Latest Jewish Major Leaguers baseball card set arrives in April

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The fifth edition of the Jewish Major Leaguers baseball card series arrives in April focusing on notable record holders and current baseball stars.

The 50-card set, which is made for the American Jewish Historical Society, includes all current big-leaguers who are Jewish — Ryan Braun,  Scott Schoeneweis, Brian Horwitz, Josh Whitsell, Brad Ausmus, Jason Marquis, Gabe Kapler, Kevin Youkilis, John Grabow, Scott Feldman, Ian Kinsler, Jason Hirsh and Craig Breslow — along with record-holders among Jewish players from the past.

More than 150 players of Jewish heritage have played in the majors, and a newly discovered player –- Bill Hurst, who played two games for the 1996 Florida Marlins, but never appeared on an officially licensed MLB card — will appear on a card.

The set also includes long-time Topps executive Sy Berger, the late Jerome Holtzman, a Hall of Fame sportswriter, as well as three Jewish team owners – Andrew Freedman (New York Giants, 1895-1902), Julius Fleischman (Cincinnati Reds, 1902-1925) and Judge Emil Fuchs (Boston Braves, 1923-1935).

The original set of Jewish MLB cards was issued in 2003, including a card for every player known to be of Jewish heritage at that time.

The 2009 edition, which is limited to 3,000 sets (printed by Upper Deck), is available for $36 plus $3 shipping. For more information, visit

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    how do i place an order and price please. thanks, martha

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