Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 2002 Topps Gold Label Baseball


With last week’s release of 2019 Topps Gold Label, I thought it was fitting to share a break of 17-year-old 2002 Topps Gold Label Baseball.

2002 Topps Gold Label Baseball Hobby Box

2002 Topps Gold Label Baseball Box Break

Cards per pack: 4
Packs per box: 18
Price paid: $23

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Pack 1 highlights:

Craig Biggio & Ben Sheets

Pack 2:

Juan Gonzalez & Bret Saberhagen MLB Awards Ceremony Relics Gold Uniform (1 in every 38 packs)

The relics in this set had an interesting design as the relic can be seen from either side of the card.

Pack 3:

Edgar Martinez

Pack 4:

Freddy Garcia & D’Angelo Jimenez Class 2 Platinum (155/250) (1:13 packs)

Pack 5:

Sammy Sosa (mid home run hop), Mike Piazza & Mike Lowell

Pack 6:

Barry Bonds, Jason Bay (I was a big Jason Bay fan, especially when he came to the Red Sox) & Orlando Cabrera Class 1 Gold (361/500) (1:7 packs)

Pack 7:

Miguel Tejada

Pack 8:

Mike Cameron & Rich Aurilia

Pack 9:

Adam Dunn & Roger Cedeno Class 2 Platinum (138/250) (1:13 packs)

Pack 10:

Orlando Cabrera, David Cone & Derrek Lee Class 1 Gold (274/500) (1:7 packs)

Pack 11:

Dave Parker MLB Awards Ceremony Relics Gold Bat (1:32 packs)

Again, the bat relic can be seen from both sides of the card.

Pack 12:

David Eckstein, D’Angelo Jimenez, Hank Blalock & Phil Nevin

Pack 13:

Alfonso Soriano, Cliff Floyd & Bartolo Colon

Pack 14:

Torii Hunter & Mike Mussina (always fun to see an AL pitcher swinging the stick)

Pack 15:

Nomar Garciaparra, Roberto Alomar & Paul Konerko

Pack 16:

Jimmy Rollins & Roy Oswalt

Pack 17:

Jim Edmonds & Tim Hudson

Pack 18:

Pat Burrell, Johnny Damon & Mike Hampton Class 1 Gold #ed 012/500 (1:7 packs)

Finally, the Damon card back. Who doesn’t like Gold Nuggets?

I have always enjoyed Gold Label. It is typically a thicker card stock, and usually shiny as well. Fun stuff!

Obviously the 2019 version is much different from this one, with autographs to chase, but that doesn’t make the old stuff any less fun. After this 2002 release, Topps retired Gold Label until a comeback in 2016.

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  1. Joe Abrams 24 October, 2019 at 01:06

    I never cared for 2002 Gold Label because the COA on the back is confusing. The front says game used but the back say MLB Award Ceremony authentic game used. Which is it?

  2. Randy Johnson 24 October, 2019 at 11:46

    Topps was into that design for a while where they’d just plop the mem piece or swatch right in the middle of the card, no border or anything around it to make it even slightly appealing, LOL.

    I have a Jeff Bagwell jersey card from like 2002 Topps 10 Baseball that has a floating swatch like that.

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