2022 Leaf Signature Series Soccer Checklist and Details

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2022 Leaf Signature Series Soccer is all about the one. Boxes have one card — an autograph. Adding to that, every card in the product is a one-of-one.

The checklist includes more than 200 signers with such headliners as Pele, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Erling Haaland.

While each individual card has just a single copy, that doesn’t mean that players have just one card in the product. Autographs have 20 different versions, changing up the color or pattern in the title and background surrounding the player photo.

2022 Leaf Signature Series Soccer Cristiano Ronaldo

In addition to the deep list of Base Autographs, 2022 Leaf Signature Series Soccer also has 15 different Dual Autograph combinations.

2022 Leaf Signature Series Soccer cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 1
Packs per box: 1
Release date: August 19, 2022

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • One-of-One Autographs – 1

2022 Leaf Signature Series Soccer Checklist

Base Autographs Checklist

233 cards.
All individual cards in the product are 1/1s.


  • Blue – 1/1
  • Cyan – 1/1
  • Fire – 1/1
  • Gold – 1/1
  • Green – 1/1
  • Ice – 1/1
  • Leopard – 1/1
  • Orange – 1/1
  • Peacock – 1/1
  • Pink – 1/1
  • Purple – 1/1
  • Rainbow – 1/1
  • Red – 1/1
  • Red, White and Blue – 1/1
  • Silver – 1/1
  • Snakeskin – 1/1
  • Soccer – 1/1
  • Stars – 1/1
  • Tiger – 1/1
  • Zebra – 1/1

SS-A1 Antony
SS-AA1 Aji Alese
SS-AB1 Alejandro Balde
SS-AB2 Armando Broja
SS-AC1 Alex Collado
SS-AD1 Amadou Diallo
SS-AD2 Alfie Devine
SS-ÁDM Ángel Di María
SS-AE1 Abde Ezzalzouli
SS-AF1 Ansu Fati
SS-AG1 Alejandro Garnacho
SS-AG2 Anthony Gordon
SS-AG3 Antoine Griezmann
SS-AM1 Adedire Mebude
SS-AM2 Amari Miller
SS-AO1 Armstrong Okoflex
SS-AR1 Amani Richards
SS-AR2 Abel Ruiz
SS-AS1 Alan Shearer
SS-AT1 Adama Traoré
SS-AV1 Álvaro Sanz
SS-BB1 Ben Broggio
SS-BC1 Bobby Clark
SS-BJ1 Brennan Johnson
SS-C1 Cafu
SS-CB1 Carlos Borges
SS-CC1 Caden Clark
SS-CHO Callum Hudson-Odoi
SS-CP1 Cole Palmer
SS-CP2 Charlie Patino

SS-CP3 Chris Popov
SS-CR1 Cristiano Ronaldo
SS-CR2 Chris Richards
SS-CS1 Cieran Slicker
SS-CW1 Charlie Wellens
SS-DA1 Dani Alves
SS-DC1 Dan Chesters
SS-DC2 Dominic Corness
SS-DD1 Didier Drogba
SS-DJ1 Diogo Jota
SS-DM1 D’Mani Mellor
SS-DN1 Darwin Núñez
SS-DO1 Daniel Ogwuru
SS-DR1 Declan Rice
SS-DR2 Dion Rankine
SS-DS1 Dewain Sewell
SS-DV1 David Villa
SS-DWP D’Margio Wright-Phillips
SS-EC1 Eduardo Camavinga
SS-EDB Elijah Dixon Bonner
SS-EF1 Evan Ferguson
SS-EH1 Erling Haaland
SS-EM1 Eliezer Mayenda
SS-ÉM2 Édouard Mendy
SS-ER1 Emerson Royal
SS-ESR Emile Smith Rowe
SS-ET1 Emre Tezgel
SS-F1 Fabinho
SS-FDJ Frenkie de Jong
SS-FL1 Freddie Ljungberg

