Element alert: 2011 Topps Platinum Football


By Andrew Tolentino | Football Editor

On the cusp of last night’s draft drama, Topps unveiled its elemental-appreciation product — 2011 Topps Football — to the collecting world.

Following the company’s summer ramp-up, Platinum will hit shelves in early September with newfound rookie clout and fresh product features. Brand-spankin’-new brand components include: on-card rookie autograph cards, rookie   Supreme-Sized patch cards, rookie autograph jumbo patch Refractor cards and Platinum die-cut cards.

Vexing Hexagraph autograph Rookie Cards — limited to 10,  showcasing six newcomer signatures — are sure to add some double-sided allure to this year’s release.

Each box of 2011 Platinum promises three hits and a per-pack perk: two on-card rookie Refractor autographs, one Refractor patch autograph and one Refractor Rookie Card in each pack.

The box, by the numbers

  • 20 packs per box
  • Five cards per pack (four veteran base cards, plus one Chrome Rookie Card)

Go beyond the break for more details and visual stimulation.

Platinum die-cut cards

  • 15 NFL rookies and 10 veterans as depicted on cardboard silhouettes

On-card autograph Rookie Cards

  • Desirable doppelgangers of the 50 base Rookie Cards, also available in new parallel versions such as:
    • Gold Refractors (numbered to 10)
    • White Refractors (numbered to 50)
    • Green Refractors (numbered to 399)

Multi-autograph Refractor Rookie Cards

  • Group-‘graphed grabs — replacing hard-signed autograph hits — numbered as follows:
    • Dual (numbered to 25)
    • Triple (numbered to 10)
    • Hexagraph (double-sided, numbered to 10)

Rookie autograph jumbo patch cards

  • Limited, signed, super-sized, rookie-worn patches — also appearing in parallels
    • Red Refractor NFL Shield (new, 1/1)
    • Superfractor (1/1)
    • Gold Refractor (numbered to 10)
    • White Refractor (new, numbered to 25)
    • Blue Refractor (numbered to 99)
    • Green Refractor (new, numbered to 199)

Rookie dual autograph dual patch cards

  • Rookie hits, paired and numbered to 25 on refractive cardboard

Autograph Platinum Patch cards

  • 25 rookies and five veterans featured alongside respective Supreme-sized player/game-worn jersey pieces (numbered to five)

Autograph veteran patch cards

  • 15 proven players showcased with signatures and game-used swatches on numbered and paralleled pulls:
    • Superfractor (1/1)
    • Gold Refractor (numbered to 10)
    • White Refractor (numbered to 25)

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  1. Adam Shoemaker 29 April, 2011 at 20:16

    They look just as nice as last year, but did Topps have to add several more parallels!?

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