How can this Michael Jordan & Larry Bird auto be yours? Find out in January’s Beckett Basketball


By Chris Olds | Beckett Basketball Editor

Psst … bookmark this page, you’ll need it soon.

With Beckett Basketball moving back to a monthly publishing schedule in 2013 (up from eight issues in recent years), we figured we’d start off the new year with a bang.

How? By giving away this 2011-12 Exquisite Collection Endorsements Dual Michael Jordan/Larry Bird autograph — a card that has a pretty steep asking price in a current auction for one of the other 19 copies out there.

As we prepare the January 2013 issue of Beckett Basketball, it is there where we will include the instructions on how to potentially get your hands on this card. It will tell you what to say in a comment when you come right back here after reading the instructions in the magazine. (No purchase necessary, of course … you just have to find it, read it and correctly follow the instructions given.)

From there, we’ll pick a winner at random from all complete entries received here on April 8, 2013. (Yep, we’re going to run this contest until it’s tourney time — the date is the NCAA tourney title game.)

Look for the January issue of Beckett Basketball at hobby shops and selected retail stores next month.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Basketball magazine. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an email to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

Contest time: How confident are you?

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  1. Robert Jackson 8 November, 2012 at 20:24

    The two greatest players on earth.They had a great video game too together if anyone forgot.

  2. Robert Jackson 8 November, 2012 at 20:29

    Imagine if they were on the same team like lebron and wade.They were USA basketball . Thanks Nba the real dream team

  3. kenneth spoden 10 December, 2012 at 17:59

    i`m old school and i think both players are one of the best ever.does a person who is poor ever win? because i i`m poor and i would love to have this card thank you

  4. Clint Feldhake 11 December, 2012 at 14:45

    Clint Feldhake, Rockville IN,
    Glenn Robinson
    Anthony Davis
    Vince Carter
    Drool as I look at it everyday. I’d include pics but you probably don’t want to see a pic of me drooling.

  5. Geoff Schwalenberg 11 December, 2012 at 18:58

    1. Geoff in Swansea, IL. (email address and full name included in required fields)
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would ride shotgun with Santa through the freezing night, and would do all the packing and delivering!! Who needs elves?

  6. William Lowther 14 December, 2012 at 15:23

    William Lowther

    My favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan.
    Anthony Davis is on the cover of January 2013’s issue.
    Michael Jordan was on the cover of the first issue of Beckett Basketball Magazine.
    I don’t own and have never owned a card like this in my life. This card would be the biggest pull of my life. I would do just about anything to win this card. If I had to drive cross country, stand in a line that stretched hundreds of miles long, give up my most prized possesion or even give up my entire Michael Jordan basketball card collection I would do it just to win this card. Like I said, I have never owned a card that costs as much as this one does. Not to mention I have never owned a Larry Bird or Michael Jordan Autograph in my life. It would be so awesome.

  7. Dylan Rooney 14 December, 2012 at 15:24

    1. Dylan Rooney
    2. Ray Allen
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. To win this card I would fly out to Upper deck industries and beg them to pick me as the winner.

  8. Nicholas Eutsler 14 December, 2012 at 18:39

    1. Nicholas Eutsler Tacoma, WA,
    2. Chris Bosh
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would mine the millions of tons of coal Santa needs for all the children, then personally deliver it to each and every kid on the naughty list in my underwear.

  9. Christopher Coleman 15 December, 2012 at 04:42

    1. Christopher Coleman Bend, Oregon
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.Well, first thing of course, I would take the time to enter this chance of a lifetime contest to win this awesome card!!! Then after winning the card I would buy some more boxes of cards to see if my luck would continue with hitting some other awesome rare cards… Then I would open up my most current Beckett magazine price guide to see the current market value of my recently discovered treasures!!!

  10. Garrett Lus 15 December, 2012 at 17:44

    Well I’ve never won anything in a drawing and I’m hoping ill finally win because when I enter on a computer I never win so I will appreciate if I get picked it would mean a lot to me

  11. Christopher Ottolino 15 December, 2012 at 17:52

    My name is Chris Ottolino, I live in California and you can reach me at the email above. My favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant Now, and Used to be Magic Johnson before. Anthony Davis is on the cover of the January 2013 Basketball Beckett that I just got. Michael Jordan was on the 1st cover of Beckett Basketball . What would I do to win a $2,000 exquisite Jordan and Bird Autograph card? That’s probably a very long list, so to be short I would wear a Celtic jersey or Bulls Jersey for a day. As you can tell I’m a Laker fan and that would be very hard to do. I would have to look past the teams and look at the Individual greatness of those players to truly appreciate the true value of the card.

  12. Philip Lawitz 15 December, 2012 at 22:52

    1 ) Philip Lawitz; Wauconda, IL.
    2) Michael Jordan
    3) Anthony Davis
    4) Michael Jordan Issue #1 (March/April 1990)
    5) I would 1st scream, which you would not want to see because I would not believe I finally won something from Beckett hint, hint ;o) then I would give it to my sons to hold for a long long time.

  13. Tracy Thomas 16 December, 2012 at 08:23

    1. Tracy Thomas, Charlotte NC
    2. Julius Erving
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would buy a lifetime subscription to beckett magazine. I have every issue since 1995 including the first one.

  14. Cary Allen , Jacksonville, IL 16 December, 2012 at 11:46

    Cary Allen- Jacksonville, IL

    Favorite player of all time is, of course – LARRY BIRD!
    Cover photo is Anthony Davis..
    1st issue of Beckett basketball had Michael Jordan.
    I will enter this contest to win the card. Now that is an original!!! I would put it in with my BIRD card collection & and enjoy it for years.

  15. tony le 17 December, 2012 at 18:26

    1st issue of the basketball beckett is mJ and the issue for january 2013 is Anthony Davis from new orleans. I would like to wine this card. becasue I want to put in my show case door that way when every my friend come over that I could show them the cards. that way I have one more extra friend to enjoy to collecting basketball cards. I thinks so far Mj still the best one.

  16. Alan Cabral 18 December, 2012 at 16:31

    I live in Pascoag, RI? Larry Bird is my favorite player. Anthony Davis is on this cover and MJ was on the first. This card would be put away for my 1 year old grandson who I’m sure will be a basketball card collector! Every dollar will count in 2030 when he goes to college!

  17. Salim Kordab 18 December, 2012 at 17:55

    1) Salim Kordab
    2)Michael Jordan
    3)Anthony Davis
    4)Michael Jordan
    5)I’m a 27 year old man who grew up playing sports. My favorite sport was and is basketball. My favorite player, Michael Jordan. Always has been, always will be. My jersey number in all sports is 45 in honor of his return to the game; still is my favorite number (not 23 since EVERYONE has that one). I’m a collector. I’ve been collecting since I was about 8 (1993) and try to collect nothing but Jordan and Autos. The Holy Grail of my collection would be ANY Jordan Autograph card. That’s literally ALL I would want. I would never sell it; EVER. I’d keep it for my kids when I pass. I dont usually cry. Im a big guy, 6’3″ 230lbs, and in all honesty, would probably cry if I found out I won the card. My wife has seen me cry 1 time. I hope it becomes 2.

