2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Garbage Pail Kids Checklist and Details

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2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Garbage Pail Kids picks up where the wildly successful 2020 set left off.

2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Garbage Pail Kids Hobby Box

The concept is a simple one with cards recreating the Original Series 3 and 4 checklists using not just Chrome stock, but with the added Sapphire treatment with blue borders and shard-pattern background.

While the checklist runs from 84 through 166, each with A/B name variations, there are a couple of additional variations. These match up with name changes that happened on the fly when the original sets came out in the 1980s:

  • 125b Woody ALAN became Oak KAY
  • 149b REESE Pieces became Puzzled PAUL
  • 158b CRYSTAL Gale became Ig LOU
  • 164b SALVATORE Dolly became Battered BRAD

Parallels for the entire set include:

  • Aqua – /99
  • Fuchsia – /75
  • Green – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Gold – /15
  • Purple – /10
  • Red – /5
  • Padparadscha – 1/1

All four of the original names are close to famous people or products. This could have meant lawyers were involved or the possibility or litigation may have existed. No matter the reason why, these variations are included in 2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Garbage Pail Kids.

Topps 582 Montgomery Club members can participate in a pre-sale on September 20. A general on-sale date for remaining boxes will follow shortly after, possibly the following day.

2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Garbage Pail Kids trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 4
Packs per box: 8
Set size: 170 cards
Release date: September 20, 2022 (Topps 582 Montgomery Club pre-sale)

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • TBA

2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Garbage Pail Kids Checklist

170 cards.


  • Aqua – /99
  • Fuchsia – /75
  • Green – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Gold – /15
  • Purple – /10
  • Red – /5
  • Padparadscha – 1/1

84a JOE Blow
84b ROD Wad
85a Stuck CHUCK
85b Pinned LYNN
86a Horsey HENRY
86b Galloping GLEN
87a Hot Head HARVEY
87b ROY Bot
88a DINAH Saur
88b FARRAH Fossil
89a Hurt CURT
89b PAT Splat
90a Stoned SEAN
90b Thick VIC
91a BLAKE Flake
91b Hippie SKIPPY
92a MARVIN Gardens
92b Spittin’ SPENCER
93a DREW Blood
93b Bustin’ DUSTIN
94a Bruised LEE
94b Karate KATE
95a Grim JIM
95b BETH Death
96a Distorted DOT
96b Mirror IMOGENE
97a Punchy PERRY
97b Creamed KEITH
98b DIDI T.
99a Beaky BECKY
99b Picky MICKEY
100a ALI Gator
100b Marshy MARSHALL
101a Mushy MARSHA
101b Basking ROBIN
102a Mugged MARCUS
102b Kayo’d CODY
103a Wriggley RENE
103b Curly CARLA
104a Silent SANDY
104b Barren AARON
105a Juicy JESSICA
105b Green DEAN
106a Fowl RAOUL
106b MACK Quack
107a Totem PAULA
107b TATUM Pole
108a Smelly SALLY
108b Fishy PHYLLIS
109a Toady TERRY
109b Croakin’ COLIN
110a Snooty SAM
110b U.S. ARNIE

111a Target MARGARET
111b Bullseye BARRY
112a FRANK N. Stein
112b Undead JED
113a ALICE Island
113b Liberty LIBBY
114a Starin’ DARREN
114b Peepin’ TOM
115a Warmin’ NORMAN
115b Well Done SHELDON
116a Eerie ERIC
116b Berserk KIRK
117a ROCKY N. Roll
117b LES Vegas
118a Half-NELSON
118b Glandular ANGELA
119a NED Head
119b Still JILL
120a Babbling BROOKE
120b Jelly KELLY
121a Apple CORY
121b DWIGHT Bite
122a Broad MAUD
122b Large MARGE
123a Glooey GABE
123b Sticky RICK
124a HUGH Mungous
124b King-Size KEVIN
125a HOLLY Wood
125b Woody ALAN
125b Oak KAY
126a Armpit BRITT
126b Shaggy AGGIE
127a Travelin’ TRAVIS
127b Flat TYLER
128a Sloshed JOSH
128b Low CAL
129a Second Hand ROSE
129b Trashed TRACY
130a NICKY Hickey
130b HANK E. Panky
131a Stuffed STEPHEN
132a Bony TONY
132b Unzipped ZACK
133a Furry MURRAY
133b Foxy FRANCIS
134a Hip KIP
134b WALT Witless
135a ROCK E. Horror
135b MARTY Gras
136a Swollen SUE ELLEN
136b Bloated BLAIR
137a MAX Axe
137b Deadly DUDLEY
138a Alien IAN
138b Outerspace CHASE
139a Double IRIS
139b 4-Eyed IDA
140a Mouth PHIL
140b Tooth LES

141a ASHLEY Cam
141b GRETA Garbage
142a BRUCE Moose
142b Hunted HUNTER
143a MELBA Toast
143b HY Rye
144a Horny HAL
144b RUDY Toot
145a DALE Snail
145b Crushed SHELLY
146a Baked JAKE
146b Dry GUY
147a Amazin’ GRACE
147b Muscular MOLLY
148a Turned-On TARA
148b TIFFANY Lamp
149a REESE Pieces
149a Puzzled PAUL
149b Incomplete PETE
150a Hairy HARRIET
150b BUSHY Bernice
151a Losing FAITH
151b Dyin’ DINAH
152a Whisperin’ WOODY
152b VAN Triloquist
153a JACK O. Lantern
153b DUNCAN Pumpkin
154a Basket CASEY
154b Dribblin’ DEREK
155a Spikey MIKEY
155b Nailed NEIL
156a Warrin’ WARREN
156b BRETT Vet
157a LARRY Lips
157b Distortin’ MORTON
158a Meltin’ ELTON
158b Ig LOU
158b CRYSTAL Gale
159a Catty KATHY
159b KITTY Litter
160a Decapitated HEDY
160b Formalde HEIDI
161a Shorned SEAN
161b Hy GENE
162a Yicchy MICKEY
162b Barfin’ BART
163a TRISH Squish
163b RUBY Cube
164a TEDDY Bear
164b SALVATORE Dolly
164b Battered BRAD
165a DANA Druff
165b Flakey FAY
166a Gored GORDON
166b No Way JOSÉ

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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