Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 1993 Ted Williams Baseball


After celebrating Ted Williams’ birthday last week (August 30th), it only made sense to make this week’s #CheapWaxWednesday break a box of 1993 Ted Williams Baseball cards.

1993 Ted Williams Company Baseball Cards Box

1993 Ted Williams Baseball Box Break

Cards per pack: 12
Packs per box: 36
Price paid: $29

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Each box came with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Ted Williams Card Company produced 119,988 boxes in 1993.

Pack 1 highlights:

Juan Gonzalez, Steve Carlton, Monte Irvin, Ted Williams himself & Cubs/Tigers POG or milk cap card (one in every pack)

Pack 2:

Joe Morgan, Juan Gonzalez, Robin Roberts, Willie Mays, Luis Tiant & A’s/Clemente POG

Pack 3:

Jeff Bagwell, Carl Yastrzemski, James “Cool Papa” Bell, Johnny Bench, William “Judy” Johnson, Ted Williams, Al Kaline & Mets/Braves POG

Pack 4:

Don Drysdale, George Kell, Jim Gilliam, Monte Irvin, Willie Stargell, Yogi Berra, Minnie Minoso, Willie Mays, Juan Gonzalez & Browns/Brooklyn POG

Pack 5:

Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Orlando Cepeda, Buck Leonard, Luke Appling, Johnny “The Big Cat” Mize & Birmingham Black Barons/New York Cuban Stars POG

Pack 6:

Lou “The Iron Horse” Gehrig, Yogi Berra, Monte Irvin, Roberto Clemente Etched in Stone (1:9 packs) & Atlanta Black Crackers/Baltimore Elite Giants POG

Pack 7:

Couple of Don Newcombe cards, Warren Spahn, Juan Gonzalez, Joe Black, Lou Brock, Johnny Mize & Indians/KC A’s POG

Pack 8:

Luis Aparicio, Bob Gibson, Tony Perez Memories (1:6 packs), Willie “The Say Hey Kid” Mays, George Herman “The Babe” Ruth & Lou Gehrig/Yankees POG

Pack 9:

Willie Stargell, Monte Irvin, Minnie Minoso, Warren Spahn, dupe Ty “The Georgia Peach” Cobbs, Enos Slaughter & NY Giants/Milwaukee Braves POG

Pack 10:

Willie Mays (featuring his famous catch from the 1954 World Series in the background), Monte Irvin, Roy Campanella, Earl Weaver, Lou Brock, Richie Ashburn & A’s/Clemente POG

Pack 11:

Roy Campanella, Jeff Bagwell, Ferguson Jenkins, Satchel Paige, double Say Hey Kid cards, Joe Torre & Braves/Mets POG

Pack 12:

Yaz, Cool Papa Bell, Ted Williams, Johnny Bench, Bobby Bonds, Boog Powell, Tris “The Grey Eagle” Speaker, Maury Wills & Browns/Dodgers POG

Pack 13:

Bill Mazeroski, Jeff Bagwell, Carl Yastrzemski, another Bagwell, Duke Snider & Black Barons/Cuban Stars POG

Pack 14:

Larry Doby, Ralph Kiner, Lou Gehrig, Gaylord Perry, Whitey Ford, Tris Speaker & Crackers/Giants POG

Pack 15:

Monte Irvin, Yogi Berra, Willie Stargell, Roberto Clemente Etched in Stone (1:9 packs) & Indians/Athletics POG

Pack 16:

Ted Williams, Johnny Bench, Bob Gibson, Johnny Mize, Jeff Bagwell, Lou Brock Gene Locklear Collection (1:12 packs) & Giants/Braves POG

Pack 17:

Earl Weaver, Roy Campanella, The Babe, Ralph Kiner, “Gentleman Jim” Lonborg & Lou Gehrig/Ted Williams POG

Pack 18:

Monte Irvin, Minnie Minoso, Don Newcombe, Warren Spahn, Al Kaline, The Iron Horse & Expos/Padres 25th Anniversary POG

Pack 19:

Mel Parnell, Juan Gonzalez, Monte Irvin, Steve Carlton, Ted Williams & Cleveland Buckeyes/Detroit Stars POG

