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Every card collector is different. We get that. With that in mind, we also know that collectors are looking for different types of content and different ways to access it. For some time, the online price guide has been an alternative to the monthly magazines and annual books for those looking for pricing information. But if you wanted the print-exclusive articles, there wasn’t a way to get them.

Now there is.

We’ve just launched Beckett PLUS, an online way to access print articles, hot lists and additional exclusives. If you want to read the magazine features but aren’t interested in price guide info, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you went print-free a while ago with an OPG subscription and want the full content experience. Again, Beckett PLUS offers that.

With Beckett PLUS, you get features from all the main Beckett sports magazines:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Sports Card Monthly
  • Vintage Collector

You will also get additional articles and content through our News section that is for subscribers only.

It’s important to note that you will still be able to get a lot of free articles, news and resources through the Beckett News section. Not much is going to change in that regard. Beckett PLUS is intended to bring you even more coverage and great content.

What’s included with Beckett PLUS?

Beckett PLUS is a great way to delve deep into sports cards. Every month we work with lots of great writers and collectors who write articles that don’t often appear online. Now they will.

The main features from all five of our monthly magazines plus the bi-monthly Vintage Collector will all be put online. The hot lists in each issue? They’ll be included, too.

You’ll also get access to exclusive articles and features that aren’t in print or available to non-subscribers online. Further down the road, we’ll be looking to add things like podcasts and more.

For some, this will be an alternative for those who are looking for great hobby content but not necessarily a price guide. You want to it for the articles.

Keep in mind that the price guide is not part of Beckett PLUS.

What does Beckett PLUS cost?

Beckett PLUS is a subscription-based service. And while it does come with a cost, we want it to be easy and affordable.

For one month, it’s $4.99 — the price of a couple cheaper packs of cards. Opt for a full year and it’s $39.99 for six magazines worth of features and articles. If you break it down, that’s less buying a single copy of each issue in any given month. Here, you’re getting content for a full year.

If you just want to try Beckett PLUS out, you can get two weeks of access for just $1.

Are all online articles going to require a subscription?


You’re still going to be able to get lots of great content just by visiting the Beckett News page. Checklists, team set lists, news, variation guides and other resources will continue to be available for everyone.

Beckett PLUS is more about offering alternatives, expanding and evolving than it is replacing.

Beckett PLUS articles all have a small icon next to the title so you know what’s premium content before you click.

Does this mark any change to the magazine?

All Beckett sports magazines are business as usual. Beckett PLUS does not change anything with the print publications.

We do know that this will seem like a change for some. We’re hoping it’s another way to reach different collectors and not only how they pursue the hobby but look for content and articles. We see it as a way to expand and evolve along with the hobby.

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