Box Busters Preview Gallery: 2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition Football

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The Beckett Box Busters crew on Tuesday afternoon got its hands on a few boxes of 2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition, the company’s second 2010 product that goes live today and delivers seven on-card autographs and three memorabilia cards per box.

The episode of Box Busters will be live later today. Until then, here are some initial thoughts and a sampling of the hits that came from a second box — taken from manufacturing line No. 7 at 7: 15 a.m. on April 22 according to a production sticker affixed to the front of the box.

Portrait Edition is equipped with a minimalistic, clean aesthetic and appealing photography that seems somewhat antiseptic without college logos. The latter is a minor critique, and one collectors will have to get used to given Upper Deck’s exclusive agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company.

Press Pass’ continued insistence on on-card signatures for its football products simply can’t be undersold. Even though we know it’s coming, there’s still a distinct, tangible appeal to pulling a card that’s been autographed (and held and touched by the player doing the signing) as opposed to a card that has a sticker that’s been autographed.

All companies know this, and all are striving to improve the odds. But Press Pass continues to deliver, a feat that’s no doubt easier to accomplish with just two or three products a year, but a feat nonetheless.

Only the product’s autographed memorabilia cards incorporate stickers, but there’s a reason for that.

“We only used stickers on the memorabilia cards, and it was to keep from having to drop redemption cards in as those cards are being built right up to the start of pack-out,” said Nick Matijevich, Press Pass’ Director of Product Development.

Portrait Edition benefits from a solid variety of insert designs and a wealth of autograph and memorabilia parallels. But it’s the hit parade of seven autographs and three memorabilia cards per box that will keep collectors talking and busting.

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