    From mod: Start crying … you’re the winner as long as you check your email.

  18. fabricio moran 19 December, 2012 at 01:27

    1- Fabricio Morán, Brooklyn, Ny
    2-Michael Jordan
    3- Anthony Davis
    4- Michael Jordan
    5- I would thank you very much

  19. Chuck Langloys 19 December, 2012 at 09:34

    1. Chuck Langloys,Wichita Kansas,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3.Anthony Davis
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.Have always been a huge Jordan fan, would have beckett grade it and add to my personal collection. Am a long time beckett subscriber. Never won anything close to a card like this.

  20. Gabe Hall 19 December, 2012 at 20:29

    1.Gabe Hall, 7567 MadisonSt., Ralston Nebraska
    2.Michael Jordan!
    3.Anthony Davis
    4.Michael Jordan!
    5.I would sell all of my basketball cards for that one card because those are two of my favorite basketball players all rolled up into one card, I would do anything foe that card and thank goodness this contest was made or I wouldn’t be so HAPPY!

  21. charlie monahan, Denver Colorado. 23 December, 2012 at 01:23

    favorite player: Larry Bird. on the cover this issue: Unibrow Davis. first beckett basketball cover: Michael Jordan. I would work the Upper Deck booth at the National for free, at my own expense, singing the praises of Upper Deck and selling collectors on UD products. I want this card.

  22. Andrew Judd 24 December, 2012 at 13:52

    Andrew Judd
    Serge Ibaka
    Anthony Davis
    Michael Jordan
    And I would do just about anything for this card, just about anything, but don’t get carried away.

  23. Michael Vachon 24 December, 2012 at 16:56

    Larry Bird is and always will be my favorite player, He epitomized what a basketball player should be. UNSELFISH
    I have collected as many Larry Bird cards as I can for 22 years and will continue till I have them “all”
    On the January 2013 issue cover is Anthony Davis.
    Michael Jordan was on the first issue.
    What would I do for this card, swim across an ocean, drink a great lake, fly to the moon,walk across the Sahara desert and hundreds of other (impossible) things for what would forever be my “”””FAVORITE CARD”””””!!!!!!!!

  24. Chris Carter 24 December, 2012 at 18:27

    David Robinson
    Anthony Davis
    Michael Jordan
    I would do just about anything for this card!!!! How about stand on one leg for 24 hours?

  25. Josh Sheriff 25 December, 2012 at 16:26

    1. Josh Sheriff – Castaic, CA
    2. Fav player – Kevin Garnett (in Minn & Bos)
    3. Jan 2013 cover – Anthony Davis
    4. 1st Beckett Basketball Cover – Michael Jordan
    5. To get this card, I’d French kiss a French Poodle while it’s wearing a Jordan-Bulls Jersey and I’m wearing a Bird-Celts Jersey.

  26. Miguel Garcia 27 December, 2012 at 19:29

    I live in Sacramento Ca,
    It’s a toss up between Kobe and Michael
    The “Unibrowed Wonder” Anthony Davis, just Google Images…hee hee
    Michael Jordan
    I would do a joint online auction with Beckett Basketball for my newly created Magic Johnson memorabilia frame, and donate the proceeds to a good cause. I can provide a picture of it upon request.

  27. Angel Terán 27 December, 2012 at 19:45

    1. Angel Terán, 860 Carr 175 apt 1509 San Juan PR 00926
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Frame it and take care of this beuty piece of sport memorabilia.

  28. Roberto Velez 29 December, 2012 at 05:11

    1) Roberto Velez
    Ontario, Ca
    2) Michael Jordan and Dr. J
    3) Anthony Davis (Center large picture), Kobe Bryant (Upper left hand corner), and Michael Jordan and Larry Bird with auto on a Upper Deck Exquisite card (upper right side).
    4) Michael Jordan
    5) The card would be framed and used as a motivation tool to encourage my 5th grade students to work for success in school and in life. Jordan and Bird are role models. The dedication and responsibly they have and had as professional players needs to be shared with students.

  29. Owen Pence 29 December, 2012 at 20:18

    1. Owen Pence, 51 Columbia Road Portland, ME
    2. Earl “The Pearl” Monroe
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Buy a Larry Bird shirt even though I’m a diehard Knicks fan, and wear it around for a week (as long as it isn’t playoff time), and of course show off the card at my local card-shop.

  30. Robert Jones 31 December, 2012 at 20:09

    Kevin Durant
    Anthony Davis
    Michael Jordan
    I would go out and get a Jordan and Bird jersey and wear them together.

  31. Adam Rodriguez 1 January, 2013 at 20:51

    1. Adam Rodriguez, San Antonio, TX,
    2. Manu Ginobili. His intense passion and tenacity are matched by only a select few in the league.
    3. Anthony Davis, F/C, New Orleans Hornets
    4. Michael Jordan, G, Chicago Bulls
    5. Larry Bird is my favorite basketball player of all time. I would get the card graded, post pictures and tell the story on Facebook and to my family and friends, and would one day pass it on to my kids, hoping that they would not only appreciate the value of the card (monetary value), but the value it holds to me, as a Larry Legend fan, and how I won it in a contest from the magazine that introduced me to my passion and love of collecting basketball cards. It’ll sit on the top of my collection forever.

  32. Steve z 2 January, 2013 at 13:48

    1. Steve Ziemann, Arlington Texas,
    2. I am old school – George Gervin
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Besides following the instructions in the January Beckett?
    I would come to Beckett HQ and be ur gopher for a week!

  33. JAMES WONG 2 January, 2013 at 20:30




  34. Stephen Carinci 2 January, 2013 at 23:17

    1. Stephen Carinci Quincy, MA
    2. Ray Allen because of his great shooting ability
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will have it graded and framed to put it into my collection room

  35. michael lavoie 5 January, 2013 at 15:34

    cover-Anthony davis
    1st-michael jordan
    if i won i would auction off the card and give half the money to my church
    the other half would go for a 1986 fleer jordan rookie thats beckett graded
    but i would first take a pic of me holding the best basketball players to
    every play the game jordan and bird.

  36. Zachary Scrima 5 January, 2013 at 15:54

    1. Zachary Scrima, Saugus, MA –
    2. Kevin Love
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. As a lifelong Celtics fan, this would become the cornerstone of my Celtics collection, sitting next to my other Celtics autographs, basketballs, jerseys, Boston Garden chair and other basketball memorabilia Jordan was the GOAT and he already inhabits a space in my room dedicated to his career.

