First look: 2013-14 In The Game’s Lord Stanley’s Mug hockey cards


By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Hockey Editor

The biggest celebration in hockey happens when a player finally gets to hold The Stanley Cup Trophy high above his head. There might be no greater moment in hockey.

In The Game is celebrating hockey’s championship with 2013-14 Lord Stanley’s Mug.

There will be 12 cards in every box with three game-used memorabilia cards and two autographs.

The base set includes 100 cards. One of the inserts highlights the history of the Stanley Cup, and there will be one of these cards in every box.

The autograph checklist includes Bernie Parent, Bryan Trottier, Chris Chelios, Dominik Hasek, Gordie Howe, Guy Lafleur, Jaromir Jagr, Mario Lemieux and Patrick Roy. Most of the signers will have cards on different designs featuring them on cards depicting their different titles.

For example, Steve Yzerman will have three autograph cards one for the titles with Detroit in 1996-97, 1997-98 and 2001-02.

2013-14 In The Game’s Lord Stanley’s Mug is scheduled to come out May 2. Check back for images of the product when they become available.

See below for a preliminary checklist.

Preliminary Base Card checklist
1 Sid Abel
2 Glenn Anderson
3 Syl Apps
4 Bill Barber
5 Bill Barilko
6 Tom Barrasso
7 Bob Baun
8 Ed Belfour
9 Jean Beliveau
10 Clint Benedict
11 Toe Blake
12 Mike Bossy
13 Frank Boucher
14 Raymond Bourque
15 Johnny Bower
16 Frank Brimsek
17 Turk Broda
18 Guy Carbonneau
19 Gerry Cheevers
20 Chris Chelios
21 King Clancy
22 Dit Clapper
23 Bobby Clarke
24 Paul Coffey
25 Charlie Conacher
26 Yvan Cournoyer
27 Corey Crawford
28 Alex Delvecchio
29 Cy Denneny
30 Bill Durnan
31 Phil Esposito
32 Peter Forsberg
33 Grant Fuhr
34 Charlie Gardiner
35 Bernie Geoffrion
36 Glenn Hall
37 Doug Harvey
38 Dominik Hasek
39 Tim Horton
40 Gordie Howe®
41 Bobby Hull
42 Brett Hull
43 Jaromir Jagr
44 Aurel Joliat
45 Red Kelly
46 Ted Kennedy
47 Dave Keon
48 Jari Kurri
49 Elmer Lach
50 Guy Lafleur
51 Newsy Lalonde
52 Guy Lapointe
53 Igor Larionov
54 Jacques Lemaire
55 Mario Lemieux
56 Nicklas Lidstrom
57 Ted Lindsay
58 Al MacInnis
59 Rick MacLeish
60 Frank Mahovlich
61 Lanny McDonald
62 Howie Meeker
63 Mark Messier
64 Stan Mikita
65 Mike Modano
66 Dickie Moore
67 Howie Morenz
68 Antti Niemi
69 Joe Nieuwendyk
70 Frank Nighbor
71 Bob Nystrom
72 Chris Osgood
73 Bernie Parent
74 Lester Patrick
75 Jacques Plante
76 Denis Potvin
77 Mark Recchi
78 Henri Richard
79 Maurice Richard
80 Larry Robinson
81 Art Ross
82 Patrick Roy
83 Joe Sakic
84 Serge Savard
85 Terry Sawchuk
86 Milt Schmidt
87 Dave Schultz
88 Teemu Selanne
89 Eddie Shore
90 Billy Smith
91 Martin St. Louis
92 Nels Stewart
93 Cyclone Taylor
94 Tiny Thompson
95 J.C. Tremblay
96 Bryan Trottier
97 Rogie Vachon
98 Georges Vezina
99 Gump Worsley
100 Steve Yzerman

