Color Enhanced: How 1941 Play Ball Baseball Cards Threw Collectors a Curve


In 1941, most of the country was fixated on World War II. With terror and tragedy engulfing so much of the world, baseball cards, expectedly, were placed on the back burner. Card issues had dried up after a 1930s’ boom with Goudey leading the charge during that time period. By 1940, few cards were being produced and the war is viewed as a primary reason why. Goudey issued one final baseball set in 1941 before calling it quits and a company called Gum, Inc. had control of the baseball card market. The Gum, Inc. name might not sound too familiar…

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Anson Whaley

A lifelong collector, Anson’s collecting focus is on pre-war sports cards and in building sets. He’s also a closet Dwight Gooden and wrestling Rookie Card collector. Got a question or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @PreWarCards or @GoodenCollector.

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