  37. Thomas CHEN 6 January, 2013 at 01:12

    MJ, Kobe and Durrant are my favorite players as they the gold of the court. They are the one controls the game.I love lary bird too, but I could not watch his play nowadays. I have follow NBA and Beckett years. Collecting sports cards is my hobby.

  38. Dale Corder 10 January, 2013 at 18:58

    1. Dale Corder, Mesa, AZ,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis, #244, January 2013
    4. Michael Jordan, #1, March/April 1990
    5. I will keep it and put it in the safe. I never had a Michael Jordan autographed card before. I’m a die hard Michael Jordan cards collector, I have 1,427 different Michael Jordan cards from 1984 to 2011 and the value worth over $18K.

  39. Mark Tuai 10 January, 2013 at 22:17

    1.Mark Tuai, Los Angeles CA,
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Give it to my girlfriend in the hopes that she’ll soon approve of my exorbitant collecting addiction

  40. Shannon 11 January, 2013 at 21:35

    Antony davis
    Michel jordan
    i’m going to put it in my room and pass it down for many generations

  41. Andrie Wiryawan Susilo 12 January, 2013 at 02:20

    1. Andrie Wiryawan Susilo, Jakarta, Indonesia,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I’m not a high end collector due to my low budget. I many times help my friend bought high end cards, but none for me. So, to have such card for myself is really means everything to me. To have a chance winning this card is already my happiness. I just need to answer correct answer and pray for luck hardly. And if I win, I believe nothing can’t express my happiness and gratitude. So I’ll scream, yell, and will change the status of my blackberry, facebook, and twitter. And I’ll change my banner signature on every forum where I become member, hobbykings, ozcardtrader, SCF, blowout, kaskus and of course beckett forum, and let them all know what Beckett give to me :)

  42. Lonnie Martin 12 January, 2013 at 12:51

    1) Lonnie Martin
    2) Derrick Rose
    3) Anthony Davis
    4) Micheal jordan
    5) I would take very good care of this card and put it in a expensive hard case!

  43. Galen 12 January, 2013 at 18:25

    Galen, ca
    Larry bird
    Anthony Davis
    Michael Jordan
    I would put the card into my “special” collection of pc items that I will eventually hand down to my kids.

  44. Brandon Minnick 13 January, 2013 at 01:12

    1) Brandon Minnick Wichita KS
    2) MJ all day
    3) Anthony “THE BROW” Davis
    4) Jordan
    5) What is my newborn worth? My wife? Both? :-)

  45. Jeff 14 January, 2013 at 13:44

    1. Jeff Peveto, Pasadena, MD,
    2. Larry Bird
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would write an article extolling the reasons why Larry Legend and Michael Jordan are the greatest players of all-time.

  46. Jason Taylor 14 January, 2013 at 14:16

    1) Name and email filled out above. From Raleigh, NC
    2) Magic
    3) A. Davis
    4) M. Jordan

    5) First I wouldn’t believe it as I never win anything. Second I would probably carry it with me wherever I go as the MJ auto I personally got in 1986 has somehow been lost. Not a chance it would happen to this one.

  47. Chris Olds 14 January, 2013 at 14:31

    Not seeing enough creativity on the answers here … it’s a JORDAN AUTO!

    Hint: Make a video or something … show you’re dedicated and WANT to win a pricey card.

  48. Delbert Casada 14 January, 2013 at 16:18

    1-Delbert Casada, Oxnard, CA,
    2-Magic Johnson
    3-Anthony Davis
    4-Michael Jordan
    5-Wear a smile that streched 4 time zones, from the Atlantic to the Pacific (to be specific).

  49. Jared Joy 16 January, 2013 at 14:29

    Jared Joy
    1. Amarillo, TX,
    2. Tim Duncan
    3.Michael Jordan
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.I would become Chris Old’s personal valet, doing duties such as washing his car, sorting his Jose Canseco Cards, and brushing food out of his goatee.

  50. John Davis 16 January, 2013 at 14:57

    Actually Chris the contest rules say nothing about a video. You can’t change the rules halfway through a contest.

  51. Jeff papaleo 16 January, 2013 at 20:19

    1. Jeff Papaleo, Thornton, IL –
    2. Pete Maravich (or Jordan)
    3. Anthony Davis (Jordan on 02/13)
    4. Michael “Air” Jordan
    5. I would trade all of my sports cards for this one.

  52. matthewgubler 18 January, 2013 at 12:46

    I have always liked mickeal jordon and larybird two of the best players to ever play the game i have always wanted to have a mickeal jordon card.

  53. Jon C 18 January, 2013 at 18:12

    Kyrie Irving
    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan
    I will renew my subscription and buy a few hobby boxes

  54. Francis Sendico 19 January, 2013 at 16:51

    1. Francis from Brisbane, Queensland Australia
    2. Paul George
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. When I saw this promotion, I bought na EXQUISITE COLLECTION BOX!!!!! ^^ – even though its much more expensive here in australia and the supply is so low..

  55. Charles D. Friedstat 19 January, 2013 at 18:22

    1. Charles D. Friedstat, Wilmette, IL—
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would be shocked as I have never won anything like this in a contest. I would likely share it with my son and use it towards the cost of his future child’s college education.

  56. Juan Caraveo 19 January, 2013 at 19:17

    1. Juan Caraveo
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan

    Desde de niño a mi me encantaba colectar cartas de basquetbol y otros deportes. Desafortunadamente nunca tuve suficiente dinero para comprar cajas. Solamente un paquete a la vez. Ahora que soy adulto se me han abierto más puertas y las puedo comprar. Pero la suerte me ha pasado y nunca me he sacado una carta como esta. Yo no tengo deseos de hacer nada con ella simplemente con tenerla para adorarla de vez en cuanto. Sería la mejor carta que tendría. Y mis deseos de obtener una carta autographada por MJ seria un sueno hecho realidad. Suerte!!!!

  57. Brian McCarthy 20 January, 2013 at 15:36

    1. Brian McCarthy – Homer Glen, IL.
    2. Derrick Rose
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Sell my whole collection and display this card alone on my mantle.

  58. Nathanael Agosto 21 January, 2013 at 08:33

    I live in Hinesville, Georgia. Near Fort Stewart since I am a US Army Soldier, I live near the base.
    My favorite Player is Air Jordan.
    Michael Jordan is on the cover of the issue I saw this AD to participate.
    My favorite Basketball Player was on the first beckett issue, in which I still own.
    I dont have a way to show you, but I will tell you that if I win this card, I will go to Newman Gym and
    record with my camara 2 things to satisfy you. #1, I will shoot 100 3-point shots and make at least 75 of them.
    I will also, Shoot the ball from one 3 point line to the other end of the basket, a very far away 3 pointer. I’ll do both of them while being recorded with my camara….will this be enough to win this card?

  59. Keith Schimke 21 January, 2013 at 11:33

    Keith Schimke San Antonio, TX

    Larry Bird is my all time favorite player. None better! He was the most amazing shooter ever. David Robinson/Tim Duncan close seconds.