Preliminary Autograph checklist
A-AM Al MacInnis 1988-89 Calgary
A-AD1 Alex Delvecchio 1951-52 Detroit
A-AD2 Alex Delvecchio 1953-54 Detroit
A-AD3 Alex Delvecchio 1954-55 Detroit
A-BP1 Bernie Parent 1973-74 Philadelphia
A-BP2 Bernie Parent 1974-75 Philadelphia
A-BBA1 Bill Barber 1973-74 Philadelphia
A-BBA2 Bill Barber 1974-75 Philadelphia
A-BS1 Billy Smith 1979-80 New York
A-BS2 Billy Smith 1980-81 New York
A-BS3 Billy Smith 1981-82 New York
A-BS4 Billy Smith 1982-83 New York
A-BB1 Bob Baun 1961-62 Toronto
A-BB2 Bob Baun 1962-63 Toronto
A-BB3 Bob Baun 1963-64 Toronto
A-BB4 Bob Baun 1966-67 Toronto
A-BN1 Bob Nystrom 1979-80 New York
A-BN2 Bob Nystrom 1980-81 New York
A-BN3 Bob Nystrom 1981-82 New York
A-BN4 Bob Nystrom 1982-83 New York
A-BC1 Bobby Clarke 1973-74 Philadelphia
A-BC2 Bobby Clarke 1974-75 Philadelphia
A-BH Bobby Hull 1960-61 Chicago
A-BT1 Bryan Trottier 1979-80 New York
A-BT2 Bryan Trottier 1980-81 New York
A-BT3 Bryan Trottier 1981-82 New York
A-BT4 Bryan Trottier 1982-83 New York
A-BT5 Bryan Trottier 1990-91 Pittsburgh
A-BT6 Bryan Trottier 1991-92 Pittsburgh
A-CH1 Charlie Hodge 1955-56 Montreal
A-CH2 Charlie Hodge 1957-58 Montreal
A-CH3 Charlie Hodge 1958-59 Montreal
A-CH4 Charlie Hodge 1959-60 Montreal
A-CH5 Charlie Hodge 1964-65 Montreal
A-CH6 Charlie Hodge 1965-66 Montreal
A-CC1 Chris Chelios 1985-86 Montreal
A-CC2 Chris Chelios 2001-2002 Detroit
A-CC3 Chris Chelios 2007-2008 Detroit
A-CO1 Chris Osgood 1996-97 Detroit
A-CO2 Chris Osgood 1997-98 Detroit
A-CO3 Chris Osgood 2007 – 2008 Detroit
A-CCR Corey Crawford 2012-2013 Chicago
A-DMC1 Darren McCarty 1996-97 Detroit
A-DMC2 Darren McCarty 1997-98 Detroit
A-DMC3 Darren McCarty 2001-2002 Detroit
A-DMC4 Darren McCarty 2007 – 2008 Detroit
A-DK1 Dave Keon 1961-62 Toronto
A-DK2 Dave Keon 1962-63 Toronto
A-DK3 Dave Keon 1963-64 Toronto
A-DK4 Dave Keon 1966-67 Toronto
A-DS1 Dave Schultz 1973-74 Philadelphia
A-DS2 Dave Schultz 1974-75 Philadelphia
A-DP1 Denis Potvin 1979-80 New York
A-DP2 Denis Potvin 1980-81 New York
A-DP3 Denis Potvin 1981-82 New York
A-DP4 Denis Potvin 1982-83 New York
A-DSA1 Derek Sanderson 1969-70 Boston
A-DSA2 Derek Sanderson 1971-72 Boston
A-DD1 Dick Duff 1961-62 Toronto
A-DD2 Dick Duff 1962-63 Toronto
A-DD3 Dick Duff 1964-65 Montreal
A-DD4 Dick Duff 1965-66 Montreal
A-DD5 Dick Duff 1967-68 Montreal
A-DD6 Dick Duff 1968-69 Montreal
A-DM1 Dickie Moore 1952-53 Montreal
A-DM2 Dickie Moore 1955-56 Montreal
A-DM3 Dickie Moore 1956-57 Montreal
A-DM4 Dickie Moore 1957-58 Montreal
A-DM5 Dickie Moore 1958-59 Montreal
A-DM6 Dickie Moore 1959-60 Montreal
A-DH1 Dominik Hasek 2001-2002 Detroit
A-DH2 Dominik Hasek 2007-2008 Detroit
A-EB Ed Belfour 1998-99 Dallas
A-EL1 Elmer Lach 1943-44 Montreal
A-EL2 Elmer Lach 1945-46 Montreal
A-EL3 Elmer Lach 1952-53 Montreal
A-FM1 Frank Mahovlich 1961-62 Toronto
A-FM2 Frank Mahovlich 1962-63 Toronto
