Never tell me the odds: 2011 Goodwin Champions autographs & memorabilia


By Chris Olds | Baseball Editor

This year’s Goodwin Champions set from Upper Deck has arrived packing a ton of athletes from all sports into its packs.

The eclectic mix includes plenty of autographs and memorabilia as well as some other surprises. We’ll have more in a future Box Busters, but the company did release odds and groupings for its autographs, which might come in handy for some wondering what’s tough and what’s not.

There are some tough pulls out there — that might not seem like it on the auction block. Unlike Han Solo, you might want to know the odds so you can find a steal or two.

See it all after the jump…

AUTOGRAPHS (overall odds 1:20 hobby; 84 total cards)

GROUP A (1:1,577 hobby)
A-AO Alexander Ovechkin
A-DR David Robinson
A-FR Walt Frazier
A-GH Grant Hill
A-JB Johnny Bench
A-LB Larry Bird
A-MA Magic Johnson
A-NR Nolan Ryan
A-OL Hakeem Olajuwon
A-RC Randy Couture
A-RD Derrick Rose
A-TW Tiger Woods

GROUP B (1:729 hobby)
A-CF Carlton Fisk
A-HA Mia Hamm
A-IL Igor Larionov
A-JA Bo Jackson
A-JT John Tavares
A-LO Lou Brock
A-MU Stan Musial
A-PA Chris Paul
A-RO Dennis Rodman
A-RS Ryne Sandberg
A-WF Whitey Ford
A-WG Wayne Gretzky

GROUP C (1:339 hobby)
A-AB Amanda Beard
A-BM Bode Miller
A-BO Jon “Bones” Jones
A-BW Bill Walton
A-CA Steve Carlton
A-CN Cam Neely
A-HO Gordie Howe
A-LD Landon Donovan
A-LJ LeBron James
A-MJ Michael Jordan
A-MM Manny Machado
A-MW Michelle Wie
A-SC Sidney Crosby

GROUP D (1:246 hobby)
A-AS Annika Sorenstam
A-GL Greg Louganis
A-JM Julia Mancuso
A-JR Jim Rice
A-NL Nastia Liukin
A-OR Bobby Orr
A-RL Ryan Lavarnway
A-TP Tony Perez
A-WA Bubba Watson

GROUP E (1:72 hobby)
A-AW Abby Wambach
A-BE Layne Beachley
A-BL Bill Laimbeer
A-CP Candace Parker
A-DH Damien Hobgood
A-HS Hope Solo
A-HW Hayley Wickenheiser
A-LP Laffit Pincay Jr.
A-LW LeVon Washington
A-MD Matt Danowski
A-ML Johnny Miller
A-OC Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd
A-PR Paul Rabil
A-SM Mike Smith
A-SP Mark Spitz
A-TG Tyson Gay
A-TH Tim Hardaway

GROUP F (1:35 hobby)
A-AA Amber & Angela Cope
A-BS Billy Sims
A-CG Cammi Granato
A-CH Cody Hawn
A-CJ C.J. Hobgood
A-GB Gretchen Bleiler
A-HM Hunter Mahan
A-JE Janet Evans
A-JG Jonathan Garcia
A-JL John Lamb
A-JO Marion Jones
A-KK Kasey Keller
A-KV Kolbrin Vitek
A-LI Brittany Lincicome
A-MO Mike Olt
A-PE Carlos Perez
A-PL Pierre Lueders
A-PT Peter Tago
A-RM Ramon Morla
A-RY Robinson Yambati
A-YV Yordano Ventura

MEMORABILIA (overall 1:13 hobby; 51 cards)

GROUP A (1:14,613 hobby)
M-FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt
M-HT Harry Truman
M-TR Theodore Roosevelt

GROUP B (1:179 hobby)
M-CD Clyde Drexler
M-DR David Robinson
M-JL Julius Erving
M-RD Dennis Rodman
M-RO Derrick Rose
M-SC Sidney Crosby
M-SY Steve Yzerman
M-TW Tiger Woods
M-WG Wayne Gretzky

GROUP C (1:31 hobby)
M-AI Troy Aikman
M-AM Alonzo Mourning
M-AO Alexander Ovechkin
M-AW Abby Wambach
M-BS Barry Sanders
M-EH Earl Campbell
M-GH Grant Hill
M-OL Hakeem Olajuwon
M-HO Hope Solo
M-JE John Elway
M-JM Johnny Miller
M-JO Magic Johnson
M-JR Jerry Rice
M-LB Larry Bird
M-LJ LeBron James
M-MD Matt Danowski
M-ME Mark Messier
M-MJ Michael Jordan
M-ML Mario Lemieux
M-PR Paul Rabil
M-RY Patrick Roy
M-YO Steve Young