SS-FMA Finley McAllister
SS-FO1 Fidel O’Rourke
SS-FT1 Ferran Torres
SS-FT2 Francisco Trincão
SS-FV1 Federico Valverde
SS-GA1 Gustavo Assunção
SS-GB1 Gianluigi Buffon
SS-GDS Gabriel dos Santos
SS-GE1 George Earthy
SS-GH1 Geoff Hurst
SS-GJ1 Gabriel Jesus
SS-HB1 Harvey Blair
SS-HD1 Harvey Davies
SS-HE1 Harvey Elliott
SS-HF1 Hugo Felix
SS-HH1 Harry Hagan
SS-HM1 Harry Maguire
SS-HTD Henry Timi Davies
SS-HV1 Harvey Vale
SS-IA1 Iván Azón
SS-IEM Ilyas El Moussaoui
SS-IM1 Isaac Mabaya
SS-IR1 Iwan Roberts
SS-J1 Jorginho
SS-JA1 Jordi Alba
SS-JA2 Jozy Altidore
SS-JA3 Josh Adam
SS-JB1 Jamal Baptiste
SS-JB2 Jayden Braaf
SS-JD1 Jamie Donley

SS-JD2 Jérémy Doku
SS-JD3 Josh Dasilva
SS-JE1 Julie Ertz
SS-JF1 Joao Felix
SS-JG1 James Garner
SS-JG2 Jimi Gower
SS-JG3 Joe Gelhardt
SS-JG4 Josko Gvardiol
SS-JH1 Joe Hugill
SS-JJ1 Josip Juranović
SS-JK1 Jadel Katongo
SS-JM1 James Mcatee
SS-JM2 Jamie Miley
SS-JMG Joe McGlynn
SS-JN1 James Norris
SS-JN2 Joel Ndala
SS-JO1 Jan Oblak
SS-JR1 Jacob Ramsey
SS-JS1 Jeremy Sarmiento
SS-JS2 Jack Spong
SS-JSB Jude Soonsup-Bell
SS-JT1 John Terry
SS-JT2 Jack Turner
SS-JW1 Jayden Wareham
SS-JW3 Jacob Wright
SS-JWE Josh Wilson-Esbrand
SS-JZ1 Javier Zanetti
SS-K1 Kayky
SS-KB1 Karim Benzema
SS-KC1 Kaelan Casey

SS-KD1 Kiano Dyer
SS-KDB Kevin De Bruyne
SS-KE1 Khayon Edwards
SS-KG1 Kaide Gordon
SS-KH1 Kellan Hickinson
SS-KS1 Kamarai Swyer
SS-KT1 Kane Taylor
SS-KY1 Kai Yearn
SS-LB1 Lewis Bate
SS-LB2 Luca Barrington
SS-LC1 Leighton Clarkson
SS-LC2 Leo Castledine
SS-LC3 Livano Comenencia
SS-LC4 Luke Cundle
SS-LD1 Liam Delap
SS-LD2 Luis Díaz
SS-LF1 Luis Figo
SS-LI1 Luka Ivanusec
SS-LJ1 Lee Jonas
SS-LM1 Lionel Messi
SS-LM2 Luka Modrić
SS-LM3 Lewis Miley
SS-LM4 Lucas Moura
SS-LR1 Lewis Richardson
SS-LS1 Layton Stewart
SS-LS2 Luis Suárez
SS-LS3 Luka Sucic
SS-LT1 Lorent Tolaj
SS-MA1 Mbunya Alemanji
SS-MB1 Mika Biereth

SS-MC1 Mackenzie Carse
SS-MD1 Memphis Depay
SS-MF1 Matheus Fernandes
SS-MF2 Marcelo Flores
SS-MG1 Mario Gila
SS-MH1 Micah Hamilton
SS-MJ1 Marc Jurado
SS-MM1 Mason Mount
SS-MN1 Manni Norkett
SS-MN2 Matheus Nunes
SS-MO1 Michael Owen
SS-MPH Myles Peart-Harris
SS-MR1 Morgan Rogers
SS-MV1 Marcelo Vieira da Silva
SS-MW1 Marcel Wenig
SS-MW2 Max Woltman
SS-N1 Neymar Jr.
SS-NE1 Noam Emeran
SS-NG1 Nico González
SS-NO1 Nico O’Reilly
SS-NO2 Noah Ohio
SS-ÓA1 Óscar Aranda
SS-OB1 Owen Beck
SS-OC1 Oakley Cannonier
SS-OEH Omar El Hilali
SS-OGH Omari Giraud-Hutchinson
SS-OK1 Osman Kamara
SS-OP1 Owen Pritchard
SS-OW1 Ollie Watkins
SS-P1 Pelé

