Are you a SuperCollector? We want your info!

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By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

We’re going to dedicate an entire issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly to SuperCollectors soon — and we want to see your collections.

We’ll pick the most interesting and most outrageous submissions for that issue of the magazine just like the 15 we showcased last summer, but first we need to hear about your stash. Some will make the special issue, while others will appear in the magazines leading up to that issue. (We run SuperCollectors every month.)

As a bonus, all collectors who submit information between now and July 15 will be entered in a drawing for a Mike Trout autographed baseball as well as a hefty six-autograph card seen here. Follow the instructions and submit your stats and story today. We’re showing you all of last year’s submissions so you can see who — and what — made the cut.

We hope you can top them.  You don’t have to have the most-expensive collection on the block but it needs to be unique — downright crazy — in some way that it stands out.

Here are your instructions …

Send in an email to the following information:


1. Name, age, your email address, your location (city, state) and who/what you collect.

2. Statistics about your collection (total cards, number of 1/1s, number of autographs, number of game-used cards or items, etc., as seen on these samples)

3. Tell us why you should be selected. Sell us on what makes your collection the best — and how/why it started.

4. Send us LINKS to images that we can examine or use with your item — including one showing you with your collection. (Bad images won’t help your case … and 900-MB attachments won’t either!)

5. Be patient. We WILL be in touch if you are selected or we need more information. If you sent info in the past, it’s likely outdated by now — so update it and send it again.

6. Act fast … we want YOUR info NOW.

Check out the SuperCollectors below if you need to see more … we’re awaiting your email.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Sports Card Monthly magazine. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an email to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.




  1. Matt Buckley
    Posted June 25, 2012 at 7:14 am | Permalink

    Chris, I submitted my collection last night to I don’t know if it is anywhere near worthy, but here are some brief stats:

    2 Logomen
    29 Jeresy Numbered Cards
    31 Autos
    41 1/1s
    154 Patches. 96 different
    Hundreds upon hundreds of game used cards
    5000+ total cards
    Autographed Ball
    Autographed Photo

    Link to my album of rarer/high end cards:

  2. Andrew
    Posted June 26, 2012 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    I went ahead and just submitted my Anze Kopitar collection. A freshly taken pic with my nice stuff and all the card images needed are on my collection web site. Hopefully it’s unique enough. Thanks.

  3. Posted July 21, 2012 at 9:57 pm | Permalink

    Back in 2005, I decided that I would concentrate my collections a little better and decided to start with two pc players that I liked . I’m not overly rich, so they couldn’t be the likes of your bona fide superstars, but I didn’t want to target a scrub either. I decided to go with an retired player and an up and comer at the time which lead me to Cedric Ceballos and Emeka Okafor . I like both of their games and thought I would have a real shot at getting all of their cards as thats my ultimate, but impossible goal. My photobucket includes a good portion of my collection, but doesn’t have all of my more recent arrivals.

    I’m almost 100% sure that I have the largest collections in the world of both to date and the collections show like this.
    Total Cards- 1115
    Jsy- 243
    Patch- 61
    Auto- 176
    Auto Jsy- 39
    Auto Patch- 34
    1/1- 67
    Exquisite- 52
    Jsy #d- 5
    Tag- 3
    Lettermen- 2
    Auto Tag- 1
    Logoman- 1

    Out of the 462 Ceballos cards that I can estimate, I have 399. The highlights of this collection are the that include-
    96/97 EX 2000 Credentials #/499
    96/97 Flair Showcase Legacy Collections (all 3 rows) #/150
    97/98 EX 2001 Essential Credentials Now #/42
    97/98 Metal PMG Red #/100
    97/98 Stadium Club One of a Kind #/150
    97/98 Skybox Preimum Ruby #/50
    97/98 Z-Force Rave #/399
    98/99 Bowman’s Best Refractor #/400 and Atomic Refractor #/100
    98/99 Fleer Brilliance Gold #/99 and 24 Karat #/24
    98/99 Staium Club First Day Issue #/200, One of a Kind #/150 and Yellow Printing Plate #1/1
    98/99 Ultra Platinum Medallion #/99
    98/99 Upper Deck Bronze #/100
    99/00 Finest Gold Refractor #/100
    99/00 Fleer Focus Masterpiece Mania #/300
    99/00 Skybox Apex Xtra #1/50
    99/00 Skybox Premium Ruby #/45
    99/00 SPx Radiance #/100
    99/00 Stadium Club One of a Kind #/150 and First Day Isssue #/150
    99/00 Stadium Club Chrome First Day Issue #/100 and First Day Issue Refractor #/25
    99/00 Topps Gallery Players Issue #/250
    99/00 Ultra Platinum Medallion #/50
    99/00 Upper Deck Bronze #/100
    00/01 Finest Gold Refractor #/100
    00/01 Fleer Focus Draft Position #/200
    00/01 Fleer Futures Copper #/750
    00/01 Topps Stars Bronze #/299
    00/01 Ultra Platinum Medallion #1/50
    00/01 Upper Deck Silver #/500 and Gold #/100
    00/01 Upper Deck MVP Gold Script #/100
    09/10 Court Kings Masterpieces #/149
    09/10 Playoff Contenders Legendary Contenders #/100 and #/25
    09/10 Prestige Bonus Shots Red #/300 and Green #1/25

    Also includes the newly released 11/12 Past & Present Elusive auto too.

    As a side collection, since being a Dallas Mavericks fa, I decided to collect one auto of every player to wear the the jersey in a game. Currently the total stands at 130 different autos from m 1992 Star Pics auto of Sean Rooks to my 11/12 Past & Present Elusive auto of Hubert Davis

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