GROUP D (1:22 hobby)
M-BJ Bo Jackson
M-CN Cam Neely
M-CP Chris Paul
M-DD DeWayne DeRosario
M-EL Eric Lindros
M-IL Igor Larionov
M-KK Kasey Keller
M-KS Kyle Skipworth
M-LD Landon Donovan
M-MC Michael Choice
M-MH Hunter Mahan
M-MM Manny Machado
M-NG Natalie Gulbis
M-PT Peter Tago
M-RB Ray Bourque
M-RW Russell Westbrook
M-TA John Tavares

MEMORABILIA DUAL-SWATCH VARIATIONS (overall 1:320 hobby; 11 cards)

GROUP A (1:87,680 hobby)
M2-TR Theodore Roosevelt

GROUP B (1:8,768 hobby)
M2-TW Tiger Woods

GROUP C (1:2,923 hobby)
M2-AO Alexander Ovechkin
M2-SY Steve Yzerman

GROUP D (1:877 hobby)
M2-JE John Elway
M2-LD Landon Donovan
M2-MJ Michael Jordan
M2-SC Sidney Crosby

GROUP E (1:585 hobby)
M2-JM Johnny Miller
M2-LJ LeBron James
M2-MM Manny Machado

MUSEUM COLLECTION RELICS (overall 1:2,237 hobby; nine cards)
GROUP A (1:54,800 hobby)
MR-AL Abraham Lincoln (Desk)
MR-AO Annie Oakley (Gun Handle)
MR-WHP The White House (Plaque)

GROUP B (1:16,237 hobby)
MR-NB Napoleon Bonaparte (Chair)
MR-WHB The White House (Wood)

GROUP C (1:6,959 hobby)
MR-LBJ Lyndon B. Johnson (Jacket)
MR-LN Lord Horatio Nelson (Battle Flag)
MR-SS Spirit of St. Louis (Medical Gauze)

GROUP D (1:4,473 hobby)
MR-EV Edward VIII (Handkerchief)


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  1. Kreepy 1 July, 2011 at 18:40

    WOW and to think my box has a Wie auto, Drexler mem and Matt DRonski mem.. SICK BOX

  2. mad russian 74 1 July, 2011 at 19:51

    I got two jersey cards and nothing else – not the “3 hits” per box…..

    I hope the Parkhurst Champions/Champs cards, inserts and autographs are better than Goodwin – I’m disappointed.

  3. s kashner 1 July, 2011 at 20:00

    please give panini a baseball license, this stuff is just a waste. will buy everything i collect for less than hundred dollars. how can u keep selling product like this for 90 to 110 a box before people say enough. by the way no mention on the hand painted president cards or the entomology redemption cards. if they are like the other stuff, gota be like 1 in 20,000 pks

  4. Charlie DiPietro 1 July, 2011 at 21:43

    2009 Goodwin Champions was a huge success in my store. We sold through two cases in just a few hours. 2011 Goodwin Champions content is even better. Autograph and memorabilia content blows away any other product that retails for less than $100.

  5. ryan 2 July, 2011 at 08:27

    so when it says hobby next to the odds does that mean you can only get those odds in hobby boxes what is it for retail or blaster boxes or does this product just have hobby

  6. JC 2 July, 2011 at 08:36

    Why would ANYONE buy this? This has to be the worst product of the year…… again.

  7. Richard 2 July, 2011 at 11:56

    Thing is, the odds of Getting A Jordan or Crosby auto are relatively reasonable.

  8. Mark 2 July, 2011 at 13:08

    The most disappointing odds for me were the minis falling 1:2 hobby. That’s only 10 minis per hobby box. I did get a Clyde Drexler Magician mini (SN 9/9) so I shouldn’t complain too much.

  9. Andrew Meeusen 2 July, 2011 at 16:13

    I busted a few packs at the LCS today… got a Giant Panda patch and some basketball people I don’t care about. And a horse die-cut… can’t forget the horse die-cut.

  10. chris bradley 2 July, 2011 at 22:28

    My box was pretty good.My 3 hits was a Earl Campbell powder blue Oilers jersey,Tyson Gay auto and the big hit was the one a case Entomology card.

  11. ssbledsoe 3 July, 2011 at 18:11

    The one negative thing I can say about Goodwin is the photography. The photography in this product reminds me of the early 90’s “Studio Baseball”. I realize it’s due to UD’s licensing issues, but they could have done better… Other than that, I think it’s a great product. On-card autos with a GREAT checklist. Definitely a breakaway from the typical products that throw in 100 useless autos for every decent rookie or veteran auto. As mentioned above, the odds of getting a good to great auto is much better than other products; AND in an $80-85 a box product. Not saying UD is perfect (see the trash from Legendary Cuts), but this a very nice product.

  12. Art Vandelay 4 July, 2011 at 08:37

    I think people buy these products because for the price no matter what happens you don’t feel like you’ve been wallet raped. Plus decent odds on some nice hits and NO STICKER AUTOS.

