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Any football fan who hasn’t seen the highlight reel of Pat McAfee needs to watch it now.

A punter most of the time, he still found time to From lay out a returners and linemen. He even recovered his own onside kick.

McAfee’s rookie year was in 2009 but he didn’t have his first official card until 2014. His first autograph didn’t arrive until 2018. Due to his exploits, McAfee’s autographs have been selling for significant amounts — higher than most position players.

Unfortunately, after three knee surgeries in four years he had to call it a career. With his current surge in popularity it is a sure thing that he will continue to have cards made. And with his new gig in WWE, some of these could come from outside the world of football.

2015 Topps Pat McAfee RC #282

Even though his first card was in 2014 Topps, it was an All Pro Team insert card. This is his first official Rookie Card found in an NFL base set.

2015 Topps Pat McAfee RC

2018 Panini National Treasures Signatures Pat McAfee /25

When it comes to autographs, National Treasures is a top place to have them. Currently, this card sells in the $40-$80 range on the secondary market.

2018 Panini Obsidian Aurora Autographs Pat McAfee /100

This was McAfee’s first official autograph on a card, releasing before National Treasures. This card started off selling close to the $150 range but has recently come back down to earth as more signatures have hit the market. The current high book value is $80.

2018 Panini Obsidian Aurora Autographs Pat McAfee

2019 Score Signatures Pat McAfee

This is the most recent card for Pat McAfee. It is the only card in 2019 so far, but it is very early. So don’t be surprised if more follow in the months ahead.


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  1. Mat Harvey 6 June, 2019 at 22:27

    I would just like to say that I’m glad someone is finally talking at Pat Mcafee.

    I’m one of Mcafee’s biggest fan from collecting everything and anything Mcafee.

    I have one of the biggest collects of cards and autographs of Pat Mcafee that there is to have of one person.

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