Lin-sane leaps in hobby value

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Yesterday this Jeremy Lin Rookie Card booked for a $100 high value. Today it is currently soaring at $1,000.


By Andrew Tolentino | BSCM Editor

Jeremy Lin. That about sums it up.

With a three-point dagger against Toronto last night, the Asian-American NBA sensation continued to convince fans and collectors that Linsanity is here to stay.

Over the weekend we ran a comprehensive story about what’s driving Lin’s recent rise in the hobby, but his trading card sales just won’t stop soaring. According to the latest Beckett market research study, Linsanity is leading to even higher Rookie Card prices and overall collecting value. Senior Market Analyst Rob Springs pointed to significant increases in the Beckett Online Price GuideĀ  which should reflect updated pricing later this evening.

Be sure to check the OPG for an all-encompassing look at Lin’s jump in value. But until then, here are three cards that summarize the ongoing Linsanity saga.


2010-11 Classics #179 Jeremy Lin AU RC
Yesterday: $30 – $80
$150 – $300

2010-11 Limited Next Day Autographs #41 Jeremy Lin
Yesterday: $40 – $100
UPDATED PRICING: $600 – $1,000

2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches #191 Jeremy Lin AU RC
Yesterday: $30 – $80
$150 – $300


  1. Peter Angeles
    Posted February 15, 2012 at 3:27 pm | Permalink

    Yeah Larry.

  2. Scott
    Posted February 15, 2012 at 6:58 pm | Permalink

    Ebay prices are out of this world!!! I talked to a dealer today and he said boxes where Lin autos are a potential hit have flown off the shelf even with per box pricing shooting up big time.
    Researching online, it looks like National Treasures boxes are selling for around $700. Way out of my league!!!

  3. Posted February 16, 2012 at 2:26 am | Permalink

    I can’t even afford to buy boxes anymore, let along a LIN auto… Crazy how these rich collectors are able to throw that much money out all of a sudden… I been saving up for two months, just so I can get a box of Preferred & a few boxes of HOOPS.. trying to get a case of HOOPS, if I can save $300-350 between now & when it drops… Trying hard not to spend my WAX money on Elite Black Box cards…. been chasing the base set along with all the Lakers autos (status & Elite versions only)…

  4. Posted February 19, 2012 at 12:29 am | Permalink

    2 weeks ago , in TAIWAN. Jeremy Lin’s Auto card everage price $NT300~500.($10~20). Even me and all Taiwan Sports Cards Shop. No one believe his card will higher over $50.
    4 days ago, I sold one on ebay 10-11 Contender his logo patch auto $300.( BUY IT NOW). ><~
    2 days ago, I sold same one on my shop $450.~@@~
    It will be more higher price, I don't know.. I wish .

    Thanks so much "Linsanity"

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