Box Busters: 2012-13 Panini Marquee basketball cards + win an unopened box!



Join Beckett Basketball‘s Brian Fleischer and Chris Olds as they rip into a box of 2012-13 Panini Marquee in this latest edition of Box Busters.

What will they find inside and how can you win a box? Watch and find out …

We’ll take submissions for the contest until April 26 before we pick a winner. Include your email in the appropriate field or we can’t contact you if you win.



  1. Billy Short 19 April, 2013 at 17:44

    I prefer simple, yet uniquely designed base cards. However for the inserts, the crazier the better. Die cut, gold foil, acetate… heck even flashing lights if it was possible.

  2. Brady 19 April, 2013 at 17:51

    I personally like the crazy die cut stuff. my favorite product every year is Crown Royale. However, it can get to be a bit much if every card is crazy. A good mixture gives the best of both worlds though.

  3. Andrew 19 April, 2013 at 17:59

    The crazier the better! Die-Cuts, swirls, holograms – they’re more aesthetically appealing to me.

  4. Justin Spencer 19 April, 2013 at 18:01

    I like crazy, as long as it isn’t crazy in every single pack. That takes the fun out of it. Cool lookin cards though.

  5. Norman Carlisle 19 April, 2013 at 18:13

    I prefer simple I think some card companies seem to just see how crazy they can get. I’m more old fashion, I don’t mind a couple different inserts but I’m still into a great photo and stats

  6. Jay 19 April, 2013 at 18:20

    i generally prefer not crazy, i am a bit of a traditionalist. however, with new technologies and printing techniques, some of the “crazy” cards are pretty cool and fun to collect too.

  7. KC 19 April, 2013 at 18:38

    I prefer simple because I’m a set builder and I don’t like to many crazy stuff to try and figure out to put together a set. It just doesn’t make it fun trying figure out what goes where or what goes to what sets.

  8. Michael 19 April, 2013 at 19:00

    I like the crazy products because it is different and fun. Like how you used to go to the store and hope to pull some cool card like an insert and I think this is what this product brings to the table. It is fun and crazy with different effects and die-cuts, but not too crazy. This will be fun for set collectors because of all the subsets and cool die-cuts. I think this product is overall an awesome product because it is unique. crazy, and different. Not like some of those boring products that just repeat the same thing over and over like exquisite or Hoops. Don’t get me wrong they are great products, but they just have a different design and that’s it. Nothing different really to the patch cards or autographs. So products like Marquee products are gonna be a big hit in my opinion!!

  9. zoran petrovic 19 April, 2013 at 19:15

    i like all the crazy new designs,lots of different rookies and some nice and simple designs as well,my favorite is probably the leather looking ones.

  10. Tyler 19 April, 2013 at 19:25

    I enjoy both but the crazy, complicated definitely gives you a higher entertainment value.
    I ripped allot of Pacific Prism and Topps Tek in the 90’s and it was allot of fun. This a re-hash trend that I hope continues.

  11. Nicole chin 19 April, 2013 at 19:51

    Simple…because the designs are usually very modern and often involve a lot of conceptualize toon. Simple designs are often actually very complex in thought but more simpler in execution. Crazy cards are often simpler in thought and complex in execution. Simple breathes well and let’s the photographs and the players do all the talking–and is that what trading cards should be about!

  12. Richard Hardy 19 April, 2013 at 20:09

    I like crazy cards, but not as the entire pack. When you find a cool one once in a while, it is more exciting than if you find them all the time. Like the crazy but not being overwhelmed by it.

  13. Gino Morelli 19 April, 2013 at 20:41

    I like the crazy cards also cause i like the refractors and the low numbered autos and the different designs of the cards.

  14. Doug Campbell 19 April, 2013 at 20:42

    The simpler the better, fewer parallels and inserts. If you need to have them, have only a few, with a low print run. It was nice when a parallel or insert was considered a hit! The companies might then be able to keep a lower price point, and entice the younger collectors again.