    Michael Jordan is on the cover of Beckett Basketball #1 and i have it! Bought it when it came out and saved it along with all the old issues. The covers were awesome back then, front and back.

    On the January 2013 issue cover is Anthony Davis.

    If i won the card, I would display is next to my Bird jersey and signed ball. It would be the sweetest card i own. I am not too wild and crazy though so not sure what i would do to win it but i would be a good citizen and pay the tax.

  60. Isaac Castillo 22 January, 2013 at 17:16

    I will win this Mj card because Ive bought so many boxes growing up and still haven’t pulled a MICHAEL. Then again Im a celtics fan so bird and Michael on the same card would be like TONY THE TIGER SAYING THERE GREAT.

  61. Nick Lai 22 January, 2013 at 17:17

    Favorite player has to be Michael Jordan, he is the reason brought me into collecting card
    Michael Jordan is on tye cover of this issue
    Michael Jordan was on the cover of the firet issue of the beckett.
    I been dreaming to pull out a MJs autograph card all these years but, unfortunately it had never happened so, this is one in a million chance to win this dual legent autograph card, what i would do to win this card, i would probably trade all my autograph cards to own this card if i have to.

  62. Justin Sentner 22 January, 2013 at 19:54

    1-Justin Sentner Hackettstown, NJ
    2-Spud Web or Penny Hardaway
    3-Michael Jordan on the first ever
    4-Michael Jordan or Anthony Davis 2 #1 picks
    5-I have spent tons of money on collecting cards and my first Jersey was the Nike NC Jordan throwback, I also spent a ton of money by owning almost every pair of Jordan’s and I have the Jordan Wings poster hanging up on my wall. While I am not like everyone else and can’t say Jordan is my favorite player I did like when he signed the deal to be in basketball video games again so u didn’t have to create him. If I won this card I would continue to enter these contests and not feel like they are rigged lol.

  63. Roger Kern 23 January, 2013 at 20:06

    2 Connie Hawkins First star player I ever saw in a game . 3 Michael Jordan 4 Michael Jordan 5You would make a old man remember a event that made him very happy!

  64. Larry Carroll 25 January, 2013 at 17:37

    1. Larry Carroll, Clayton, North Carolina,
    2. Larry Byrd is my favorite basketball player.
    3. Michael Jordan is on the cover of #245 February 2013 issue of Beckett Basketball.
    4. Michael Jordan was on the first cover of Beckett Basketball – 1990 issue #1.
    5. Would love to win the card to add to my collection of Larry Byrd cards. I would travel to Beckett headquarters to personally pick up the card and thank the editors for providing the opportunity to win this fine card!!

  65. MICHAEL RUNYON 27 January, 2013 at 14:41

    2] DAVID THOMPSON the original skywalker
    5] I would honor and treasure something actually related to the UNC TARHEELS. Since i am an NC STATE fan it would be made easier with this being one of the best ever.

  66. HARLEY ALHART 28 January, 2013 at 14:25

    1. Harley Alhart / Buffalo, NY, USA /
    2. Current : Blake Griffin / Past : Larry Johnson
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Michael Jordan (1990)
    5. I would perform local Community Service related to youth basketball as an ambassador to Beckett Media
    as well as further support the sports collectible trade

  67. Angel 29 January, 2013 at 17:50

    1. Angel teran
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Michael Jordan
    4.Michael Jordan
    5. Take care of the card since is going to be as a part of my collection

  68. chris onzo 29 January, 2013 at 21:23

    1. Chris Onzo, danbury, ct
    2.Anfernee Hardaway
    3.Michael Jordan
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.To win this card I would donate my 27gal storage bin full of random boxes of cards to a children’s hospital. The box is too overwhelming to sort through and I saw nobody is too interested in buying these cards unless they are full of jordans, lebrons and kobe cards. Ive called some local hospitals to try and find out if there was a wing for children or if I can bring them there, but no one had any clue on how or where I can bring them. I think it will be a great gesture for so many kids with too much time on there hands with serious medical conditions to enjoy some cards and have a better day with them.

  69. Michael Ivey 2 February, 2013 at 07:58

    My Name is Micheal Ivey. My favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan. On the issue of this cover is Michael Jordan. On the first cover of Beckett Basketball was Michael Jordan. And if I won this card I would take a picture of me holding it with my Micheal Jordan Jersey on and post it on Facebook for everyone too see and tell them them that I won it from Beckett.

  70. Bobby East 4 February, 2013 at 13:12

    2. Michael Jordon
    3. Colin Kaepernick
    4. Michael Jordon
    5. As creative as I can be, well, I have a picture hanging on my living room wall that I paid over a $1,000.00 for. I would take down that picture and replace it with this card, put in a large frame, so everyone could see it when they entered my house. Of course this is going to cost me my girlfriend of 20 years as well…but I love Jordon and Bird just as much !

  71. Gene Olmedilla 4 February, 2013 at 16:01

    1.Gene Olmedilla ; Watford England ;
    2.Kobe Bryant , Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson,Larry Bird,Julius Erving,Kareem Abdul Jabbar,James Worthy
    3.Michael Jordan
    4.Michael Jordan
    5. This card will be a the centerpiece of my legends PC, I will looka after it and keep it as long as I live and past it on to my son. I am planning of buying a wall display cabinet, so I can display my cards and if I am lucky and I’ll win this card, this card will be the centrepiece.

  72. Natalie Bubnick 4 February, 2013 at 16:22

    1. Natalie Bubnick. Parma, Ohio.
    2.Blake Griffin
    3. Colin Kapernick
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I’d post a pic if it on instagram and however many likes it got, I will multiply that number by 3 and donate that number of cards from my collection.

  73. Windy Leonardo 5 February, 2013 at 01:49

    1. Windy Leonardo, Palembang-South Sumatera-Indonesia,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will hack this website so just me make a comment. When Beckett random the winner, just my name put it off.

  74. Shane Koeppen 5 February, 2013 at 10:02

    1. Shane Koeppen 13078 Laurel Glen Ct #202, Palos Heights, IL 60463,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Colin Kaepernick OB of SF
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will take a picture of it and post it on Facebook for all the world to see as well as my local hobby shops passing the word around on how i won it promoting your web sight and magazine for all the world to see as well as give a copy of it to my friends and family.

  75. Isaac Parsons 5 February, 2013 at 11:23

    1. Isaac Parsons, West Jefferson, NC,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Michael Jordan Feb. 2013 issue
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would let my 3 year old girl paint my finger nails and toe nails any color she would want to.

  76. Tony Olm 5 February, 2013 at 17:57

    1. Tony Olm Round Rock, TX 2. Tim Duncan 3. Colin Kaeperneck 4. Michael Jordan 5. I would agree to be permanently encapsulated by The Beckett Grading team along with my Bird/Jordan card.