Pack 20:

Joe Morgan, Juan Gonzalez, Robin Roberts, Willie Mays, Luis Tiant, George Foster Memories (1:6 packs), Rogers Hornsby, Dotty Kamenshek All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (another subset in this product), Don Baylor & Marlins/Rockies Inaugural POG

Pack 21:

Yogi Berra, Willie Stargell, Monte Irvin, Minnie Minoso, Al Kaline, Lou Gehrig & All Star Game/World Series POG

Pack 22:

Yogi Berra, Willie Mays, Don Drysdale, Yogi Berra Gene Locklear Collection (1:12 packs) & NY Black Yankees/Homstead Grays POG

Pack 23:

Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Orlando Cepeda, Johnny Mize, Buck Leonard & Indianapolis ABCs/Harlem Stars POG

Pack 24:

Don Newcombe, Billy Herman, Warren Spahn, Willie Mays, Monte Irvin, Ty Cobb, Enos Slaughter, Roberto Clemente Etched in Stone (1:9 packs) & Louisville Black Caps/Philadelphia Stars POG

Pack 25:

Juan Gonzalez x2, Johnny Mize, Don Newcombe & Pirates/Cardinals POG

Pack 26:

Bob Gibson, Bobby Grich, Johnny Bench Memories (1:6 packs), Lou Boudreau, Babe Ruth & Yogi Berra/Roy Campanella POG

Pack 27:

Roy Campanella, Earl Weaver, Bill Mazeroski, Jeff Bagwell, Alice Hohlmeyer, Lester Lockett & Cubs/Tigers POG

Pack 28:

Willie Mays, Monte Irvin, Roy Campanella, Richie Ashburn, Jeff Bagwell, Gene Locklear Collection Checklist (1:12 packs) & Gehrig/Williams POG

Pack 29:

Roy Campanella, Jeff Bagwell, Fergie Jenkins, Joe Torre, Satchel Paige, Gaylord Perry, Whitey Ford & Dodgers/Campanella POG

Pack 30:

Willie Mays, Monte Irvin, Billy Williams, Roy Campanella, Ray Dandridge, Lester Lockett & Ted Williams POG

Pack 31:

Jeff Bagwell, Carl Yastrzemski, Duke Snider & Expos/Padres POG

Pack 32:

Larry Doby, Ralph Kiner, Lou Gehrig, Joe Morgan Memories (1:6 packs), Tris Speaker, another Kiner, Pepper Davis & Negro League POG

Pack 33:

Jeff Bagwell, Yaz, James Bell, Tris Speaker, Roberto Clemente Etched in Stone (1:9 packs) & Davis/Foster POG

Pack 34:

Earl Weaver, Roy Campanella, Babe Ruth, Tony Oliva, Jimmie “Double X” Foxx, Rogers “Rajah” Hornsby & Colt .45s/Yankees POG

Pack 35:

James Bell, Ted Williams, Johnny Bench, Bob Gibson, Johnny Mize, Jeff Bagwell & Reds/Royals POG

Pack 36:

Ted Williams, Johnny Bench, Maury Wills, Judy Johnson, Marge Wenzell & Twins/Red Sox POG

Lastly, a 1993 Ted Williams Baseball Ted Williams card back. Ted was an unbelievable hitter. Imagine those career numbers had he not missed three seasons early on due to his service during World War II.

Now you aren’t going to find any hits in these boxes. There are no super rare and valuable cards to be found, either. But, if you are a baseball nut like I am, and appreciate the history of the game, this product is a ton of fun to open!

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  1. Ken 5 September, 2019 at 15:22

    Not necessarily true about not getting a big hit. The Juan Gonzalez auto can go for decent money. I’m a Gonzalez super collector, and I haven’t seen one in years.

  2. Matt teel 6 September, 2019 at 02:30

    I think I might have some Juan Gonzalez card. I inherited a card collection ..I think there’s like ten thousand of them …I found some Nolan Ryan Jose canseco rookie they go back in the seventies on 90 something if you want I can see if I have Juan Gonzalez also have like Wade boggs Reggie Jackson Pete Rose Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire I could go on for days

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