First Look: 2014 National Treasures Football



By David Lee | Beckett Football Editor

One of the most anticipated football card products every year is ready for its ninth release. Since 2006, National Treasures has built an incredibly strong brand. In fact, in the February issue of Beckett Football, we ranked the 10 current strongest brands in the hobby, considering things such as name recognition, innovation, secondary market strength and overall influence. National Treasures ranked No. 2.

The 2014 release promises to bring the high quality and deep checklist of stars and legends collectors have come to expect from the product. There are eight cards per box and four boxes per case. Each box contains (on average), two base, rookies and/or legends cards, three autographs and three memorabilia cards.

Just some of the highlights include more autographed patch rookie cards, team-oriented cards, booklet patch autographed cards, several different pieces of memorabilia including logos, NFL shield and laundry tags. There are also 75 different cut signature cards of NFL legends. Other on-card autographed cards include Notable Nicknames, Jumbo Colossal Jersey Number Patches, Colossal Brand Logo Signatures and NFL Shields. Here are some of the individual set highlights (and images):

Quick Facts
Releasing: Early April
8 Cards per box
4 Boxes per case
Each box contains (on average): 2 base, rookies and/or legends cards, 3 autographs and 3 memorabilia cards

On-card Rookie Century Materials Signatures
These feature Jumbo Prime Swatches numbered to 99 or less, plus these parallels:
Rookie Century Materials Signatures Silver numbered to 25 or less.
Rookie Century Materials Signatures Gold numbered to 10 or less.
Rookie Century Materials Signatures Black numbered to 5 or less.
Rookie Century Materials Signatures Numbers numbered to 99 or less.
Eight additional 1 of 1 parallels including Printing Plates.

Legendary Teams
The rich histories and intense rivalry of the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears are celebrated in these inserts. Green Bay Greats features Packer legends in both autograph and memorabilia card sets. Windy City Warriors highlights the Bears legends. Here is how they break down:
Green Bay Greats Memorabilia, numbered to 99 or less
Green Bay Greats Memorabilia Prime, numbered to 5 or less
Green Bay Greats Autographs, numbered to 99 or less
Green Bay Greats Autographs Black, numbered to 5 or less
Windy City Warriors Memorabilia, numbered to 99 or less
Windy City Warriors Memorabilia Prime, numbered to 5 or less
Windy City Warriors Autographs, numbered to 99 or less
Windy City Warriors Autographs Black, numbered to 5 or less

Colossal Pro Bowl Materials
These cards feature oversized Pro Bowl jersey swatches with patch variations numbered to 50 or less. Conference Logo Patches, Team Logo Patches and Pro Bowl Trophy Logo Patches are all numbered to 12 or less.

panini-america-2014-national-treasures-football-peyton-manning-demaryius-thomas panini-america-2014-national-treasures-football-johnny-manziel-jpg panini-america-2014-national-treasures-football-brett-favrepanini-america-2014-national-treasures-football-dez-bryant  panini-america-2014-national-treasures-football-andrew-luck


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  1. Charlie DiPietro 17 February, 2015 at 13:00

    The collecting public decides the worth of any card when they buy it or choose not to buy it. As for 2014 Contenders Football, while the number of parallels, variations and 1/1s may be overwhelming for some collectors, the demand is there as reflected in the selling prices on eBay.

    Some may feel, the number of 1/1s in National Treasures Football is a bad thing. Others welcome the opportunity to buy or pull a 1/1 or their favorite stars and rookies. I am sure there are more than eight people who would love one of these eight different 1/1s for each player.

    I look forward to the arrival of 2014 National Treasures Football. But for today, IMMACULATE will take the football collecting to new heights on Wednesday. Can’t wait.

  2. Mike Pereira 17 February, 2015 at 19:22

    Larry is completely on point.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I know people say collecting isn’t about how much a card is worth but if that is true than why are the prices on these products so high. Are we to keep our mouths shut and just pay these box prices for event worn patches and god awful signatures or else be called a greedy prospector and not a true collector??

    If value and quality in a product isn’t a demand from a collector to these manufactures then, by all means spend the $350 to get a Mike Davis auto and a Seatrunk event worn patch.

  3. rick 26 May, 2015 at 13:14

    After seeing the Dallas Cowboys Americas Team cards the haters feel like a baseball bat is cracking on their head 24/7!!! lol

  4. Allen 29 March, 2016 at 12:25

    Panini 2015 National Treasures has 31 new Dallas Cowboys players with the dreaded words ‘Americas Team” branded on them. Opposing fans must feel the heat. There are now over 200 different cards featuring Cowboys players with Americas Team stamped on the front! Topps got the ball rolling in 93 featuring a 14 card set.

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