Behold 2011 Bowman Sterling Football


By Andrew Tolentino | Football Editor

With a staple (2011 Topps) and its brand new brand Inception now hitting shelves, Topps football products are in full swing. Today’s announcement regarding the 2011 release of beloved Bowman Sterling adds even more steam to the season.

Set to release in mid December, 2011 Bowman Sterling Football features a five-card pack with two Rookie Cards, one autograph and two Relics. Six-pack boxes translate into 12 Rookie Cards, four autographs, two autograph Relics, 12 Relics and one dual Relic box topper. Case chasers can expect to find one dual autograph Relic in the eight-box load.

No stranger to shimmering cardboard, the set’s signature nuance comes in the form of  Pulsar Refractors.  Showcasing NFL stars on a refractive background of pulsating pixels, these cards are like snapshots from some futuristic nightlub — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (take a closer look after the jump).

Stay tuned to for more information detailing other inclusions in 2011 Bowman Sterling football.


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  1. steve archer 12 August, 2011 at 15:40

    is this from Panini or Topps ?

    I say that because, each company puts out massive cards….that mimick numerous others in their catalog of cards. I thought (stupid me) that the various liscensing commitees were cracking down on over-production ( they should crunch numbers on series 1 & 2 of 2010 Topps baseball……because Topps ran those presses all day & all night for quite a long period of time !!!!!! ) of sportscards and wanted to make the hobby not only enjoyable for the adults-but for bringing in new collectors .

  2. whiteyshark 20 December, 2011 at 21:38

    i bought an entire box of this today. absolutely NO value in this product at all. thats 6 packs at $49 bucks a pop ( $300 in total for this crap) with a total return of about $60 in overall card value and the way topps and every other company is churning out product after product, these cards will decrease in whatever “value” they have rather quickly. didn’t ANY of these card companies learn from the middle 80’s to late 90’s? did they not learn from the total collapse of the industry that continuing to produce more and more product will cause collectors to stop buying? no collector buys cards for the “cool pictures” anymore. we buy because of the sell “value of the card due to its scarcity. kinda hard to achieve scarcity when youre PRODUCING WAAAAAAAY TOOOOOO MUUUCH STUUUUUF!!! its absurd when a 5 card pack runs $40, $50, $60…….and even more than $100 & $200 per pack!!

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