2024 Leaf Football Checklist and Details

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2024 Leaf Football is a lower-cost alternative to the company’s hobby lines like Metal, Trinity and Vivid. Offered in retail blasters, each box still delivers an autograph.

The checklist also includes a base set and a handful of other inserts covering all eras of the sport, past, present and future.

2024 Leaf Football Blaster Box

2024 Leaf Football Checklist Overview

The base set is a somewhat modest 60 cards. While the vast majority of players represent the incoming rookie class and collegiate prospects, there are some superstar veterans. Joe Burrow, Aaron Rodgers and C.J. Stroud are a part of the checklist.

In addition to their regular versions, Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Gold parallels are also available. Odds and print runs for these have not been announced.

The autograph lineup has a lot more depth, clocking in at almost 200 cards. Prospects make up most of the checklist, but some legends like Joe Montana have signatures in the retail product as well.

Autographs come numbered, although to varying amounts. The most plentiful signers have as many as 300 base versions plus parallels.

Additional insert themes include Class Leaders, On the Come Up, QB Kings, Run Wild, and TD Kings. All of these have the same assortment of parallels as the base set.

2024 Leaf Football cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: Blaster – TBA
Packs per box: Blaster – 8
Boxes per case: Blaster – TBA
Set size: 60 cards
Release date (subject to change): June 14, 2024

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 1

2024 Leaf Football Checklist

Base Set Checklist

60 cards.


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Gold

1 Aaron Rodgers
2 Air Noland
3 Akili Smith Jr.
4 Anthony Richardson
5 Antwann Hill Jr.
6 Beaux Collins
7 Bo Nix
8 Brady Cook
9 Brock Bowers
10 Brock Purdy
11 Bryce Young
12 C.J. Stroud
13 Caleb Williams
14 Cameron Ward
15 Carson Beck
16 Chandler Rogers
17 D.J. Lagway
18 Dante Moore
19 Donovan Edwards
20 Drew Allar
21 Isaiah Williams
22 J. Michael Sturdivant
23 J.J. McCarthy
24 Jackson Arnold
25 Jadyn Davis
26 Jalen Milroe
27 Javon Baker
28 Joe Burrow
29 Julian “JuJu” Lewis
30 Justice Haynes
31 Kevin “KC” Concepcion
32 KJ Bolden
33 Luther Burden
34 Maalik Murphy
35 Michael Van Buren
36 Miyan Williams
37 Omarion Hampton
38 Riley Leonard
39 Roderick Robinson II
40 Sam Hartman
41 Travis Hunter
42 Walker Howard
43 Xavier Legette
44 Xavier Worthy
45 Audric Estime
46 Blake Corum
47 Bucky Irving
48 Carson Steele
49 Darius Taylor
50 Drake Maye
51 Elijhah Badger
52 Jalon Daniels
53 Jordan Travis
54 Keandre Lambert-Smith
55 Keon Coleman
56 Malik Washington
57 Nick Evers
58 Ray Davis
59 Ricky Pearsall
60 Zion Turner

Base Autographs Checklist

189 cards.

Print runs vary by player and parallel. A list of production runs by card can be found here (XLSX file).


  • White – /300 or less
  • Blue – /200 or less
  • Red – /100 or less
  • Green – /25 or less
  • Purple – /15 or less
  • Gold – /10 or less