  77. Philip Poplaski 5 February, 2013 at 20:21

    My name is PJ Poplaski. I live in Lyndhurst New Jersey. My email address is My favorite basketball player is Carmelo Anthony. Michael Jordan is on the cover of this month. Michael Jordan was on the first cover too. My favorite sport is basketball and I would love to win this card. I collect basketball cards and if I won this card then it would just complete me whole collection.

  78. Jim Robert 6 February, 2013 at 12:32

    1. Jim Robert Homer Glen, IL -847-875-0306
    2. MJ
    3. Colin Kaepernick — March 2013 Vol. 30 No. 3
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. add to my collection of 800,000 cards. it will look good next to my Mickey Mantle & Joe DiMaggio auto’s as well as 50+ other HOF’ers.

  79. shane third 8 February, 2013 at 19:05

    1. shane third
    2. paul pierce
    3. michael jordan
    4. michael jordan
    5. do what ever it toook..big fan of basketball…..never really won id do pretty much what it took…and 2 of my top 3 fav players ever…

  80. Brad Reed 10 February, 2013 at 21:40

    1. Brad Reed, Hanover Pa.
    2. Larry Bird
    3. Anthony Davis is on the January cover.
    4. Michael Jordan is on the cover of the first issue.
    5. It’s an amazing card. We have nothing like this in our collection. We have a 12 and an 8 year old. We are a collecting family. The kids are both ballers and this card would be so great.

  81. Trevor Lopez 11 February, 2013 at 17:00

    Trevor Lopez. Albany, Georgia.

    Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics

    Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Hornets

    Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls

    If I were to win to win this Jordan/Bird dual autograph card, I would buy a Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant jersey and go around saying “I love KD and I love Kobe!” This is torture to me as I dislike both of them.I’

  82. Glenn Blair 12 February, 2013 at 12:24

    Springfield, Ohio collector – always a fan of my neighblring state great Larry Bird. Also, my favorite player!! Jordan is on my Beckett now and on #1 issue. I would love to display it with my Jordan/Bird dual floor piece. Will watch my mail box!!

  83. Jeff Fiedler 12 February, 2013 at 22:36

    1. Jeff Fiedler of Washington Crossing, PA;
    2. LeBron James. (He went to the same high school as my dad – St. Vincent-St. Mary, baby! – so I got to see him play before he ever went pro and have been a big fan ever since; even back then, he was still already the most amazing basketball player, pro or otherwise, I’d ever had the privilege of seeing in action firsthand.)
    3. Colin Kaepernick (March issue – Vol. 30, No. 3 – of BSCM; Jordan-Bird contest on page 22)
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. To win this card, my buddies Brian and Jim and I would attempt to woo your staff and our fellow Beckett readers with our inexplicably grunge-styled rendition of a “Grease” classic (that’s me you see on the drums) – enjoy!:
    (We hope you don’t regret asking for a video after seeing this thing!) If I’m lucky enough to have my name selected at random and win the card, I’d also be sure to thank the Beckett staff for the card in the liner notes of my upcoming record. No joke! You can hold me to that!

  84. michael Gladstone 13 February, 2013 at 16:20

    2.Michael Jordan
    3.Damian Lillard
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.I would love to win this Card, I would like to pass on my collection in the Future, and this card would be an amazing piece to go With it.

  85. michael Gladstone 13 February, 2013 at 16:28

    1.Michael Gladstone NM
    2.Michael Jordan
    3.Damian Lillard
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.I would love to win this Card, I would like to pass on my collection in the Future, and this card would be an amazing piece to go With it.

  86. Corey Strahan 13 February, 2013 at 20:15

    1.Corey Strahan Gainesville Ga

  87. Anthony Tunzi Itasca, IL 14 February, 2013 at 16:34

    Michael Jordan is on the cover of this issue. On the first basketball beckett issue i believe it was Michael Jordan..
    If i win this card i promise i would go out and buy a packers jersey and wear it along with the cheese head. I hate the packers with a passion. As you can see I live in Chicago and I am a huge bears fan. I would go around and say packers are the best.

  88. Rob Green 14 February, 2013 at 17:20

    1. Rob Green Montgomery County, MD
    2. Julius Erving
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would Run around naked while licking sweaty gym socks and having 1 foot In a bear trap in front of the millions of people to get this awesome card

  89. Cheyanne Walsh 15 February, 2013 at 09:03

    1.Cheyanne Walsh Middletown New York
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Damian Lillard
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Keep it. Actually ask for you to grade it for protection because something like this needs a grade and keep it maybe trade for something better via beckett trading

  90. Camron Gosselin 15 February, 2013 at 14:29

    1. Camron Gosselin, Conneticut,
    2. Paul Pierce
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Micheal Jordan
    5. I would go to my school’s gym run 100 suicides in a row. Then make 100 jump shoots in a row. Then i would probably pass out.

  91. Jimmy Ong 16 February, 2013 at 03:44

    1. Jimmy Ong, Indonesia,
    2. David Robinson
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will display this card in my small cards museum, as one of the biggest basketball card i ever have.

  92. Olivia Onggowidjaja 16 February, 2013 at 03:49

    1. Olivia Onggowidjaja, Indonesia,
    2. Shawn Kemp
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will give this card to my daughter as a her wedding gift. She will remember , this card will be one of the important thing in basketball history.

  93. MANUEL VASQUEZ 16 February, 2013 at 09:40

    Manny-Elk City, OK
    Michael Jordan
    Damian Lillard
    March/April 1990 Michael Jordan
    If I won the card I would save it and give it to my son when he graduates High School (surprise gift)

  94. Larry Lehman 16 February, 2013 at 11:35

    1. Larry J Lehman; Middlebury, Indiana 46540;

    2. Michael Jordan

    3. Damian Lillard

    4. Michael Jordan

    5. I would have local advertising displayed referring everyone to Beckett magazine, since I’m from a small amish area there isn’t much advertising for you guys…..keep up the good work guys!

  95. Joseph s Domagala 16 February, 2013 at 17:23

    2. Shaquille oneal. 3. Damian lillard. 4. Michael AIR Jordan. 5. I would do just about anything you guys ask of me . Would pass the card down to my newborn son Matthew who is 1 month old today 2/16/13. Would let him know what I had to do to win this card if you guys decide to put me on the challenge to win this card of the 2 greats in basketball.,,,,,,

  96. Joseph s Domagala 16 February, 2013 at 17:25

    2. Shaquille oneal. 3. Damian lillard. 4. Michael AIR Jordan. 5. I would do just about anything you guys ask of me . Would pass the card down to my newborn son Matthew who is 1 month old today 2/16/13. Would let him know what I had to do to win this card if you guys decide to put me on the challenge to win this card of the 2 greats in basketball.,,,,,,

    Posted February 16, 2013 at 5:23 pm | Permalink

  97. Joseph s Domagala 16 February, 2013 at 17:31

    2. Shaquille oneal. 3. Damian lillard. 4. Michael AIR Jordan. 5. I would do just about anything you guys ask of me . Would pass the card down to my newborn son Matthew who is 1 month old today 2/16/13. Would let him know what I had to do to win this card if you guys decide to put me on the challenge to win this card of the 2 greats in basketball.,,,,,,email told you guys will do anything I will submit a million times if I have to….

