Collector Pulls $15,000 Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett Autograph Card, Selling for Charity


Jimmy Mahan had the pull of a lifetime, and he is using it to help give new life to others.

Mahan, who can be found on Twitter @KentuckyCards, pulled a one-of-one 2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks College Ties Prizms Black Mosaic Zion Williamson/R.J. Barrett card in October. The unveiling of the dual-signed card is available on Mahan’s social media.

For those who have not seen the video, it’s reminiscent of Christmas morning.

After flying to Dallas and getting the card graded by Beckett Grading Services (9.5), Mahan listed the card on eBay. The money from the auction will go to Crossnore School and Children’s Home, a non-profit organization aiding children in crisis in North Carolina.

The auction ends Wednesday, November 6.

Beckett Media caught up with Mahan to get his thoughts on the pull, the cause, the collecting community and more.

Beckett Media: What was going through your mind when you saw the Williamson/Barrett card?

Mahan: “I saw the back of it and thought, this has got to be auto. Everything starts going through your head. What do I do? It’s too much to jam through the mental pipe. I look up and the live chat is running like a stock ticker. It’s shock and awe. Your hands start shaking. It’s such a cool feeling to be transformed back to a chubby-face 9-year-old Jimmy again. That’s why we do it.”

BM: Let’s say the card sells for $15,000. What impact would that money have at Crossnore?

Mahan: “That would fund three children for a year. It takes just under $5,000 to care for a kid for a year. ($15,000) is going to change three kids’ lives generationally. A basketball card can generationally change the path of a child. I’ll sell it and give to that any day.”

BM: When did you decide to sell it and donate to Crossnore?

Mahan: “It hit me when I was in Dallas (to grade the card). The story had picked up steam, people commented about what a great story it was. The end of the story didn’t feel right. ‘Jimmy gets more stuff,’ didn’t seem like the right ending. Crossnore is never far from my heart. We have foster kids that come to us. We talk with them every day. So I thought, ‘Let’s put the spotlight on somebody else other than me.’ My wife, Cathy, was 100 percent on board.”

BM: What are your thoughts on the card collecting community as whole?

Mahan: “It varies from when I was a kid. You have so many more avenues to do it exactly the way you want. There is a community for everyone. There is robust market for everyone. There is so much more variety in card collecting. It is multilayered. So many avenues. There is so much personalization. You can do it the way you want. Now you can do it on an app, online, at a show, social media. It’s a whole new world. It’s extraordinarily connected.”

BM: Who is your favorite Kentucky player to make the NBA?

Mahan: “That’s a tough one. I would probably say Tayshaun Prince. Going to the finals and watching him was so much fun. I adored Jamal Mashburn. John Wall brought Kentucky back to prominence. But with Tayshaun, I saw that chase down block (vs. Reggie Miller and the Pacers in 2004 Eastern Conference Finals) in practice a million times. He is a good human being.”


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