crappy marketing gimmicks that nobody likes getting when you pay $$$$ for a box and it counts as a hit.

  9. chad schwartz 18 March, 2014 at 22:56

    Everyone on here seems to be very negative. I am excited to see the changes as I think it strengthens the hobby. I’m sure these “redemption” cards are going to count as hits, but you will actually get to pick what you want. As for the scans of the cards, I have been begging a company to do this for years!!! Great job Panini. At least your trying. Don’t let the haters stop you. Keep innovating!

  10. charles 20 March, 2014 at 17:12

    wow have you forgot Panini promise when they took over, to have less redemption, know they are doing a 360 deg. and embracing them, look all this is doing is making it easier for Panini, ok so you get a redemption instead of a hit, and if they don’t have the one you want u still wait, do you think that if you get Joe Blow auto that you will be able to get a Kobe auto in place. no if you want that u will have to get enough points, who determinds this point system Panini. and then you have Beckett is this where you will get the value, if so then Beckett has to change its status. they can know longer say they just report market trade, they will be assigning a value, there is just way to many question i have for me to say if this is good or bad

  11. Charlie DiPietro 20 March, 2014 at 17:50

    To the people who feel corporate america is out to get them, take a deep breath and calm down. The only thing all manufacturers are out to get is your business.

    The reason redemptions exist is because many players don’t like signing autographs. And, the manufacturers know that when customers are angry, it negatively affects sales. Panini has come up with a program to NEARLY ELIMINATE redemptions and award customers by allowing them to accumulate points across all products and pick a card/product/memorabilia you actually want.

    I had the honor of sitting down with Panini decision makers to discussing upcoming products and the rewards program at length at The Summit. These guys are smart and they know that doing the rewards program the right way is important. I’ve owned a successful sports card shop for 22 years and did card shows for 8 years before that. I was impressed by Panini. These guys are coming up with a Game Changer.

    No more redemptions for players you don’t care about. Top Level Stars will have redemptions which read (for example) something like “Russell Wilson Auto Prime Patch #d/25 OR 250 Points (point values are yet to be determined). Panini will soon come out with detailed information as the program is scheduled to launch in May. The program may require some minor adjustments as time goes on. I see this program getting better and better.

    Think about it. Panini knows customer satisfaction is important to company success. Panini is out to put a smile on your face. Panini is out to get this right and be your manufacturer of choice.

  12. Leaf carries benchwarmers 23 March, 2014 at 18:23

    would love to know what % or # of unfulfilled redemptions still exist for ALL companies

    with spring training winding down, there is NO reason for any company not to have redemptions of current players fulfilled by end of March

    sure some of the retired booklets take time but for current players, companies should do whatever is necessary (ie show up to spring training) and get the cards signed

  13. charles 27 March, 2014 at 05:59

    Mr. DiPietro, as a real collector in the San Antonio area, not a card shop owner, this is corporate America, as you put it. I see nothing changing, I see you only expressing one side of the coin, i have ask they so called experts at Panini. Know i will ask you. Who will decide the value of the auto/patches,and who will decide the point value to get these. you will still have the problem of getting the players to sign, i will take your ex sample of Russell Wilson, he had redemption in almost all products maybe 20 per were live. We still waited a long time for his cards. bottom line is this, Times have changed, the sports industy at the pro level is about money, and card collecting, Its about getting the most bang for the buck, weather you get a redemption in a pack of cards or you have to save points, its still the same. you are at the mercy of the player and the company, the only way to stop the train wreck is less product, and they are not going to do that, Until they are forced by there greed or shady doings like so many before them, my hope is that they wise up before that.

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