Mascot mania? UD reports college patch odds


By Andrew Tolentino | Football Editor

Early signs indicate that the short-printed College Mascot patches in 2012 Upper Deck Football are seeing significant love on the secondary market. Yesterday, the manufacturer behind these intricate collegiate threads supported the chase with a detailed rarity report.

From Albert E. Gator to Willie the Wildcat, this list has enough school spirit to last Lee Corso for a lifetime.

Name Card # Rarity per pack
Big Al CM-1 1:99
Tusk CM-4 1:99
Aubie CM-7 1:99
Cosmo CM-11 1:99
Oski CM-12 1:99
Albert E. Gator CM-17 1:99
Hairy Dawg CM-19 1:99
Buzz CM-20 1:99
Herky Hawk CM-21 1:99
Mike the Tiger CM-24 1:99
Sparty CM-26 1:99
Bully CM-28 1:99
Truman the Tiger CM-29 1:99
Herbie Husker CM-31 1:99
The Leprechaun CM-34 1:99
Brutus Buckeye CM-35 1:99
Sooner Schooner CM-36 1:99
Pistol Pete CM-37 1:99
The Duck CM-38 1:99
Roc the Panther CM-40 1:99
The Tiger CM-41 1:99
Purdue Pete CM-42 1:99
Smokey CM-46 1:99
Reveille CM-47 1:99
Hook ‘Em CM-49 1:99
Raider Red CM-50 1:99
Joe and Josephine Bruin CM-51 1:99
Trojan warrior CM-53 1:99
CavMan CM-54 1:99
HokieBird CM-55 1:99
Demon Deacon CM-56 1:99
Harry the Husky CM-57 1:99
Big Red CM-58 1:99
Bucky Badger CM-59 1:99
Handsome Dan CM-60 1:99
Sparky CM-2 1:158
Willie the Wildcat CM-3 1:158
Bruiser CM-8 1:158
Buster Bronco CM-9 1:158
Baldwin the Eagle CM-10 1:158
Knightro CM-13 1:158
Ralphie CM-14 1:158
PeeDee CM-16 1:158
The Wildcat CM-22 1:158
Goldy Gopher CM-27 1:158
Monte CM-30 1:158
Rameses CM-33 1:158
Cocky CM-43 1:158
Rocky D. Bull CM-44 1:158
Super Frog CM-45 1:158
Black Jack CM-5 1:1,752
War Eagle CM-6 1:1,752
YoUDee CM-15 1:1,752
Sebastian the Ibis CM-25 1:1,752
Benny Beaver CM-39 1:1,752
Uga CM-18 1:7,595
Mike the Tiger CM-23 1:7,595
Lil’ Red CM-32 1:7,595
Bevo CM-48 1:7,595
Traveler CM-52 1:7,595



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