First look: 2011-12 Pinnacle Hockey


By Andrew Tolentino | Hockey Editor

Busy primping its pinnacle 2010-11 product (Dominion), Panini America managed to deliver details about its actual Pinnacle brand.

The manufacturer previewed 2011-12 Pinnacle, noting that “the longstanding staple will pack several new enhancements when it release[s] to the hobby.” In addition to the staples that make the staple, the forthcoming release will also include an Ice Breakers Rookie Card aesthetic with a Nufex twist, six-piece memorabilia cards dubbed “Starting 6 Threads” and rare-how-rare?-one-per-case-rare Pinnacle Black hits.

Each box of Panini’s sophomore-year Pinnacle product will yield:

  • Four Ice Breakers Rookie Cards
  • One Home Game Materials memorabilia card
  • One Pinnacle Threads memorabilia card
  • Two Tough Times inserts
  • Three Breakthroughs inserts
  • One Rink Collection parallel

Ice Breakers, Tough Times and Fans of the Game cards all fall in autograph form, and are critical components to the following Pinnacle case odds:

  • Six Team Pinnacle cards
  • Six Canvas Creations
  • Three prime memorabilia cards
  • Two Pinnacle Revolution inserts
  • Three Pinnacle Captains cards
  • Four Ice Breakers autographs
  • One Home Game Signatures autograph
  • One (hard-signed) Tough Times autograph
  • Two (hard-signed) Private Signings autographs
  • One Fans of the Game autograph

This time around for Fans of the Game cards, Panini has apparently traded teen heartthrob Justin Bieber for Alyssa Milano, Jamie Pressley, and used-to-be-teen-heartthrobs the Hanson Brothers.
2011-12 Pinnacle MMMDrops on hobby shelves in late November. Stay tuned to for further details.

Ryan Getzlaf on one of the six-per-case Team Pinnacle cards

Sidney Crosby is back ... at least on Panini's one-per-case Pinnacle Black hits.

Alex Ovechkin featured on a six-per-case Canvas Creations card.

Cody Hodgson showcased on an Ice Breakers Rookie Card.

Members from the championship Bruins team make for a menacing Starting 6 memorabilia hit.



  1. shotsavereboundscore 9 September, 2011 at 14:42

    nice looking stuff…the team pinnacle is pretty boring, but everything else looks awesome!

  2. Dan English 17 September, 2011 at 10:26

    Love the Canvas Creations and the Starting 6 is incredible for the price point of this product. I agree that the Team Pinnacle is boring. The others put this one on my buy list.

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