  15. Joe Cecil 19 April, 2013 at 20:43

    Alright I enjoy both to be perfectly honest. I enjoy the simple cards because of the old nostalgic feel. Not only do those bring your mindset back to the day of being a young whipper snapper in the 80’s opening the 25 cents a pack cards but it is extremely easy to know what card and cards you have and not have to search and search to see if this is a parallel or if its a very non-discreet difference you wouldn’t even notice. It is much less time consuming when you inventory and much easier to create your sets in a timely manner. Now the crazy rant. I absolutely love the crazy cards nowadays. Looking into every sports card releases you will see that year after year they keep putting subset after subset and insert after insert and its freaking great! Now to get a master set of anything you have to have an absolute love for the hobby (unless your rich) to dig and dig on the net and hobby shop hop to find every single cards variations and every sets subsets. It actually takes a good amount of time and love to get that set complete. The crazy cards today are insanely eye popping catching works of art. Look at this Marquee for example, what an outstanding crazy color design which just draws you in automatically. With the swirls and glittery designs who wouldn’t want to take a quick look and then bam you love it and buy another box. I say keep both and I also say keep bringing the plain and easy and keep bringing the amazing and spectacular!

  16. Jesse 19 April, 2013 at 20:50

    I have a die-cut chamber in my heart that only Chris Olds can fill. This set looks nice, and it suuuure would be nice to break a (free) box…

    Honestly though, thanks for all of the hard work gents. It brings a lot of fun to the hobby and is much appreciated.

  17. Nestor Cortes 19 April, 2013 at 20:51

    I like the product different variation or parallels. I love the die cut rookies cards especially the swirls it reminds me back in the mid 90 on the fleer products. But overall love the product

  18. Chris Vesper 19 April, 2013 at 21:23

    I’d be happy with a real clean simple design on nice card stock… medium price point… with zero auto/zero GU’ed cards per box… made for the set builder in mind BUT have really hard to find redemptions (Here me out before jumping on me…) of FULL game used items. Even take it up a notch to have even more rare redemptions for auto game used. Thats the ideal set to me! ~Vesper

  19. kris 19 April, 2013 at 21:34

    I love crazy cause you get a sample of all the different product designs during the year without breaking the bank of having to purchase every product. I would hate to be “stuckey” with all the same cards in one box. hopefully chris will like this pun.

  20. Joe 19 April, 2013 at 21:48

    I like crazy, because it presents a challange. I love the die-cut rookies. I haven’t opened packs in a few months. However, when I opened this product I foud myself opening 4 boxes. Good stuff.

  21. Justin S 19 April, 2013 at 23:01

    This product is pretty nice for the price point and the design is ok, but the subsets and inserts are pretty sweet. The only problem is that there are variation after variation of each card. One company needs to just monopolize the whole industry so company’s will not produce so many products each year and actually take their time and make less cards that when you get a hit you actually say mojo! It just sucks when you get 15 different Kobe or Irvin in each case and half the time you have to wait over a year to receive it. This also would definitely get rid of the filler autos of guys that play in the d league and cut down on the dreadful redemptions. This would be a sweet box to win and thanks for more of the contests, hopefully I will get lucky and actually win something once in my lifetime.

  22. Justin 19 April, 2013 at 23:16

    I like the crazy but not too crazy design, but it’s getting too common of getting cards that have a crazy design coming out of the packs with chipping issues or corner dings, so crazy but well made will have to be my answer. I like a mix between a classic hoops and the new select. I liked the older stadium club even though those stuck together like crazy and had the worst chipping issues, but the electric court and beam team inserts were fun.

  23. J-Tron 303 19 April, 2013 at 23:59

    Keep it simple. Give me some clean photography, keep the base parallels to two types only and call it a day …

    When it comes to the inserts, go wild. Maybe 4 tiers of “rarity.” One quality chase set, one “on-card” auto set and give me some quality rookies. Then, take my money.

  24. Bob A 20 April, 2013 at 02:08

    I like my cards like Chris likes his dress shirts – nice and simple. And when it comes to tons of parallels and subsets, it’s like Reggie Jackson would say: “how many do you need?'”

    That being said, some of those Marquees look pretty nice. I especially like the red ‘swirlies’!

  25. GMEN Fan 20 April, 2013 at 04:43

    I really dig what Panini did here. Combining so much with acetate, shine, boom, and die cut. Brings me back to the late 90s way of collecting and what I still consider the best times of the hobby. For me, you have got to put more effort into a base set like Panini did here and thats how you make a great product. Don’t use the plain ole white backgrounds or like Topps does and turn the cards into a cartoon look. This is the way it should be done. Kudos Panini!

  26. Jason Taylor 20 April, 2013 at 05:59

    I like simple, elegant card design with minimal parallels. Cards should not detract from the player picture, they should emphasize it.