SS-P2 Pedri
SS-PEA Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
SS-PF1 Phil Foden
SS-PT1 Pablo Torre
SS-R1 Richarlison
SS-R3 Ronaldinho
SS-R4 Raphinha
SS-RA1 Ronald Araújo
SS-RC1 Roberto Carlos
SS-RC2 Ryan Cassidy
SS-RCC Regan Charles-Cook
SS-RF1 Robbie Fowler
SS-RG1 Ryan Gravenberch
SS-RJ1 Reinier Jesus
SS-RJ2 Reece James
SS-RK1 Robbie Keane
SS-RL1 Robert Lewandowski
SS-RM1 Roger Martínez
SS-RN1 Ronaldo Nazário
SS-RP1 Ricardo Pepi
SS-RP2 Riqui Puig
SS-RQ1 Ricardo Quaresma
SS-RS1 Ronnie Stutter
SS-RS2 Ruben Shakpoke
SS-RW1 Rory Wilson
SS-SA1 Sergio Agüero
SS-SA2 Sonny Aljofree
SS-SB1 Sergio Busquets
SS-SB2 Somto Boniface
SS-SB3 Stefan Bajcetic

SS-SBL Sonny Blu Lo-Everton
SS-SG1 Steven Gerrard
SS-SM1 Sean Mcgurk
SS-SP1 Sonny Perkins
SS-SP2 Sydie Peck
SS-SW1 Sean Wilson
SS-TAA Trent Alexander-Arnold
SS-TD1 Tyrhys Dolan
SS-TL1 Tra Lucas
SS-TM1 Tyler Morton
SS-TS1 Thiago Silva
SS-TS2 Tai Sodje
SS-TW1 Tyreik Wright
SS-VJ1 Vinícius Júnior
SS-WR1 Wayne Rooney
SS-XH1 Xavi Hernandez
SS-XS1 Xavier Simons
SS-YK1 Yusuf Kabadayi
SS-YM1 Yunus Musah
SS-ZE1 Zak Emmerson
SS-ZI1 Zidane Iqbal
SS-ZS1 Zanda Siziba
SS-ZS2 Zack Steffen

Dual Autographs Checklist

15 cards.


  • Blue – 1/1
  • Cyan – 1/1
  • Fire – 1/1
  • Gold – 1/1
  • Green – 1/1
  • Ice – 1/1
  • Leopard – 1/1
  • Orange – 1/1
  • Peacock – 1/1
  • Pink – 1/1
  • Purple – 1/1
  • Rainbow – 1/1
  • Red – 1/1
  • Red, White and Blue – 1/1
  • Silver – 1/1
  • Snakeskin – 1/1
  • Soccer – 1/1
  • Stars – 1/1
  • Tiger – 1/1
  • Zebra – 1/1

SSD-01 D’Mani Mellor / Noam Emeran
SSD-02 Fidel O’Rourke / Kaide Gordon
SSD-03 Harvey Blair / Max Woltman
SSD-04 Iwan Roberts / Bobby Clark
SSD-05 Joe Hugill / Alejandro Garnacho
SSD-06 Jude Soonsup-Bell / Jayden Wareham
SSD-07 Kaelan Casey / Jamal Baptiste
SSD-08 Kane Taylor / Luca Barrington
SSD-09 Layton Stewart / Oakley Cannonier
SSD-10 Luca Barrington / Joel Ndala
SSD-11 Marcelo Flores / Omari Giraud-Hutchinson
SSD-12 Mika Biereth / Charlie Patino
SSD-13 Sonny Aljofree / Marc Jurado
SSD-14 Sonny Perkins / George Earthy
SSD-15 Xavier Simons / Harvey Vale

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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