Moss Cut, Now What?

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By Andrew Tolentino | Assistant Editor

As the saying goes, “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” As of today, football card collectors inquire with uncertainty, “Okay, so does a rolling Moss gather less stones?”

Minutes after receiving the word on Randy Moss’ waiver, the Beckett office filled with a fluttering swarm of question marks buzzing around the reason for the cut and his subsequent hobby value. Why did Childress and the Vikings chop Moss? What does the abrupt axing do to the wide receiver’s pricing? Unfortunately, our flyswatters aren’t up to speed and we simply don’t have the answers…yet.

Since there are no major character meltdowns (none that we know of, at least) looming over Moss’ split with the Vikings, his cards aren’t quite being expedited to the pricing plight. To some degree, any “second coming” memorabilia pending release becomes exclusive and theoretically more valuable. Historically however, problematic players in his current position haven’t fared especially well.

Only time and selling trends will offer the empirical truth here. While the question is up in the air though, we’re interested to hear what you have to say about the predicament. Whether you think Moss’ cards will plummet or put up a fight, or if you just want to tell us what you plan on doing with his cards, we’re here to hear you out.

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