First look/checklist: 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Autographs (updated with insert odds)

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Here’s your first look at an actual 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph Prospects card (No. BDPP112) and a pack-confirmed checklist for the 18 cards.

Look for a box breakdown here.

Chrome autographs:

BDPP111 Wilmer Flores New York Mets
BDPP112 Lonnie Chisenhall Cleveland Indians
BDPP113 Carlos Gutierrez Minnesota Twins
BDPP114 Derek Holland Texas Rangers
BDPP115 Michael Stanton Florida Marlins
BDPP116 Ike Davis New York Mets
BDPP117 Anthony Hewitt Philadelphia Phillies
BDPP118 Gordon Beckham Chicago White Sox
BDPP119 Daniel Schlereth Arizona Diamondbacks
BDPP120 Zach Collier Philadelphia Phillies
BDPP121 Evan Frederickson Milwaukee Brewers
BDPP122 Mike Montgomery Kansas City Royals
BDPP123 Cody Adams Milwaukee Brewers
BDPP124 Brad Hand Florida Marlins
BDPP125 Josh Reddick Boston Red Sox
BDPP126 Michel Inoa Oakland Athletics
BDPP127 Jesus Montero New York Yankees
BDPP128 Buster Posey San Francisco Giants

UPDATE: Here are the odds for additional inserts.
Blue base card parallel: 1:19
Red base card (1/1) parallel: 1:6,025
Chrome Xfractor: 1:38
Blue Refractor: 1:76
Gold Refractor: 1:150
Orange Refractor: 1:301
Red Refractor: 1:1,518
Superfractor: 1:6,025
Printing plate: 1:750
Autograph Chrome Rookie Variation: 1:627
Autograph Chrome Rookie Variation Refractor: 1:2,000
Autograph Chrome Rookie Variation Gold Refractor: 1:3,965
Autograph Chrome Rookie Variation Orange Refractor: 1:7,962
Autograph Chrome Rookie Variation Red Refractor: 1:39,000
Autograph Chrome Rookie Variation: Superfractor 1:189,500
Autograph Chrome Prospect 1:38
Autograph Chrome Prospect Refractor 1:118
Autograph Chrome Prospect Xfractor 1:270
Autograph Chrome Prospect Blue Refractor: 1:396
Autograph Chrome Prospect Gold Refractor: 1:1,258
Autograph Chrome Prospect Orange Refractor 1:2,700
Autograph Chrome Prospect Red Refractor 1:11,017
Autograph Chrome Prospect Superfractor 1:55,736
AFLAC Autograph 1:215
Autograph Rookie Variation Printing Plates: 1:49,870
Autograph Chrome Prospect Printing Plates: 1:13,732

Note: Futures Game Jersey Variation and Signs of the Future cards are listed on the in-pack checklists, but are not listed on hobby pack odds. (Likely a retail-only set.)

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