Abe Lincoln's Hair Cut card sells for $17,500

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The 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Hair Cut Signatures card of Abraham Lincoln — a card that includes a cut autograph of the 16th president as well as a lock of his hair — sold for $17,500 last week on eBay.

The card, which appeared in The Wall Street Journal last fall and was displayed at The National last year, was sold through a Beckett Select Auction to a private collector who did not wish to be identified.

The collector did answer a few questions, though:

What cards do you collect?
I mainly collect a particular player’s tough cards and their historically significant issues, be it a challenging insert or certified autograph card.  I am a big Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Jordan fan.

Why did you buy the card?
I initially was not all that interested in the Lincoln.  I had found the listing for a friend (who by the way is a huge Lincoln fan), who I thought would find the card interesting.  Seeing their reaction got me interested, so I did some research into his prior autograph issues, as well as the hair piece.  I realized just how unique the card was and felt it may be years before it showed up again, if ever.  Upper Deck did a superb job of maintaining the vintage look and feel to the card.  I have seen many cut signatures, as well as certified autograph cards; I feel this is one of the most visually striking cards ever produced.  Kudos to Upper Deck!

Is this the best card you own?
This card ranks right up there as one of the best cards in my collection.  I definitely do not have another one like it!

For more information about Beckett Select Auctions, go here.

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