Beckett Graded Card Registry is live


Beckett Grading Services customers have wanted a dedicated registry for years – one that worked seamlessly and provided a great user experience.

The time is now.

The new Beckett Graded Registry is live with collectors already inputting hundreds of cards.

One of the unique aspects of the BGS registry is that it’s completely customizable.

“You get to create any collection you want,” said BGS Director of Grading Mark Anderson. “It could be Hall of Fame Rookie Cards or have a bunch of team collectors get together and build a custom registry of the 40-man roster. The thing about the customer registry is the user gets full control of what they want the registry to be.”

The registry will be able to handle any card in the Beckett database, including non-traditional sports, gaming and non-sports cards.

“There’s no collection too odd or strange to create a custom registry for,” Anderson said.

The registry is free for members. In addition, once cards show up in a BGS order page, the cards will move seamlessly to the Registry where they can be added to any collection.

Each registry can be made public or private based on the user preference. In addition, cards are given points based on grade and weighted according to subgrades for each card. This essentially creates a competition between collectors that may never end — not until the first customer gets the first registry with BGS 10 and all four subgrades with a 10, a difficult feat.

Customers who have used the previous registry should notice their cards have migrated to the new one for the Monday launch, including images.

“Customers have been waiting six to eight years for a greatly improved registry, which is what this is going to be,” Anderson said. “I think people are going to see why it was worth the wait. We could have thrown something out there which is similar to what others have on the market but we wanted to make this most incredible user experience of a registry possible.”

Throughout the use of the registry, Beckett welcomes feedback from its customers. The registry will be capable of scoring BGS and Beckett Vintage Grading cards.

Visit the Beckett Graded Registry at

We want to hear from you. As you are using the Registry and have ideas or comments, please send them to


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  1. Coimbre21 14 March, 2013 at 11:47

    PSA and SGC’s registries are simple and useful but Beckett has jumped way ahead of both in features and integration. More specifically, serial numbers activate features instead just being static numbers.

    There’s no wasted time or duplicated effort when adding cards because there are several impressive options with fewer keystrokes and less navigation. The layout is more intuitive and graphically appealing as well.

    I generated my share of complaints over the absence of a registry but this is really well done.

  2. Andrew 23 March, 2013 at 21:46

    Well, as much as I think this is an awesome feature I’m finding it very frustrating. As I’m loading in the code numbers I’ve come across about 10 cards that come up invalid. I then double checked it in the serial number look up and again they don’t come up. Aren’t all cards logged as Beckett grades them??? I also came across two limited edition cards that were originally labeled as the wrong set (Beckett did correct when I sent them back) but didn’t fix the serial number in their system to show the correct card. While I think this is an awesome feature, the bugs still need to be fixed on the grading side. What do I need to do the get the cards that don’t come up loaded into the serial number file.

    • Susan Lulgjuraj 25 March, 2013 at 08:27

      Shoot an email to

      There are still a few bug because it just launched. The most common right now is the serial number issue. Email your serial number that is not showing up with the card info.

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