Awesome Inserts: 1992-93 SkyBox Olympic Team


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In 1992, many of the greatest athletes in the world met in Barcelona to duke it out for Olympic glory. But let’s be honest, some of those athletes never stood a chance, particularly if there thing was men’s basketball. That’s because 11 of the game’s all-time greats teamed up with Christian Laettner to form the Dream Team.

The 1992-93 SkyBox Olympic Team inserts might not have a lot of flash from a design perspective, they are a simple showcase of the squad and their journey to Olympic gold.

The checklist is a manageable 12 cards, one for each member of the team. That means the best players (not named Isiah Thomas) from, arguably, the game’s greatest generation. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone and Larry Bird are just some of the Hall of Famers to make an appearance.

Card fronts take a somewhat traditional approach with the player getting the attention. Their stats are included as well. That’s because the card back go into story mode. It explains the journey of the Dream Team from their pre-tournament tuneups through to the inevitable gold medal ceremony.

1992-93 SkyBox Olympic Team inserts are found in Series 1 packs, landing at a rate of 1:6. So they’re not tough to find. As far as values go, they’re still reasonable. Most can be found rather easily for a couple of dollars. Michael Jordan is the exception, but he is in virtually every set that he’s included in. And when it comes to Michael Jordan cards, this is definitely not one of the most expensive.

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1992-93 SkyBox Olympic Team Checklist

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1992-93 SkyBox Olympic Team Gallery

USA1 Clyde Drexler

1992-93 SkyBox Olympic Team USA1 Clyde Drexler

USA2 Chris Mullin

USA3 John Stockton

USA4 Karl Malone

USA5 Scottie Pippen

USA6 Larry Bird

USA7 Charles Barkley

USA8 Patrick Ewing

USA9 Christian Laettner

USA10 David Robinson

USA11 Michael Jordan

1992-93 SkyBox Olympic Team Michael Jordan USA11

USA12 Magic Johnson

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  1. Fred Martinez 10 August, 2017 at 19:13


  2. Joseph 10 August, 2017 at 20:32

    Great early insert that brings back great memories.

    I only have the Malone card, but maybe someday I’ll get the entire set.

  3. Craig Matsumora 11 August, 2017 at 12:25

    Holy cow! LOL…

    Brings back good memories. I just picked up the Jordan for nostalgic reasons just recently too. The cards aren’t really worth much but I think that is the best part of seeing an article like this on it. I love seeing this set getting some attention/love. Little bit of a low key classic from my generation.

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