  98. Joseph s Domagala 16 February, 2013 at 17:39

    1. Joseph s. Domagala, Queens, NY ;
    2. Shaquille oneal. 3. Damian lillard. 4. Michael AIR Jordan. 5. I would do just about anything you guys ask of me . Would pass the card down to my newborn son Matthew who is 1 month old today 2/16/13. Would let him know what I had to do to win this card if you guys decide to put me on the challenge to win this card of the 2 greats in basketball.,,,,,,email told you guys will do anything I will submit a million times if I have to….

  99. Adam schloesser 16 February, 2013 at 17:55

    1. Southington CT
    2. Fav player… Glen Rice
    3. Colin Capernick
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would put the card in a nice case so it can be matted on the bottom of a dual jersey display case of both a jordan auto jersey and a bird auto jersey that would hand o walked my side wall next to my tv for display

  100. Salim Kordab 17 February, 2013 at 12:14

    Name/Location/Email: Salim Kordab / Chatsworth,CA /
    Favorite Basketball Player: Michael Jordan
    On the Cover of This Beckett Issue: Michael Jordan
    On the Cover of First Beckett: Michael Jordan
    To Win This Card, I Would: Become a Lifetime subscriber to Beckett (which is the only thing I use for prices anyways), have a room in my new home built around this card with other auto’s and memorabilia, and have Michael or Jordan as a middle name for my first born son.

  101. Roger skoropat 18 February, 2013 at 10:27

    1. Roger skoropat, harrisonville, mo,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Damian lillard
    4. Michael jordan
    5. I would graciously accept the honor of receiving the card from you guys and gals and make sure everyone knew how awesome your publications are. I would talk about how this card would be a culmination of a lifetime of collecting and a lifelong fan of two of the greatest players to suit up.

  102. Adam Burns 18 February, 2013 at 18:15

    1. Adam Burns 1304 Hillcrest Drive Waynesboro , MS 39367 I can be contacted at address listed.
    2. LeBron James
    3. Colin Kaepernick
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would get it graded by BGS and place it as the centerpiece of my collection, showing everyone what a great card I have.

  103. Jesus B. Rodriguez, Yukon, Oklahoma 18 February, 2013 at 20:50

    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will graded fast, sell it and donate 50% to a Church Ministry in need

  104. Andrew Lucas 18 February, 2013 at 22:11

    1. Andrew Lucas, Harvest, Al,
    2. Grant Hill
    3.Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Donate to Make-A-Wish foundation to bring joy into a childs life whom may never get an opportunity to own this card.

  105. Cory Shird Boring, OR 19 February, 2013 at 20:47

    Bill Walton
    Colin Kaepernick
    Michael Jordan
    I would enter this contest to win this card.

  106. Angel Melendez 20 February, 2013 at 13:08

    1. Angel Melendez — Folsom, Californa 95630 –
    2. Larry Bird
    3. Damian Lillard
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would send you a video or photograph of me and my Grandson doing our “I’m so happy Grandpa dance”!

  107. John Lam 21 February, 2013 at 23:16

    1.John Lam, Hong Kong,
    2. Yao Ming
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Tell others through other collectors’ websites about my winning story and let everyone know good things can happen at every corner of the world.

  108. Mike Morris 22 February, 2013 at 12:00

    1) Mike Morris,, California
    2) Michael Jordan
    3) Colin Kaepernick
    4) Michael Jordan
    5) If I received the card, I would really cherish it. I have always wanted a Jordan and Bird auto but cant afford one. I would look at it every day. Thanks for the contest.

  109. Steve Cavaliere 22 February, 2013 at 13:36

    1. Steve Cavaliere in Mississippi. email me at or call 601-513 5283
    2. Favorite player no doubt Michael Jordan
    3. On cover of this issues in Michael Jordan
    4. On cover of first isses was Michael Jordan
    5. If I was to win the autographed Michael/Bird card I would…
    Let’s just say Forest Gump would not have anything on me I would run around the world

  110. chrisolds 24 February, 2013 at 15:10

    Where’s the creativity, people?

    Seeing plenty of forgettable entries here … act like you want it!

  111. Don Acree 24 February, 2013 at 16:12

    1. Don Acree, Kentucky, email on file with Beckett. I’m not giving it out to the world on here to receive tons of spam. Bad idea Beckett!
    2. Currently Kobe Bryant, Past: Magic Johnson.
    3. Anthony Davis, Hornets.
    4. Michael Jordan, Bulls. You can buy it on ebay for under 10.00 for you collector’s out there.
    5. I would personally drive to the Beckett offices and pick this beauty up to save you shipping charges and then get lots of pictures taken with my new card at the Beckett offices and with the staff!!

    From mod: If you placed it in the email field (which you did), we have it. … and nobody else does.

  112. Justin puckett, 24 February, 2013 at 20:41

    1 Justin Puckett , lake havasu city Arizona,
    2 Michael Jordan
    3 Damian Lillard
    4 Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing
    5 I would run laps around the basketball court until I collapsedor. Better yet I would shoot free throws until I matched Michael Jordan’s Career points record

  113. Brandon Droy 25 February, 2013 at 22:29

    1. Brandon Droy, Rockford, IL,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Damian Lillard
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. To win this card I would go to where their careers began, which would consist of me taking road trips to see an Indian State game and a UNC game.

  114. Paul Branstad 26 February, 2013 at 10:59

    1. Paul Branstad, Rochester MN,
    2. Kevin Durant
    3. Colin Kaepernick (March issue Vol. 30, No. 3, contest on page 22)
    4. Michael Jordan was on the first cover of Beckett Basketball – 1990 issue #1.
    5. I just took my daughter to her first NBA game and she loved it! I would love to give it to her to keep her excitement about the game and the hobby!

  115. Tim Morley 26 February, 2013 at 21:27

    Tim Morley, 1712 Beech Street, Normal, IL 61761 at Isaiah Thomas is my favorite basketball player of all time. Damian Lillard is on the cover of the March 2013 Basketball Beckett. Michael Jordan was on the cover of the very first basketball Beckett. I would whistle the Harlem Globetrotter song for 5 hours straight to win this terrific card!

  116. YUNG-CHIANG CHO 28 February, 2013 at 05:29
    2.Charles Barkley
    3.Michael Jordan
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.If I win this card, I’ll show the most favorable card of my collections to all my friends, let them know how lucky am I, and how precious the card is.