BA-AE1 Armanti Edwards
BA-AG1 Anthony Gould
BA-AGJ Antonio Gates Jr.
BA-AHJ Antwann Hill Jr.
BA-AMC Alton McCaskill
BA-AN1 Air Noland
BA-AR1 Anthony Richardson
BA-AS1 Ainias Smith
BA-ASJ Akili Smith Jr.
BA-ATP A.T. Perry
BA-BB1 Braylon Braxton
BA-BC1 Blake Corum
BA-BC2 Beaux Collins
BA-BC3 Brady Cook
BA-BI1 Bucky Irving
BA-BL2 Bob Lilly
BA-BN1 Bo Nix
BA-BP1 Brock Purdy
BA-BS1 Brendan Sorsby
BA-CB1 Carson Beck
BA-CB2 Chase Brown
BA-CE1 Cameron Edge
BA-CJ1 Chris Johnson
BA-CK1 Corey Kiner
BA-CK2 Charlie Kolar
BA-CM1 Chandler Morris
BA-CO2 Chris Oladokun
BA-CP3 Clark Phillips III
BA-CRJ Chris Rodriguez Jr.
BA-CS1 Carson Steele
BA-CT1 Cedric Tillman
BA-CV1 Christopher Vizzina
BA-CW1 Cameron Ward
BA-DA1 Drew Allar
BA-DDJ Dontay Demus Jr.
BA-DE1 Donovan Edwards
BA-DH1 Damar Hamlin
BA-DH2 Dallan Hayden
BA-DH3 Daxton Hill
BA-DJL D.J. Lagway
BA-DL1 Dominic Lovett
BA-DM2 Don Majkowski
BA-DMB DeWayne McBride
BA-DP1 Dameon Pierce
BA-DR1 Duce Robinson
BA-DS1 Dwight Stephenson
BA-DS2 Dorian Singer
BA-DT1 Darius Taylor
BA-DV1 Deuce Vaughn
BA-DW1 Donte Whitner

BA-EB1 Elijhah Badger
BA-EB2 Elvin Bethea
BA-EG1 Eric Gray
BA-EH1 Eli Holstein
BA-EH2 Evan Hull
BA-GB1 Germie Bernard
BA-GB2 Gerry Bohanon
BA-GC1 Grant Calcaterra
BA-GMI George MacIntyre
BA-GP1 Greg Pruitt
BA-GW1 Grant Wells
BA-HB1 Harlem Berry
BA-HL1 Hunter Luepke
BA-IF1 Isaiah Foskey
BA-IT1 Isaiah Thomas
BA-IW1 Isaiah Williams
BA-JA1 Jackson Arnold
BA-JA2 Joey Aguilar
BA-JB1 Javon Baker
BA-JB2 Jovantae Barnes
BA-JB3 Jordan Battle
BA-JB4 Jaquan Brisker
BA-JC1 Jalen Cropper
BA-JC2 Jalen Coker
BA-JD1 Jadyn Davis
BA-JD2 Jalon Daniels
BA-JDL1 Jayden De Laura
BA-JDL2 Joe DeLamielleure
BA-JH1 Justice Haynes
BA-JH2 Jordan Hudson
BA-JH3 Jaivon Heiligh
BA-JHJ Jimmy Horn Jr.
BA-JJ1 Jermaine Johnson II
BA-JK1 Josh Kelly
BA-JL1 Julian “JuJu” Lewis
BA-JM1 Jalen Milroe
BA-JM2 Joe Montana
BA-JM3 Joe Montana
BA-JM4 Joe Montana
BA-JM5 John Metchie III
BA-JMS J. Michael Sturdivant
BA-JN2 Joseph Ngata
BA-JQJ Jha’Quan Jackson
BA-JQM Jo’Quavious Marks
BA-JR1 Jake Retzlaff
BA-JS1 Jalewis Solomon
BA-JVJ Ja’Varrius Johnson
BA-JW1 Jameson Williams
BA-JW2 Jordan Waters
BA-KA1 Kaytron Allen