  27. Bill 20 April, 2013 at 06:27

    I prefer simple, but it’s good panini is trying something different with this product. I like a more vintage/set building brand. Nothing wrong with crazy though. I really like te swirl cards. Looks like they may have over-did the die cuts, and sometimes those cards can be condition sensitive. Looks like almost here card is unique in the pack. I would prefer 2-3 base and maybe 1-2 subset special cards. Just so you know if you get something special. It will be interesting to how this product does.

  28. Mark 20 April, 2013 at 07:11

    I would say I generally like simple, classic designs, but crazy (acetates, funky designs, die cuts) are nice in moderation. I may pick up some Marquee, but the wow factor of Marquee would drop fast if every product had crazy in it.

  29. Richard Hogenson 20 April, 2013 at 07:41

    I miss the simple cards of the 1980’s before autos,mem cards. Just cards a a piece of gum or a sticker.

  30. Brian 20 April, 2013 at 09:09

    Reminds of of Fleer and Fleer Ultra of old or maybe Collector’s Edge with all the different parallels and inserts with all the rainbow, blue, red, green parallels of the inserts. I like the die-cuts. Crazy is good for a diverse box but to a set builder it will be a killer to complete. I like die-cuts and the swirl-a-rama are nice. But Crazy can be good.

  31. Ryan 20 April, 2013 at 09:55

    I like established products to pretty much stay what they are. For instance if a Heritage pack next year looked like these I wouldn’t be thrilled with that. But I am a fan of the companies trying something different, in this case I am definitely a fan of the die cut rookies, the others I think I’d have to see in person.

    Thanks for showing us all these products guys.

  32. Ryan Sutley 20 April, 2013 at 13:16

    I think this product is great. It’s nice to see some great looking inserts like those that were released in the 90s. The Swirl-O-Rama cards in particular look awesome. It would be nice if the product included on-card autographs but stickers are a fact of collecting these days.

  33. John Richards 20 April, 2013 at 16:09

    I prefer the crazy new stuff. I like seeing how they make cards look cool and what they can do with cards now. I did start collecting when I was a kid and the old style cards do have a special place in my heart.

  34. Nate Goleman 20 April, 2013 at 16:27

    I like crazy card sets because it forces you to tear through a Beckett or the internet to figure out what you have, how rare it is, and how valuable it may be. I enjoy seeing what card companies are able to create with new die-cut techniques, foil stamping, and using different materials to make interesting products. Theres always an excitement around opening a new product, and getting a colored or die-cut card makes you jump to find out what you may have just pulled! I LOVE that eager, anticipating feeling!

  35. Eric White 20 April, 2013 at 16:38

    I like simple and clean. Some of these die cuts wind up getting dings and dents and it takes the fun out of finding an awesome card.

  36. Bryon Pratt 20 April, 2013 at 18:45

    For base cards I like a simple design. But, its nice to get some weird inserts with the simple base, makes the base that much nicer.

  37. Joe 20 April, 2013 at 19:14

    I like crazy. As primarily a player collector I like the variety of the crazy sets. Having multiple cards of each player in a set is a plus for me.

  38. afff 20 April, 2013 at 22:41

    i like the simple if i’m doing the base set, but enjoy pulling the crazy stuff like the die cuts just because if you never know what kind of a design you will get

  39. James W. 20 April, 2013 at 22:46

    I like crazy because the design will make collectors desire to collect the whole set and awesome to look at the cards. It’ll make collectors can’t stop looking at them.

  40. Victor Fortuno 20 April, 2013 at 23:41

    I would be so Unbelievably GRATEFUL and Shocked to win something for once. I just lost my fiancee of 7 years due to her cheating, lost my apartment, no hot water at friends basement, so Please I BEG OF YOU Ive never had a top tier Autograph and basketball is my sport. Please let me be a winner just once this decade in my life! Ill send you photos and a review and thank you cards becuase Im honestly losing hope here and REALLLLYY need this. Thanks for listening to me.
    Victor Fortuno

  41. Jack Umphrey 21 April, 2013 at 00:10

    Crazy, crazy, crazy!!! seems to make them more desireable. more subsets and prls.? by more to get more !

  42. Ed 21 April, 2013 at 08:06

    Why can’t things be simply crazy?

    That’s what I want, and old school set with some “crazy” radical inserts that are different from what has been produced in the past. That sounds simple to me.
    Sorry, nothing in that box got me excited to buy.

  43. David 21 April, 2013 at 08:53

    I like crazy, Im just a kid but I know how the simple cards are . My grandad and me collect cards we love them. we like both but I like crazy.