  13. Thomas Capps 4 July, 2011 at 10:41

    Might Be Ok…I have wanted a M.J. auto since 92′ Upper Deck Baseball and these odds are way better than that….But Only if the price is right Im thinking 79.99

  14. Dave Johnson 4 July, 2011 at 11:09

    This set looks like Beckett talking to Upper Deck to encourage them to produce a set of cards across all sports so people will have to buy subscriptions to all the different sports (or total access) just to see what they are worth.

    From mod: Um. nope …

  15. The B-Man 4 July, 2011 at 22:43

    Interesting Fact: You do not have to buy this product. You all complain about how bad it is, but you know how to make a cash strapped company like Upper Deck sweat? By making the product sit on the shelf. Oh my god, I didn’t get a Michael Jordan or Ken Griffey autograph out of the box, it must be garbage. How do you guys not realize that opening boxes is 95 percent garbage with the occasional bright spot you can slap on Ebay. If you don’t like the game, don’t play. The rules were established long before you, and will still be there long after you’ve given up collecting.

  16. Matthew Gilman 5 July, 2011 at 08:59

    I havent gotten any yet, but i think this looks like a great set. The design is awesome, and i like the chances of being able to get unique pieces. This sets an example of why Upper Deck needs their licenses back to make this hobby a better place.

  17. JC 5 July, 2011 at 10:57

    @ The B_Man:

    At least when I get a bad box of other stuff, I get something better than “animal patches” for hits…

    This stuff is awful, positively AWFUL.

  18. guy munkelwitz 5 July, 2011 at 12:20


  19. brattleboro collector 5 July, 2011 at 16:18

    don’t like it, don’t buy it i always say. although just the fact that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is not a reason to buy; i do prefer autos on card, and have been hoping UD will get their license back for the simple reason that i HATE monopolies. right now topps reminds me of exxon mobil or something! give someone else a try! where score at, my brothers? i miss the 80’s and 90’s when we had topps, upper deck, donruss and score all competing to make the best product. great competion begets great cards and designs! just as long as they don’t over-produce them.

  20. brattleboro collector 5 July, 2011 at 16:31

    also, just so my peeps know, you don’t need a subscription to all the different becketts to get the prices for this product. all the cards are priced in the baseball script. props, guys!

  21. KZED 5 July, 2011 at 16:46

    Ended up buying 3 boxes so far. This stuff is really kinda cool. I’m glad they stopped trying to call this a baseball product, and filled it with actually interesting stuff. Too bad most of my hits were still baseball, was hoping for more of a mix..

  22. PEter 6 July, 2011 at 10:53

    I bought a box and got a permanent ‘SUCKER’ tattooed on my face….$75 gone on one hobby box and my 1 Hit (yes I received only 1!) was a 3-toed Sloth manufactured patch! Super pissed at UD

  23. mike baldwin 7 July, 2011 at 17:21

    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones- I got a plain auto, plus an African Elephant, and my HIT was Bill Clinton masterpiece. SWEET!!!!!!

  24. Zack 24 July, 2011 at 08:04

    Ryan, there are retail blaster boxes, they have 12 packs with 4 cards apiece – listed odds per pack on the box are mini cards 1:2, 1:96 Memorabilia, and 1:480 Autograph. With 12 packs per box, that leaves odds of 1:8 retail boxes will have a memorabilia card and I:40 will have an autograph card.

    I’ve picked up both a hobby box and a retail box – the hobby box had one autograph (in the 1:35 range) and 2 memorabilia cards (both in the 1:31 range) as well as the minis and a champion of sport die cut. Because I liked the regular and mini cards and wanted to get some more of them at a lower price than another hobby box, I got a retail pack. The retail box had a memorabilia card (in the 1:31 hobby range), 6 minis, and a Champions of Sport die cut card (whose odds are not even listed on the retail packs but were listed as one per box in the hobby packs).

    This may well be my favorite set of 2011 so far (my favorite of 2010 was Topps Magic Football). I can see why it may not be for everyone with the off field portrait approach and the fact that you might be getting autographs or memorabilia cards from niche sports, but I like it and that is what really counts.

  25. mark 5 January, 2012 at 17:44

    I just opened a case for christmas. One of the best ever. Besides the lou brock and soccer autos I pulled Lebron James Auto, 2 boxes later the entomology card. Last box was the Michale Jordan Auto. The case was 860 when I bought it. I kept the Jordan, James, Entomology, Brock and Tiger Woods Shirt Card. I parceled the rest on ebay minis jerseys autos soccer players and got 600 back. Thats a good deal. Topps acts like a monopoly and every Panini product is like buying a Fiat.

  26. mark 9 January, 2012 at 09:02

    Folks who are frustrated by Goodwin Champions must love American Pie. Imagine ! A piece of grass from Dallas, a piece of rock from the Statue of Liberty island, a piece of dirt from the Lewis and Clark trail and where exactly did the wood come from at Gettysburg ? a prosthetic limb ? I’m disappointed. I thought they would include a talking card that you open up and Keith Olbermann goes on one of his rants. Goodwin is a classic compared to this stuff.

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