A-FM3 Frank Mahovlich 1963-64 Toronto
A-FM4 Frank Mahovlich 1966-67 Toronto
A-FM5 Frank Mahovlich 1970-71 Montreal
A-FM6 Frank Mahovlich 1972-73 Montreal
A-GC1 Gerry Cheevers 1969-70 Boston
A-GC2 Gerry Cheevers 1971-72 Boston
A-GA1 Glenn Anderson 1983-84 Edmonton
A-GA2 Glenn Anderson 1984-85 Edmonton
A-GA3 Glenn Anderson 1986-87 Edmonton
A-GA4 Glenn Anderson 1987-88 Edmonton
A-GA5 Glenn Anderson 1989-90 Edmonton
A-GA6 Glenn Anderson 1993-94 NY Rangers
A-GHA Glenn Hall 1960-61 Chicago
A-GH1 Gordie Howe® 1949-50 Detroit
A-GH2 Gordie Howe® 1951-52 Detroit
A-GH3 Gordie Howe® 1953-54 Detroit
A-GH4 Gordie Howe® 1954-55 Detroit
A-GF1 Grant Fuhr 1983-84 Edmonton
A-GF2 Grant Fuhr 1984-85 Edmonton
A-GF3 Grant Fuhr 1986-87 Edmonton
A-GF4 Grant Fuhr 1987-88 Edmonton
A-GF5 Grant Fuhr 1989-90 Edmonton
A-GCA1 Guy Carbonneau 1985-86 Montreal
A-GCA2 Guy Carbonneau 1992-93 Montreal
A-GCA3 Guy Carbonneau 1998-99 Dallas
A-GL1 Guy Lafleur 1972-73 Montreal
A-GL2 Guy Lafleur 1975-76 Montreal
A-GL3 Guy Lafleur 1976-77 Montreal
A-GL4 Guy Lafleur 1977-78 Montreal
A-GL5 Guy Lafleur 1978-79 Montreal
A-GLA1 Guy Lapointe 1970-71 Montreal
A-GLA2 Guy Lapointe 1972-73 Montreal
A-GLA3 Guy Lapointe 1975-76 Montreal
A-GLA4 Guy Lapointe 1976-77 Montreal
A-GLA5 Guy Lapointe 1977-78 Montreal
A-GLA6 Guy Lapointe 1978-79 Montreal
A-HR1 Henri Richard 1955-56 Montreal
A-HR2 Henri Richard 1956-57 Montreal
A-HR3 Henri Richard 1957-58 Montreal
A-HR4 Henri Richard 1958-59 Montreal
A-HR5 Henri Richard 1959-60 Montreal
A-HR6 Henri Richard 1964-65 Montreal
A-HR7 Henri Richard 1965-66 Montreal
A-HR8 Henri Richard 1967-68 Montreal
A-HR9 Henri Richard 1968-69 Montreal
A-HR10 Henri Richard 1970-71 Montreal
A-HR11 Henri Richard 1972-73 Montreal
A-HM1 Howie Meeker 1946-47 Toronto
A-HM2 Howie Meeker 1947-48 Toronto
A-HM3 Howie Meeker 1948-49 Toronto
A-HM4 Howie Meeker 1950-51 Toronto
A-IL1 Igor Larionov 1996-97 Detroit
A-IL2 Igor Larionov 1997-98 Detroit
A-IL3 Igor Larionov 2001-2002 Detroit
A-JLA1 Jacques Laperriere 1964-65 Montreal
A-JLA2 Jacques Laperriere 1965-66 Montreal
A-JLA3 Jacques Laperriere 1967-68 Montreal
A-JLA4 Jacques Laperriere 1968-69 Montreal
A-JLA5 Jacques Laperriere 1970-71 Montreal
A-JLA6 Jacques Laperriere 1972-73 Montreal
A-JL1 Jacques Lemaire 1967-68 Montreal
A-JL2 Jacques Lemaire 1968-69 Montreal
A-JL3 Jacques Lemaire 1970-71 Montreal
A-JL4 Jacques Lemaire 1972-73 Montreal
A-JL5 Jacques Lemaire 1975-76 Montreal
A-JL6 Jacques Lemaire 1976-77 Montreal
A-JL7 Jacques Lemaire 1977-78 Montreal
A-JL8 Jacques Lemaire 1978-79 Montreal
A-JK1 Jari Kurri 1983-84 Edmonton
A-JK2 Jari Kurri 1984-85 Edmonton
A-JK3 Jari Kurri 1986-87 Edmonton
A-JK4 Jari Kurri 1987-88 Edmonton
A-JK5 Jari Kurri 1989-90 Edmonton
A-JJ1 Jaromir Jagr 1990-91 Pittsburgh
A-JJ2 Jaromir Jagr 1991-92 Pittsburgh
A-JB1 Jean Beliveau 1955-56 Montreal