  44. Jonathan Mills 21 April, 2013 at 13:01

    I like complicated, but kept simple. By that, I mean, I like cards to constantly show dynamic changes and creativity while keeping them easy to collect. I like subsets, but I don’t like 10 subsets with 30 cards each in each product. One or two subsets with 10 or fewer cards is plenty. Sometimes it’s hard enough collecting a complete basic set. It should be simple to collect basic subsets; so, I say to card makers, continue to be creative and complicated, but keep it simple.

    From mod: Winner via random selection.

  45. Mike Sparso 21 April, 2013 at 15:58

    I like unusual designs as long as you get a fair share of good rookie cards and inserts.

  46. willis reed 21 April, 2013 at 16:16

    I think the crazier the better I have a grandson that has just started to collect so this would be an awesome start for him

  47. will 21 April, 2013 at 17:25

    i prefer crazy cards. I love die-cut cards and cards that have a large variation of colors throughout the product. Different colored parallels are one of my favorite things to open and collect!

  48. John Robertson 21 April, 2013 at 19:25

    I like simple and elegant base sets and parallels and short prints with interesting alternate pictures. I’m a little crazier when it comes to subsets, I love the die-cuts, especially refractors.

  49. Scott Flournoy 21 April, 2013 at 20:28

    I like special cards that are limited. don’t give me rookie paralell’s #1000. 300 or less makes them special. I also like auto’s. Game worn is nice specially some of the patches with multiple colors. Just clean pics, not cgi stuff.

  50. Joe Carrus 21 April, 2013 at 22:48

    I like crazy inserts, but simple base cards … when collating sets, its nice to have easy to read numbers and names (for us “old guys” at least)

  51. C.L. 22 April, 2013 at 07:15

    I collect to build the base sets and strategic inserts of the products I buy. That said, I want the base set to be simple, elegant, and representative of what the product should be. Nothing over-the-top for base cards. Save that for the inserts and hits which need to be crazy, eye-catching, and unique enough to stand out from the hundreds of other inserts that are out there. If I were running Panini, Topps, etc. I would limit the number inserts to two or three per product, but strive to make them the best inserts on the market for that respective product.

  52. Donnie Lake 22 April, 2013 at 10:35

    I like simple with crazy inserts … Simple is for the “old guys” and crazy is for the “new generation” so it gives the best of both worlds

  53. Larry Keller 22 April, 2013 at 10:45

    I prefer a simple set but this product really reminds me of the old fleer mystique sets from the early 2000s, and those are some of my favorite cards in my collection.

  54. granola 22 April, 2013 at 11:11

    I enjoy all yet prefer crazy! I love searching the OPG for the odd cards, looking for the different characteristics of each card and adding them to my Beckett organize area. It’s also nice to see something different, at times opening packs from the various companies all end up looking the same.

    *BAM* packs !!!

  55. Andy 22 April, 2013 at 11:38

    Since Chris has been designated the crazy one, I’ll pick crazy. But not sure how I feel about those rookie die cuts. A few here and there might might be ok, but seems like there’s a lot of them.

  56. Jeremy 22 April, 2013 at 12:33

    Like the ability to simply figure out which crazy cards are which when I pull one from a pack. Not go crazy trying to figure out exactly what I have & don’t have.

  57. Chris Wardner 22 April, 2013 at 12:39

    Gotta love a little crazy! Innovation keeps the hobby going and crazy breed innovation.

  58. Tom 22 April, 2013 at 13:45

    I definitely like the crazy over-the-top designs on insert cards, and especially when they’re die cut. If you’re going to make a special card, it really should stand out from the rest.

  59. Michael Lee 22 April, 2013 at 15:15

    I don’t mind simple or crazy, i just can’t stand overly complex. I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s and loved the age of the insert. There wasn’t a thousand and one parallels and the inserts LOOKED LIKE SOMETHING SPECIAL, as they should. Give me a simple set with crazy inserts. When you pulled a Beam Team or Ultra Star, that was epic! I was even OK with the rarer subsets for RCs, although set makers hate that! What really makes the card for me isn’t so much the design, but the photography. Stadium club had some of the best. Now, give me a crazy insert with epic photography… WINNER! WINNER! CHICKEN DINNER!!

  60. Tim 22 April, 2013 at 19:57

    I think the die cut was a little over done… but otherwise the product was visually very nice… good pictures and good mix of cards.

