2024 Topps Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball Checklist and Details

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2024 Topps Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball offers a look at some of the sport’s top players. With a relatively straightforward set-up, boxes still deliver a pair of autographs and a quartet of numbered parallels.

2024 Topps Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball Hobby Box

The base set has 62 cards, covering AU’s roster of women’s players.

Parallels, which come in six levels, largely bypass traditional colors for more graphically designed backgrounds. These include:

  • Softball Stitching
  • Medals – /50
  • Book of Unlimited – /25
  • Base Path – /10
  • Team Color Fusion – /4
  • Gold – 1/1
2024 Topps Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball Base Paths Bubba Nickles

Nearly 40 players have autographs, although not all are available in equal quantities. Some have as few as a handful of total copies.

Joining these are six different Quad Autographs that have signatures from four players.

Rounding out the 2024 Topps Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball checklist are two regular insert sets, Sympodium and Photo Finish.

2024 Topps Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball Photo Finish

2024 Topps Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball at a glance:

Cards per pack: 8
Packs per box: 4
Set size: 62 cards
Release date: June 14, 2024

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 2
  • Parallels – 4

2024 Topps Athletes Unlimited Pro Softball Checklist

Base Set

62 cards.


  • Softball Stitching – /75
  • Medals – /50
  • Book of Unlimited – /25
  • Basepath – /10
  • Team Color Fusion – /4
  • Gold – 1/1

1 Odicci Alexander
2 Mariah Mazon
3 Dejah Mulipola
4 Sydney McKinney
5 Sam Fischer
6 Taylor McQuillin
7 Taylor Edwards
8 Shannon Rhodes
9 Sis Bates
10 Aleshia Ocasio
11 Delanie Wisz
12 Aly Harrell
13 Bubba Nickles
14 Kathryn Sandercock
15 Josie Muffley
16 Victoria Hayward
17 Frankie Hammoude
18 Sydney Romero
19 Lilli Piper
20 Myka Sutherlin
21 Jazmyn Jackson
22 Sydney Littlejohn Watkins
23 Sierra Romero
24 Haylie Wagner
25 Aliyah Andrews
26 Rachel Becker
27 Carrie Eberle
28 Tori Vidales
29 Gwen Svekis
30 Sashel Palacios
31 Hannah Flippen
32 Andrea Filler
33 Courtney Gano
34 Megan Faraimo
35 Amanda Lorenz
36 Elizabeth Hightower
37 Georgina Corrick
38 Haylie McCleney
39 Nadia Taylor
40 Nicole Mendes
41 Mia Davidson
42 Caleigh Clifton
43 Shannon Saile
44 Jordan Roberts
45 DJ Sanders
46 Madi Huskey
47 Kelsey Stewart-Hunter
48 Danielle Gibson
49 Rachel Garcia
50 Gianna Boccagno
51 Anissa Urtez
52 Morgan Zerkle
53 Peyton St. George
54 Brooke Yanez
55 Alyssa Denham
56 Megan Wiggins
57 Kelsey Harshman
58 Aubrey Leach
59 Jessi Warren
60 Caroline Jacobsen
61 Abby Ramirez
62 Erika Piancastelli

Autographs Checklist

38 cards.


  • Unnumbered
  • /75
  • /50
  • /25
  • /10
  • /4
  • 1/1

Not all players have all versions. A breakdown of all the specifics can be found on the following file:

A-1 Odicci Alexander
A-2 Mariah Mazon
A-3 Dejah Mulipola
A-5 Sam Fischer
A-6 Taylor McQullin
A-7 Taylor Edwards
A-9 Sis Bates
A-10 Aleshia Ocasio
A-11 Delanie Wisz
A-13 Bubba Nickles
A-14 Kathryn Sandercock
A-15 Josie Muffley
A-17 Frankie Hammoude
A-18 Sydney Romero
A-23 Sierra Romero
A-25 Aliyah Andrews
A-27 Carrie Eberle
A-31 Hannah Flippen
A-32 Andrea Filler
A-34 Megan Faraimo
A-35 Amanda Lorenz
A-37 Georgina Corrick
A-38 Haylie McCleney
A-39 Nadia Taylor
A-41 Mia Davidson
A-42 Caleigh Clifton
A-47 Kelsey Stewart-Hunter
A-48 Danielle Gibson
A-49 Rachel Garcia
A-51 Anissa Urtez
A-52 Morgan Zerkle
A-53 Peyton St. George
A-55 Alyssa Denham
A-56 Megan Wiggins
A-58 Aubrey Leach
A-59 Jessi Warren
A-61 Abby Ramirez
A-62 Erika Piancastelli

Quad Autographs Checklist


  • Blue – /50
  • Purple – /25
  • Red – /10
  • Orange – /5
  • Gold – 1/1

QA-1 Odicci Alexander / Danielle Gibson / Alyssa Denham / Rachel Garcia /75
QA-2 Aliyah Andrews / Amanda Lorenz / Haylie McCleney / Morgan Zerkle /75
QA-3 Anissa Urtez / Kelsey Stewart-Hunter / Sam Fischer / Hannah Flippen /75
QA-4 Georgina Corrick / Megan Faraimo / Aleshia Ocasio / Kathryn Sandercock /75
QA-5 Mia Davidson / Taylor Edwards / Gwen Svekis / Dejah Mulipola /75
QA-6 Josie Muffley / Aly Harrell / Andrea Filler / Frankie Hammoude /75

Photo Finish Checklist

10 cards.


Sympodium Checklist

10 cards.

SY-01 Odicci Alexander
SY-02 Alyssa Denham
SY-03 Danielle Gibson
SY-04 Rachel Garcia
SY-05 Gwen Svekis
SY-06 Sydney Romero
SY-07 Bubba Nickles
SY-08 Aliyah Andrews
SY-09 Kelsey Stewart-Hunter
SY-10 Hannah Flippen

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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  1. Ernest Dome 15 June, 2024 at 00:00

    I would find it very helpful if along with player names, there were player schools. Personally, I’m mainly interested in acquiring cards of former Michigan Wolverine Players for my granddaughter.

  2. Lynn 15 June, 2024 at 14:12

    would like to purchase the base set of AU Pro Softball checklist with Sydney Littlejohn Watkins in the mix. How do I order

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