Donruss examines NASA's history in new Americana set

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Donruss has taken its Americana line to new heights — into outer space — with an 18-card set documenting the history of NASA that is only available at a pair of Texas-based Presidential libaries.

The set is produced in partnership with the Beyond the Moon: NASA’s Continuing Mission exhibits showing at the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum in College Station and at the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum in Austin.

These are definitely not sports cards — but space memorabilia has always held a strong place in the collecting world. Want some examples?

Consider the interest in the recent Topps Co-Signers Moon Shots cards with astronaut autographs — and then go try and find a Neil Armstrong autograph on the open market …

The set is only available in the museum’s gift shops and examines several prominent missions in America’s history of space exploration with bold photographs on the card fronts and mission recaps on the card backs.

The LBJ Library program takes visitors through the early years of space exploration up until the first steps on the moon during the flight of Apollo 11. The Bush Library & Museum portion continues through the current space shuttle missions. The interactive exhibits include looks at NASA memorabilia as well as some space simulations.

For more information on the George Bush Presidential Library click here. For more on the LBJ Library, click here.

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