Kid Collector of the Week: Mallory from Morgantown, WV


Our Kid Collector of the Week feature focuses on one kid each week from around the country who is deeply involved with The Hobby. Most collectors got involved when they were young and have fond memories of their early years, so we highlight kids who are just getting their start in collecting.

Kid Collector of the Week is brought to you by Southern Hobby who shares a passion for inspiring the next generation of card collectors.

This week’s Kid Collector is 7-year-old Mallory from Morgantown, WV. She doesn’t have a local card shop so she and her dad enjoy going to Target to buy cards.

BM: How did you get involved in the Hobby?
Mallory: My dad and Papa collect cards and gave me some of their doubles and I liked them so I wanted to get my own.
BM: How long have you been collecting?
Mallory: I’ve been collecting for less than a year.
BM: What do you collect: baseball, basketball, hockey, football, non-sport, other?
Mallory: I like to collect football, baseball and Pokemon cards.
BM: What is the first card you remember?
Mallory: A Joe Flacco jersey card that my dad gave me, it was really cool to see the piece of jersey in the card.
BM: What is the best card you’ve ever pulled?
Mallory: I pulled a Jared Goff Jersey Card once, it’s the best card I have.
BM: What’s your dream card, the one you really really want right now?
Mallory: I have the Jared Goff Jersey Card, but now I want a Jared Goff Autograph Card.
BM: What is something you think that the Hobby could be doing to get more kids your age involved?
Mallory: More kids would be interested if there was a bigger variety of cheaper packs of cards.
BM: What’s your favorite part about going to buy cards?
Mallory: I love getting to see all the different types of cards at Target and deciding which ones I want.

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