BA-KB1 Kayshon Boutte
BA-KC1 Kevin “KC” Concepcion
BA-KH1 Katin Houser
BA-KJ1 Keyone Jenkins
BA-KJB KJ Bolden
BA-KLS Keandre Lambert-Smith
BA-KMI Kenny McIntosh
BA-KP1 Kyle Phillips
BA-KR1 Kelee Ringo
BA-KS1 Kaidon Salter
BA-KV1 Kimani Vidal
BA-LB1 Luther Burden
BA-LDW La’Damian Webb
BA-LG1 Lideatrick Griffin
BA-LK1 Lincoln Kienholz
BA-LM1 Luke Musgrave
BA-LMC Luke McCaffrey
BA-LV1 Lincoln Victor
BA-LW1 Leshon Williams
BA-MB1 Malik Benson
BA-MB2 Monaray Baldwin
BA-ME1 Mitchell Evans
BA-MG1 Matthew Golden
BA-MH1 Michael Hiers
BA-MM1 Maalik Murphy
BA-MM3 Mercury Morris
BA-MM4 Miller Moss
BA-MP1 Mike Pruitt
BA-MS1 Mazi Smith
BA-MS2 Matthew Sluka
BA-MVB Michael Van Buren
BA-MW1 Miyan Williams
BA-MW2 Malik Washington
BA-NC1 Nathan Carter
BA-NC2 Ny Carr
BA-NE1 Nick Evers
BA-NI1 Nico Iamaleava
BA-NMC Nate McCollum
BA-NS1 Nolan Smith
BA-NVB NaVorro Bowman
BA-OCJ Omar Cooper Jr.
BA-OH1 Omarion Hampton
BA-PB1 Peny Boone
BA-PK1 Paul Krause
BA-PSJ Pierre Strong Jr.
BA-PW1 Peyton Woodyard
BA-QC1 Quinton Cooley
BA-QJ1 Quinten Joyner
BA-QJ2 Quinshon Judkins
BA-RB1 Robert Brazile

BA-RD1 Ray Davis
BA-RD2 Rashod Dubinion
BA-RF1 Ryan Flournoy
BA-RH1 Roman Hemby
BA-RK1 Ramel Keyton
BA-RL1 Riley Leonard
BA-RP1 Ryan Pellum
BA-RR1 Roderick Robinson II
BA-RW1 Ricky White
BA-RW2 Roger Wehrli
BA-RW3 Rejzohn Wright
BA-SB1 Stetson Bennett
BA-SB2 Samuel Brown
BA-SH1 Sam Hartman
BA-TB1 Treylon Burks
BA-TB2 Tahj Brooks
BA-TB3 Tyson Bagent
BA-TH1 Travis Hunter
BA-TH2 Traeshon Holden
BA-TJF TJ Finley
BA-TJH TJ Harden
BA-TM1 Tanner McKee
BA-TS1 Tyjae Spears
BA-TS2 Trenton Simpson
BA-TS3 Tyler Scott
BA-TT1 Tuli Tuipulotu
BA-TW1 Theo Wease
BA-TW2 Tyree Wilson
BA-TW3 Treshaun Ward
BA-WH1 Walker Howard
BA-WP1 Will Pauling
BA-WS1 Will Sheppard
BA-WS2 Will Shields
BA-XH1 Xavier Hutchinson
BA-XL1 Xavier Legette
BA-XT1 Xavier Townsend
BA-XW1 Xavier Weaver
BA-ZK1 Zonovan Knight
BA-ZT1 Zion Turner

Class Leaders Checklist

5 cards.


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Gold

CL-1 Bo Nix
CL-2 Caleb Williams
CL-3 Cameron Ward
CL-4 Drake Maye
CL-5 J.J. McCarthy

On the Come Up Checklist

5 cards.


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Gold

OC-1 Air Noland
OC-2 Antwann Hill Jr.
OC-3 Jadyn Davis
OC-4 Julian “JuJu” Lewis
OC-5 Travis Hunter

QB Kings Checklist

10 cards.


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Gold

QBK-1 Bo Nix
QBK-2 Brett Favre
QBK-3 Brock Purdy
QBK-4 Caleb Williams
QBK-5 Dan Marino
QBK-6 Drake Maye
QBK-7 Drew Brees
QBK-8 Joe Burrow
QBK-9 Joe Montana
QBK-10 Peyton Manning

Run Wild Checklist

10 cards.


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Gold

RW-1 Audric Estime
RW-2 Barry Sanders
RW-3 Blake Corum
RW-4 Christian McCaffrey
RW-5 Devon Achane
RW-6 Emmitt Smith
RW-7 Michael Vick
RW-8 Puka Nacua
RW-9 Steve Young
RW-10 Tyreek Hill

TD Kings Checklist

10 cards.


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Gold

TDK-1 Adrian Peterson
TDK-2 Anthony Richardson
TDK-3 Barry Sanders
TDK-4 Bo Nix
TDK-5 C.J. Stroud
TDK-6 Caleb Williams
TDK-7 Emmitt Smith
TDK-8 Joe Burrow
TDK-9 Randy Moss
TDK-10 Tyreek Hill

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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