  61. richard grout 22 April, 2013 at 20:43

    I prefer crazy as long as I can easily figure out what I have pulled. The marquee has a lot of variety and it looks to be a fun rip even if you do not pull and Irving redemption!!!

  62. Andrew Lucas 22 April, 2013 at 21:00

    I like simple. Crazy to me means more chase cards at different levels. Which in turn, makes set building way more difficult.

  63. harynjk 23 April, 2013 at 03:12

    I think it is relative what you call crazy or simple card, i like shiny cards with holographic technologies and that kind of stuff what might fit better to the crazy category. The reason i like these cards because they just draw your attention.

  64. George K-B 23 April, 2013 at 06:41

    I prefer simpler designs over some of the more crazy designs. It’s fun to have one wackier insert set in each product, but it seemed a bit too much in 2012-13 Panini Marquee.

  65. john 23 April, 2013 at 07:56

    I prefer simple. with the complicated it is to difficult to try to figure out what parallel you have and I think it gets watered down when there are to many parallels.

  66. Jamie 23 April, 2013 at 10:20

    I prefer simple designs. Crazy designs can be good on occasion, depending on the product, but most of the time the card companies try and overdo it.

  67. Derek Anguilm 23 April, 2013 at 10:48

    I like the simple sets with a few crazy inserts to chase after, but my son loves the craziness because he loves the flashy look. I hope I can win this box for him!

  68. Dan Piehl 23 April, 2013 at 11:27

    I really like a base set that has some flashes to it because that is what you get the most of per box. Inserts can and should be different to make them more desirable. I could do away completely with a matte vs. glossy variation, but die-cut, cut-out jersey, see-through are all good to me. The other thing that I look for is different photos, especially of the veteran players. Having the same photo on 12 cards for different sets should be outlawed.

  69. Ryan Gee 23 April, 2013 at 15:03

    I really like the inserts! It looks like the 2012-13-panini marquee cards are going to be a nice set and hopefully compete well with everything else out there.

  70. Nick Mikulicich 23 April, 2013 at 16:24

    I prefer simple. Because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Crazy seldom adds value or collectibility to cards; if anything, it takes away from the pictures.
    Anything I need to know to identify whether I have a base card, a parallel, a variation, or an insert (and precisely which one) should be explained on the back of the pack or on the card itself.
    Many of the Marquee designs look nice, but they also look a lot like some of the Skybox and Topps insert designs from the 1999-2002 period. No matter how crazy you get, it will probably look like something that has been done before.

  71. Andrew 23 April, 2013 at 17:57

    I really like where Panini has been going recently. I just hope these great inserts and designs and such aren’t a harbinger of what happened to the hobby in the 90s. Cool stuff!

  72. Mike 23 April, 2013 at 18:38

    I prefer simple larger sets because I’ve always been a sorter/stacker full set collector. Too many crazy subsets gets messy

  73. Jordan 23 April, 2013 at 21:41

    I like the crazy inserts, as long as it doesn’t go overboard. If every other card is a insert it ruins a good pull.

  74. Scott N. 24 April, 2013 at 08:53

    I like the crazy for the subsets and inserts but would much rather have the simple for the base set.

  75. Jamie Baldwin 24 April, 2013 at 15:28

    I like crazy as long as its not too dramatic and takes away from the card itself. I like this design because I am old school and this brings me back to the 90s of collecting cards.

  76. Carlos 24 April, 2013 at 23:00

    Love both simple and crazy. This product seems to bring a updated simple look to the base cards but also takes the crazy to another level. Looks great and I love it! In sports cards, panini really went crazy and separating themselves from the old looks and provides the looks and parallels that has my interest peaking!

  77. Abel Carlos 25 April, 2013 at 01:03

    I like the crazy. I prefer to have 300 cards with 6 different designs as opposed to 300 common cards that all look the same.

    This is a cool product. Looks like none of the cards were serial numbered.

  78. Steven 25 April, 2013 at 15:10

    I love crazy cards for inserts and semi crazy for base cards. Anything to make cards unique from each other makes me want to own them. If a card is unique, less people are likely to have it and of course, it’s more fun to look at. This lot is perfect because the base cards have a unique look and the inserts are one of a kind.

  79. Jared Storr 29 April, 2013 at 19:11

    I would honestly say both but from different perspectives. Simple if your opening packs and able to pick up on the rarity or auto. Crazy from a selling perspective because if people haven’t seen a card like that people would be all over that whether its an unusual design or cut i think it will sell. Anyways are you going to post video for winner?

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