A-JB2 Jean Beliveau 1956-57 Montreal
A-JB3 Jean Beliveau 1957-58 Montreal
A-JB4 Jean Beliveau 1958-59 Montreal
A-JB5 Jean Beliveau 1959-60 Montreal
A-JB6 Jean Beliveau 1964-65 Montreal
A-JB7 Jean Beliveau 1965-66 Montreal
A-JB8 Jean Beliveau 1967-68 Montreal
A-JB9 Jean Beliveau 1968-69 Montreal
A-JB10 Jean Beliveau 1970-71 Montreal
A-JWA1 Jim Watson 1973-74 Philadelphia
A-JWA2 Jim Watson 1974-75 Philadelphia
A-JKO1 Joe Kocur 1993-94 NY Rangers
A-JKO2 Joe Kocur 1996-97 Detroit
A-JKO3 Joe Kocur 1997-98 Detroit
A-JN1 Joe Nieuwendyk 1988-89 Calgary
A-JN2 Joe Nieuwendyk 1998-99 Dallas
A-JN3 Joe Nieuwendyk 2002-2003 New Jersey
A-JS1 Joe Sakic 1995-96 Colorado
A-JS2 Joe Sakic 2000-2001 Colorado
A-JW1 Joe Watson 1973-74 Philadelphia
A-JW1 Joe Watson 1973-74 Philadelphia
A-JW2 Joe Watson 1974-75 Philadelphia
A-JBO1 Johnny Bower 1961-62 Toronto
A-JBO2 Johnny Bower 1962-63 Toronto
A-JBO3 Johnny Bower 1963-64 Toronto
A-JBO4 Johnny Bower 1966-67 Toronto
A-JBU1 Johnny Bucyk 1969-70 Boston
A-JBU2 Johnny Bucyk 1971-72 Boston
A-LMC Lanny McDonald 1988-89 Calgary
A-LM1 Larry Murphy 1990-91 Pittsburgh
A-LM2 Larry Murphy 1991-92 Pittsburgh
A-LM3 Larry Murphy 1996-97 Detroit
A-LM4 Larry Murphy 1997-98 Detroit
A-LRO1 Larry Robinson 1972-73 Montreal
A-LRO2 Larry Robinson 1975-76 Montreal
A-LRO3 Larry Robinson 1976-77 Montreal
A-LRO4 Larry Robinson 1977-78 Montreal
A-LRO5 Larry Robinson 1978-79 Montreal
A-LRO6 Larry Robinson 1985-86 Montreal
A-MF Marc-Andre Fleury 2008-2009 Pittsburgh
A-ML1 Mario Lemieux 1990-91 Pittsburgh
A-ML2 Mario Lemieux 1991-92 Pittsburgh
A-MM1 Mark Messier 1983-84 Edmonton
A-MM2 Mark Messier 1984-85 Edmonton
A-MM3 Mark Messier 1986-87 Edmonton
A-MM4 Mark Messier 1987-88 Edmonton
A-MM5 Mark Messier 1989-90 Edmonton
A-MM6 Mark Messier 1993-94 NY Rangers
A-MR1 Mark Recchi 1990-91 Pittsburgh
A-MR2 Mark Recchi 2005-06 Carolina
A-MR3 Mark Recchi 2010-11 Boston
A-MST Martin St. Louis 2003-2004 Tampa Bay
A-MMC1 Marty McSorley 1986-87 Edmonton
A-MMC2 Marty McSorley 1987-88 Edmonton
A-MB1 Mike Bossy 1979-80 New York
A-MB2 Mike Bossy 1980-81 New York
A-MB3 Mike Bossy 1981-82 New York
A-MB4 Mike Bossy 1982-83 New York
A-MS1 Milt Schmidt 1938-39 Boston
A-MS2 Milt Schmidt 1940-41 Boston
A-NL1 Nicklas Lidstrom 1996-97 Detroit
A-NL2 Nicklas Lidstrom 1997-98 Detroit
A-NL3 Nicklas Lidstrom 2001-2002 Detroit
A-NL4 Nicklas Lidstrom 2007-2008 Detroit
A-PR1 Patrick Roy 1985-86 Montreal
A-PR2 Patrick Roy 1992-93 Montreal
A-PR3 Patrick Roy 1995-96 Colorado
A-PR4 Patrick Roy 2000-2001 Colorado
A-PC1 Paul Coffey 1983-84 Edmonton
A-PC2 Paul Coffey 1984-85 Edmonton
A-PC3 Paul Coffey 1986-87 Edmonton
A-PC4 Paul Coffey 1990-91 Pittsburgh
A-PF1 Peter Forsberg 1995-96 Colorado
A-PF2 Peter Forsberg 2000-2001 Colorado
A-PE1 Phil Esposito 1969-70 Boston
A-PE2 Phil Esposito 1971-72 Boston
A-RB1 Ralph Backstrom 1958-59 Montreal