  117. ERIC MATERNA 28 February, 2013 at 21:33

    1.Eric Materna,North Judson Indiana,
    2.Michael Jordan
    3.Damian Lillard
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.If I won this card- I have sold on Ebay for 13 years with the same name. I would change my username to anything you want. It would never be sold,but I would forever enshrine your company with the honor to change my username.

  118. William Clough 1 March, 2013 at 19:55

    I’ve been a sports fan for about 3 decades now and have always enjoyed the sports card hobby. The name of mall time favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan. the current Beckett which presents this contest is Michael Jordan February 2013, and the 1st basketball player issued to the first basketball Beckett is Michael Jordan as well.I have always admired Larry Bird and to win his autograph alone would be something i couldn’t imagine, but to win a Bird/Jordan Autograph, holy cow would I flip out beyond control. I would spontaneously com bust from the inside out and would probably scream so loud it would inflict pain on me, and probably any ears in the vicinity, not on purpose to any ill intentions of course. This would literally be as good and exciting for me to win this contest as some one else to win the lottery. This is my lottery! I have never won anything of any significance, nor things handed to me in life, but this would make up for all of that and then some! MJ The single greatest basketball player of all time! the basketball G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) !!

  119. Jeff Ivins Jr. 2 March, 2013 at 16:48

    1. Jeff ivins from pleasant grove, Utah
    2. My favorite player all time is Jordan, and favorite currently is Durant
    3. Jordan
    4. Jordan
    5. I would love to display it with my magic auto, those three did more than any three guys for the game in my 30 years as a fan.

  120. Chris Phee - Halifax, Nova Scotia 2 March, 2013 at 21:40

    1. Chris Phee – Halifax, Nova Scotia –
    2. Fav. player – Michael Jordan (past) – Tim Duncan (present)
    3. This issueColin Kaepernick
    4. First Issue Michael jordan
    Growing up, my father was a huge Celtics fan, my brother loved the Lakers, and I was obsessed with the Bulls. I can`t count the number of arguements we had during the regular season games and playoffs. As much as we agrued, those were some of the best moments we shared.
    Presently, we still collect cards of the sports, however the Jordan autograph is yet to make it either of our collections. If I were to win this card, rather than keep it for myself, I would pass it on to my father for fathers day. As much as he disliked seeing the Cetics lose to the Bulls, he did appriciate the rivalry between the two teams.

  121. kevin beresford 3 March, 2013 at 19:22

    kevin beresford, new britain,ct,06051 2,larry bird.3,damianlillard,4.michael jordan.5,I would shave my whole body be inspired to coach basketball,play the lotto,buy some exqusite boxes mabey a case,and then save the card in a saftey security box for my kids,actually I would have to display thisn its amazing art,cant wait to get the card it asked me who was on the cover of the march issue

  122. Tyler Young 4 March, 2013 at 11:03

    1. Tyler Young, Amarillo, TX
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Damian Lilliard
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Wear a Paul Pierce jersey for a full day

  123. Randy Taylor Torrance Ca 4 March, 2013 at 11:49

    Kobe Bryant
    Damian Lillard
    Michael jordan

    I would wear a Boston celtics jersey in the heart of Los Angeles.

  124. Indra Nursewan 5 March, 2013 at 10:05

    1. Indra S. Nursewan, Palembang Indonesia,
    2. Shaquille O’Neal
    3. Damian Lillard
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would go ahead and spend $40,000 to have my both kneecaps repaired and start playing basketball again

  125. matthew demars 5 March, 2013 at 23:05

    1.Matthew Demars.Traverse city Michigan
    2. Isaiah Thomas
    3.Anthony Davis
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will donate 100 hrs in 4 months of charity/ community service in my area of Beckett s choosing.

  126. Michael Swanson 7 March, 2013 at 13:59

    Michael Swanson
    Michael Jordan Favorite Player
    Michael Jordan Feburay cover
    Michael Jordan
    sing the star spangle banner in public

  127. Dale E. McPherson Jr GCB, SC 29576 7 March, 2013 at 18:12

    2. Michael Jordan 3. Anthony Davis 4. Michael Jordan ball in hands attempting to shoot.
    5. What I would do to win this Awesome piece, or show Mr. Chris
    Olds? Well Sir I am not a Computer Guro, so competing with this younger generation, the playing field is not the same. I can say / show you how I have been a Beckett Customer of all three of your Sport Beckett’s and SCM’s for over the past 25 years. I have clean Basketball & Football & Baseball Beckett’s to prove it. Also a repeat customer of your grading department. If this medically disabled United States Marine won this awesome Piece, I would have Beckett grade it of course and I will enjoy it along with my 3 grown girls that have grown up collecting with Dad and I / we have never come close to winning any thing close to this. The piece will than go into our collection. To be handed down, to their children after I’m long gone. Thank you for this Awesome Opportunity Mr. Chris Olds.

  128. Camron Thissen 8 March, 2013 at 10:18

    1. Camron Thissen, Sacramento, CA,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Damian Lillard
    4.Michael Jordan
    5. I would sprinkle rose pedals on the ground as I carried it into my home. I would then replace my wedding photo with it and hang it proudly on my wall.

  129. Sarah Deptula, Powell, OH 8 March, 2013 at 18:28

    1. Sarah Deptula, Powell, OH,
    2. Michal Jordan
    3. Damian Lillard
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I used to be a Cleveland Cavs season ticket holder when LeBron James was in his rookie year, and a couple years afterwards. I did get some awesome autographs during that time, including a few LBJ’s during his first year….I would sell all of them! If I won the card, I would give it to my 8 year old son. He is a huge basketball fan!

  130. Jared Fagan 8 March, 2013 at 21:08

    1.Jared Fagan Morgantown,WV
    2.Russel Westbrook
    3.Damian Lillard
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.To win, I would go anywhere, do anything or even play Mj himself for the card. And it would be worth it because I would have this awesome card.

  131. Larry Leuman 9 March, 2013 at 21:47

    Larry Leuman
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    Colin Kapernick
    Michael Jordan
    well since retirement is only like 10-15 years away for me i’d put away for the next 10 years or so and let the value increase then sell it and use the money i get for it for retirement…..either that or pass it down to a relitave and keep it in the family

  132. KEN SPENCER 12 March, 2013 at 19:13

    OK maybe not my face I have to go to work lol but some where visible :)

  133. Marcus Malloy 12 March, 2013 at 20:56

    1Michael Jordan
    2Bill Russell
    3Magic Johnson
    4Larry Bird
    5 I would tour Indiana wearing a Patrick Ewing jersey with the Spike Lee addition Jordan sneakers, and document my quest to see how many Pacer fans actually watched any Spike Lee joint…

  134. Mark Robertson 12 March, 2013 at 22:34

    1. Mark Robertson, Rochester New Hampshire,
    2. Bill Russell…..11 Rings
    3. Colin Kaepernick, The Hits Issue
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would stand in line for days just to meet Michael. I’ve tried at the Hall of Fame but haven’t come close. Guess I’ll have to get together with Bugs Bunny…After Space Jam I bet he has his number.

