First look: 2011 Bowman Sterling baseball cards


By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor

Topps unveiled the first looks and basic product information for 2011 Bowman Sterling on Thursday, giving collectors the first glimpses at the first cards of 2011 draft picks Trevor Bauer, Dante Bichette Jr. and more.

Sterling will pack two autographs, one Relic one Rookie Card and one prospect card in every pack when it arrives on Dec. 21.

Every six-pack box will include 12 autographs,  six USA Baseball or rookie Relics, one dual autograph limited to 299 or fewer copies as well as one dual-Relic box topper also limited to 299 or less.

New to the brand will be Canary Diamond 1/1s, while the typical array of Refractors (Red, Purple, Black, Gold and standard) will be included for the prospects autographs and for the dual autographs.

The USA Baseball presence in the product will include players from the Collegiate National and 18U National teams, while also in the set will be MLB Rookie Cards of Eric Hosmer, Dustin Ackley, Mike Moustakas and more.

Also new this year will be Rookie Relic cards — game-used and patch cards for players with the RC logo.

The Rookie Card portion of the basic set will consist of just 50 cards while the prospects checklist has not yet been finalized. Each of those sets will include printing plates, 1/1 Canary Diamond and 1/1 Red Refractors along with the other aforementioned colors of Refractors.

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  1. Adam Shoemaker 19 August, 2011 at 23:18

    Again, TOPPS STOP IT!!! The product would be enticing if they would dump the RC/Prospects theme for ‘hits’! Those are NOT ‘hits’. I know that Bowman is ‘the home of RC’s’, but they’ve become the home of nothing but prospect cards. I want veteran and ACTUAL RC hits, not a bunch of AU and GU cards of players that mostly won’t see the MLB ever. USA baseball cards are mostly useless to an actual collector. Those are only good for the prospectors’ who are buying something to sell something. I stopped buying Finest for almost the same reason. Finest used to be a great release until all the ‘hits’ were manufactured patches (AU’d or not). Stop with all the cards of draft picks (or make a specific set ONLY for them-ie. Topps DP&P). I will not buy boxes OR packs where the best thing I can pull is someone who was drafted from HS or College in the most recent draft. I want cards of ACTUAL MLB roster players!

  2. Adam H. 23 August, 2011 at 14:47

    I gotta disagree with Shoemaker. I’m all about getting the first cards of a player and getting them first is the name of the game for card companies, too. I’m also crazy about College baseball and USA cards, but then again, apparently I’m not an, “actual collector!” I would make a different argument, stop with all the friggin’ parallels! You have the color wheel of refractors plus a few extra. What’s the point? I know it’s easy to use the exact same card, change the color, and stamp a gold foil number on it but it’s gotten a little ridiculous. Let’s get back to our roots, please? (By roots I actually mean early 2000’s, when Bowman products actually kicked @$&.) Can I get an, “Amen” anybody???

  3. mike 23 August, 2011 at 23:01

    If you want GU and autos of “actual major leaguers”, Topps makes a million of those. Bowman Sterling is one of the very few really really good super high end Topps products.

  4. JOE DROZEK 3 November, 2011 at 11:54

    Bowman chrome…Why??? Do the cards curl? Especially the refractors? The chrome cards ‘rust’ or get a tarnish or maybe its oxidation after they come out of a pack. If they are not put into a sleeve immed. they curve and rust. And why so many specks of white dust. Don’t they sharpen their cutters when cards are cut. The dust or lint sticks to sleeves and top loaders. When you touch chrome cards oil from your fingers get on surface of cards and removing it will cause scratching! Should gloves come in every pack?

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