Is this the first Twitter-related trading card?

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We’ve busted the first boxes of the new TRISTAR TNA iMPACT! wrestling cards and discovered what has to be the first card featuring a new cultural phenomenon.


You know, the text-messaging system that lets people update others on their lives in real time, all the time.

TNA wrestler Mick Foley and announcer Jeremy Borash have a bond of sorts — Twitter. Borash likes to update the masses via his Twitter account and Foley, well, he’s known for having a sock puppet, barbed-wire baseball bats and for missing an ear. (Among other things. Foley is The Man — Editor.)

Card No. 99 in the new set is above, featuring the Tweet and Tweak Connection artwork from a recent TNA promo involving the two.

We’re betting it could be of interest on some certain site …



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