  135. nick gauder 13 March, 2013 at 12:35

    #1. My name is Nick Gauder, I live in Columbus Ohio and my email is #2My favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan! #3. Collin Kaepernick is on the cover of BSCM I’m reading. #4. Michael Jordan was on the very first Basketball Beckett. #5. I would probably do just about ANYTHING to win this card as long as it wouldn’t involve hurting anyone, if I hurt myself that would be OK, because that’s how much and how bad I want to win this AMAZING card! Thank you Beckett for this great contest! Keep up the great work Chris Olds and everybody else at Beckett!

  136. Mike Estrich 15 March, 2013 at 16:56

    1. Mike Estrich Erie,PA
    2. Favorite Player: Tie between Larry Bird and Clyde Drexler
    3. Damian Lillard is on the cover with cards of Durant, Davis, Jordan and Bird being highlighted
    4. Michael Jordan was on the first cover of Beckett Basketball (used to own that issue)
    5. To win I would go to a Cleveland Cavaliers game (1.5 hours away) wearing a Lebron James jersey and cheer for him the entire game as if he was still playing for them!! If I make it out alive, I would proudly put the card in my man cave, then drive to the hospital to tend to my wounds.

  137. J.J. Hernandez 17 March, 2013 at 17:22

    1. J.J. Hernandez, San Lorenzo, CA
    2. Favorite Player: Michael Jordan and Monta Ellis
    3. Damian Lillard is on the recent cover.
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. To win the card I would wear a Kobe jersey to every Golden State Warriors home game and I’m not a Kobe fan.

  138. jose rodriguez 21 March, 2013 at 22:41

    Michael is the best i’ve always idolized him and i played like him in high school.

  139. Jarrett Rozzi 23 March, 2013 at 14:06

    1. Jarrett Rozzi Martinsville, IN
    2. Ray Allen
    3. Damian Lillard
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would stroll through Boston with a Miami Heat Ray Allen jersey on wear it to their next home game.

  140. Richard Hernandez 25 March, 2013 at 21:08

    1.Richard Hernandez,Indiana,
    2.Michael Jordan
    3.Michael Jordan
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.To win this card,I will get a beckett tattoo anywhere on my body

  141. Mark 28 March, 2013 at 17:48

    1. Mark Hallett – Melbourne, Australia –

    2. Kyrie Irving

    3. Kevin Durant, Jeremy Lin, James Harden, Dwayne Wade

    4. Michael Jordan

    5. I’d open a card shop just to showcase it

  142. Chris Matthews 29 March, 2013 at 14:57

    1. Chris Matthews, Clementon, NJ 08021,, contact me via email or just COME BY!
    2. Current: Tim Duncan, Past: Julius Erving
    3. Colin Kaepernick
    4. Michael Jordan of course…I have it!
    5. To win this card, I would repay by paying it forward and giving away hundreds of cards to others, especially kids who can’t afford some of the more expensive packs. That way everyone wins. Either way, so cool you are doing this!

  143. John Wagner 30 March, 2013 at 09:31

    1.john Wagner / oil city, pa /
    2.michael Jeffrey Jordan
    3.kevin Durant/ James harden/
    small pics of Jeremy Lin and Dwayne wade
    4.michael Jordan
    5.not sure how to post a video from my iPhone but to answer it I’d do anything you asked or could imagine. I am a huge Jordan fan and would absolutely die to get a Jordan auto. I collect everything Jordan from clothes, shoes
    Magazines , cups from McDonald’s , toys movies, jerseys , cards and well everything I can find. So I plead with you to look in your heart and award me this awesome card. Thanks for reading John

  144. Jordan Johnson 31 March, 2013 at 23:37

    1) Jordan (named after micheal Jeffery Jordan) Johnson / dover ar/

    2) the G.O.A.T. = His Airness = Micheal Jeffery Jordan

    3) Kevin Durant, James Harden

    4) once again the greatest of all time micheal Jordan

    5) I would never speak again in my entire life if this card was to grace my presence!

  145. Simon Gutierrez 1 April, 2013 at 18:07

    1. Simon Gutierrez 2217 Burr Oak Avenue, North Riverside Illinois,
    2. Michael Jordan.
    3. Anthony Davis is on the cover of the January Issue which i am using.
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I’d start going to church every sunday

  146. Jesse Bartels 4 April, 2013 at 18:39

    1. Jesse Bartels Hamilton, Montana
    2. Damian Lillard
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will dress up as Miley Cyrus and lip sing “party in the USA” infront of my whole school along with putting this card through generations of my family! Ask for video if needed of proof!

  147. Jesse Bartels 4 April, 2013 at 18:43

    1. Jesse Bartels Hamilton, Montana
    2. Damian Lillard
    3. Damian Lillard
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I will dress up as Miley Cyrus and lip sing “party in the USA” infront of my whole school along with putting this card through generations of my family! Ask for video if needed of proof!

  148. Garry Chernoff 5 April, 2013 at 17:49

    1. Garry C, LI, NY
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Kevin Durant, James Harden and Jeremy Lin
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Anything Chris Olds wants me to do or go 1 round with Mike Tyson or post “Chris Olds from Beckett rules” on the jumbo tron in Times Square

  149. KaoSio Saechao 6 April, 2013 at 01:11

    1. KaoSio Saechao, Novato, CA,
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis on the January issue
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. I would volunteer at a non-profit for the rest of my life.

  150. Tom Waldron 7 April, 2013 at 21:22

    1 Tom Waldron Roanoke,va
    2. Mr Michael Jordan
    3. Anthony Davis -covr 2013 bkt jan issue
    4. Michael Jordan 1st Beckett basketball
    5. hard to say I mean MY house address is 4523 1st house ever and last (can’t leave with those numbers)
    Named my dog Michael Jordan because he get’s AIR and his tounge sticks out when he flies (just amazing I can send pic)
    I suppose I can shave 23 in both my 2 dogs furr
    I knew Jordan was my son’s fav when he was a toddler he would dunk his bottle in a baby hoop while wearing a 23 jersey I will paint a 23 on my roof top and on my chest and I would stop whinning about how Beckett get all the good stuff in it’s BOX BREAkS I would be very gratefull to even have a chance and I would post it everywhere …
    thanks again Tom Waldron

  151. chrisolds 9 April, 2013 at 17:48

    A winner will be selected later this week or early next week. I have to finish other work and then look at all of the entries.

  152. Frank W 25 April, 2013 at 10:22

    Hate to bug, but was winner notified?
    Or will this be one of the biggest surprises of his or her life?

  153. chrisolds 29 April, 2013 at 10:03

    The winner has been notified and the card will be mailed this week. Winner is actually noted in comments above.

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