2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Sticks with Familiar High-End Formula


If you’ve collected the brand in the past, 2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball isn’t going to offer much in the way of surprises. It has carved out its place, offering an autograph or memorabilia card in every pack. With that comes a certain level of variety across every hobby box where hits break down to one autographed relic, an on-card autograph, a quad relic and one other memorabilia card.

2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Checklist Overview

Before getting into all of the premium elements, there is a base set. With just 100 cards, it’s not a big one. Covering current and past players as well as rookies, collectors can expect a heavy flow of stars.

2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Mookie Betts

Parallels are one per pack. These come in:

  • Copper
  • Sapphire – /150
  • Amethyst – /99
  • Ruby – /50
  • Emerald – 1/1


If there’s no memorabilia involved, all autographs in 2022 Museum Collection Baseball are on-card. Stickers are in the product, but they’re limited to autographed relics.

Archival Autographs has some of the most signatures in the product. Like the base set, rookies, vets and past stars are all on the checklist. While the depth covers a lot of ground, it should also keep expectations in check. Superstars should definitely be in the mix but so are some lesser hobby stars. Base versions are numbered to 299 and under. Additional parallels include Copper (/50), Gold (/25) and Emerald (1/1).

2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Archival Autographs Wander Franco

Museum Framed Autographs return as a case hit. Each of these cards has a metal frame around it, unless it’s a one-of-one Wood Frame parallels. Other versions include Silver Frame (/15), Gold Frame (/10) and Black Frame (/5).

A new addition to the product this year are separate Framed Hall of Fame Autographs (/10 or less).

2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Framed Hall of Fame Autographs Derek Jeter

Sticking with the frame theme are Framed Autograph Patch and Dual Framed Autograph Patch cards, all of which are one-of-ones.

Action images are the backdrop for Superstar Showpieces (/25).

Atelier Autograph Book cards return. Topping out at 25 copies each, these open up to offer a wide view of the player and their home field.

Dual (/15 or less) and Triple Autographs (/5) are also in the mix. Despite having multiple signatures, these are still on-card.

Autograph Relics

The most common autographed memorabilia cards in 2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball are Single-Player Signature Swatches Dual and Triple Relics. Whether it’s two swatches or three, base versions have no more than 399 copies each. Parallels include Copper (/50 or less), Gold (/25) and Emerald (1/1).

MLB Authenticated Base Autograph Relics (/10) make their Museum Collection debut. The relic pieces in these have an MLB Authentication hologram so collectors can trace the exact game they’re from. Parallels are limited to Ruby (/5) and Emerald (1/1).

A cornerstone of the line for years, Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Autographs are back. Standard versions have 15 or fewer copies while Gold (/5) and Emerald (1/1) parallels are also available. Doubling things up are Momentous Material Dual Jumbo Patch Autograph Book cards (/5).

Other autograph relic themes include Autographed Jumbo Lumber Bat Relics and new Dual Autographed Jumbo Lumber Bat Relics. In both instances, cards have five copies with additional one-of-one Emerald parallels available.

Memorabilia Cards

The one-per-box quad relics in 2022 Topps Museum Collection carry three similar but separate themes: Single-Player Primary Pieces (/99), Quad-Player Primary Pieces (/99) and Single-Player Primary Pieces Legends (/25). Legends have Gold (/10) and Emerald (1/1) parallels while the other two have Copper (/75), Gold (/25) and Emerald (1/1).

Other memorabilia cards lead off with Meaningful Materials Relics (/50 or less). These cover game-used pieces from rookies, veterans and retired players. Copper (/35), Gold (/25), Ruby (/10) and Emerald (1/1) versions are also available. Dual Meaningful Materials Relics (/50 or less) are also available. These have swatches from a pair of players.

MLB Authenticated Base Relics (/10) and Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Relics (/5) are also available as premium memorabilia cards without signatures.

Museum Memorabilia Laundry Tags, Museum Memorabilia MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patches and Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplates are all one-of-a-kind.

Canvas Collection

Canvas Collection continues its history of bringing some art to the Museum Collection checklist.

The main source of these are Canvas Collection Reprints inserts. Landing one-per box, these are essentially cards that use illustrations instead of photos. Artist Proof parallels, which are new for 2022, have 50 copies each.

Canvas Collection Originals and Shaped Canvas Collection Originals all have unique artwork done directly on the card. There are also Canvas Collection Originals Player Autographs, which have both original art and a signature from an MLB star.

2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 4
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 100 cards
Release date (subject to change): June 15, 2022

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autograph Relics – 1
  • Autographs – 1
  • Quad Memorabilia Cards – 1
  • Additional Memorabilia Cards – 1
  • Canvas Collection Reprints – 1
  • Parallels – 4

Recent Museum Collection Baseball releases:

The full 2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball checklist and team set lists will be up as soon as they’re available, likely shortly before the product’s release.


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