A-RB2 Ralph Backstrom 1959-60 Montreal
A-RB3 Ralph Backstrom 1964-65 Montreal
A-RB4 Ralph Backstrom 1965-66 Montreal
A-RB5 Ralph Backstrom 1967-68 Montreal
A-RB6 Ralph Backstrom 1968-69 Montreal
A-RBO Raymond Bourque 2000-2001 Colorado
A-RK1 Red Kelly 1949-50 Detroit
A-RK2 Red Kelly 1951-52 Detroit
A-RK3 Red Kelly 1953-54 Detroit
A-RK4 Red Kelly 1954-55 Detroit
A-RK5 Red Kelly 1961-62 Toronto
A-RK6 Red Kelly 1962-63 Toronto
A-RK7 Red Kelly 1963-64 Toronto
A-RK8 Red Kelly 1966-67 Toronto
A-RL Reggie Leach 1974-75 Philadelphia
A-RM1 Rick MacLeish 1973-74 Philadelphia
A-RM2 Rick MacLeish 1974-75 Philadelphia
A-RV1 Rogie Vachon 1967-68 Montreal
A-RV2 Rogie Vachon 1968-69 Montreal
A-RV3 Rogie Vachon 1970-71 Montreal
A-SN1 Scott Niedermayer 1994-95 New Jersey
A-SN2 Scott Niedermayer 1999-00 New Jersey
A-SN3 Scott Niedermayer 2002-2003 New Jersey
A-SN4 Scott Niedermayer 2006-2007 Anaheim
A-SM Stan Mikita 1960-61 Chicago
A-SS1 Steve Shutt 1972-73 Montreal
A-SS2 Steve Shutt 1975-76 Montreal
A-SS3 Steve Shutt 1976-77 Montreal
A-SS4 Steve Shutt 1977-78 Montreal
A-SS5 Steve Shutt 1978-79 Montreal
A-SY1 Steve Yzerman 1996-97 Detroit
A-SY2 Steve Yzerman 1997-98 Detroit
A-SY3 Steve Yzerman 2001-02 Detroit
A-TL1 Ted Lindsay 1949-50 Detroit
A-TL2 Ted Lindsay 1951-52 Detroit
A-TL3 Ted Lindsay 1953-54 Detroit
A-TL4 Ted Lindsay 1954-55 Detroit
A-TB1 Tom Barrasso 1990-91 Pittsburgh
A-TB2 Tom Barrasso 1991-92 Pittsburgh
A-WC1 Wayne Cashman 1969-70 Boston
A-WC2 Wayne Cashman 1971-72 Boston
A-YC1 Yvan Cournoyer 1964-65 Montreal
A-YC2 Yvan Cournoyer 1965-66 Montreal
A-YC3 Yvan Cournoyer 1967-68 Montreal
A-YC4 Yvan Cournoyer 1968-69 Montreal
A-YC5 Yvan Cournoyer 1970-71 Montreal
A-YC6 Yvan Cournoyer 1972-73 Montreal
A-YC7 Yvan Cournoyer 1975-76 Montreal
A-YC8 Yvan Cournoyer 1976-77 Montreal
A-YC9 Yvan Cournoyer 1977-78 Montreal
A-YC10 Yvan Cournoyer 1978-79 Montreal

Susan Lulgjuraj is an editor at Beckett Media. You can email her here with questions, comments or ideas. Follow her on Twitter here. Follow Beckett Media on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Roger Epperson 5 April, 2014 at 11:40

    the mug? brian price isn’t very creative. who calls the stanley cup a mug? what a dud

  2. David Brown 8 April, 2014 at 18:46

    You never heard of “drinking from Stanleys Mug” before? Anyways. From the look of the box I am guessing that the cards won’t be the only surprises in the box. It looks like those little stanley cups are going to be floating around again.

  3. Remembering Jackie 13 April, 2014 at 08:54

    It looks like “MUG” is a play on words since the faces “mugs” are on the cup.. Just a thought.

  4. Susan Lulgjuraj 16 April, 2014 at 14:32

    I am pretty sure ITG can’t use the “Stanley Cup.” Probably an NHL Properties thing.

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