Panini Prizm Football Photo Variations Revealed


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Since Panini Prizm football officially released two weeks ago, collectors and dealers have been speculating on the myriad of photo variations that can be found in the base set and accompanying parallels. While base set photo variations are no longer a new concept, it quickly became apparent that this photo variation situation was quite different.

Instead of just two versions of a base Rookie Card, several of the most important players in the product, guys like Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater, had as many as five different RCs featuring unique images. Combine that with the fact that more than a dozen parallels were also live, with additional ones set to release later, and you have a variations collector’s paradise. Questions naturally followed about scarcity levels, potential short prints, how many players were involved and how many photos for each player existed.

We’ve thoroughly researched the product and here are our findings:

  1. Ten different top draft picks are involved in the photo variation program
  2. Of the 10, five different players are featured on five variations and five players have three photo varieties
  3. None of the base cards appear to be short printed at this time
  4. Six parallels include all forty cards
  5. Seven parallels feature just one card for each player – all being the same photo per player
  6. Four additional parallels, not included here, are set to live later this week
  7. We’ve assigned a letter suffix to each card number to help differentiate each version

You can click here for the full set list, but here is the base set variation checklist:

293A A.J. McCarron RC passing

293B A.J. McCarron RC one hand on ball; looking right

293C A.J. McCarron RC two hands on ball; looking left


235A Blake Bortles RC looking left

235B Blake Bortles RC passing; one hand on ball

235C Blake Bortles RC passing; two hands on ball

235D Blake Bortles RC running; ball in right hand

235E Blake Bortles RC right arm extended w/ ball


257A Derek Carr RC passing; facing right

257B Derek Carr RC passing; facing left

257C Derek Carr RC pointing; facing right


285A Jadeveon Clowney RC running; right arm visible only

285B Jadeveon Clowney RC running; both arms visible

285C Jadeveon Clowney RC running; facing left


243A Jimmy Garoppolo RC looking left

243B Jimmy Garoppolo RC looking right

243C Jimmy Garoppolo RC passing; looking right


287A Johnny Manziel RC ball at chest; looking forward

287B Johnny Manziel RC ball over shoulder; mouth open

287C Johnny Manziel RC ball over shoulder; mouth closed

287D Johnny Manziel RC ball at chest; looking left, mouth open

287E Johnny Manziel RC ball at chest; looking left, mouth closed


216A Mike Evans RC running; looking left

216B Mike Evans RC one arm stretched out w/ball

216C Mike Evans RC running left; ball in left hand

216D Mike Evans RC running right; ball in right hand

216E Mike Evans RC two arms out; catching ball


229A Sammy Watkins RC running; ball in left hand

229B Sammy Watkins RC standing; two hands on ball

229C Sammy Watkins RC running left; ball in right hand

229D Sammy Watkins RC running straight; ball in right hand

229E Sammy Watkins RC ball in air


242A Teddy Bridgewater RC passing; facing left

242B Teddy Bridgewater RC passing; head turned right

242C Teddy Bridgewater RC passing; facing straight ahead

242D Teddy Bridgewater RC running pose; looking left, mouth closed

242E Teddy Bridgewater RC running pose; looking left, mouth open


260A Tom Savage RC two hands on ball

260B Tom Savage RC passing

260C Tom Savage RC running


Parallels featuring all forty:



Neon Green Yellow

Panini Logo


Black Finite 1/1


Parallels featuring just the “A” card number:

Light Blue/50

NFL Shield/75



Power Red/125

Team Logo/50

Tie Dyed/25


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  1. Buy2Get1Cards 17 October, 2014 at 07:24

    Thanks to Beckett for making this release understandable. I was as confused as I have ever been. Looks to be a pretty cool set for rookie parallel collectors. I like the non-autographed parallels. The tie dyed is the best!

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